Touching: A Must Read Marriage Story

I have read this touching marriage story before because it is circulating in the corporate emails in my previous company. I just couldn’t remember when. Just today I was given a chance to read it once again. This time it is on my friend’s Facebook timeline.

This story was very touching that it will make you treasure your married life if you haven’t yet. For those who are single at the moment try also to read it. Because who knows, you might encounter the same situation in the future during your married life in the future.

At least you would have an idea of the possibilities on how to resolve your married life problems. This is how the story begins:

As I remember it was a story of a husband who wanted to divorce and end up their 10 years married life with his wife because of a third party named Jane.

His legal wife agreed to have their ways separated and sign the divorce contract. Only if her husband will agree to certain terms and conditions.

These include one month’s notice before they totally end their relationship. The reason behind this is their son will have a school examination in the coming month. The sudden change in their lives can have a tremendous impact on the mind of their child.

Also, the husband needs to recall their old times where he carried her to the bridal room on their wedding day. Furthermore, every morning for one month, he will have to carry her wife from their bedroom to the sitting room, and up to the front door of their house. The wife state also that she does not want to receive any material things from her husband. Fortunately, the husband agreed with the wife’s terms and conditions.

At first, the husband thinks that his wife’s requests were illogical. However, for the succeeding days of doing the act, the latter realized how their married life has gone wrong and become boring. The reason is they both did not value the small details of their lives. In addition, they lack intimacy.

Fast forward, after 30 days of doing what is in the terms and conditions. Finally, on the last day of their agreement, the husband changes his mind and no longer wanted a divorce. He told his decision to the third party. Afterward, he just drove away and return to the original “love of his life.”

Before going home, he passes by a flower shop to get a bouquet of flowers for her wife. It comes with a card that says, “He will carry her wife every morning until death does them apart (or the thought is like that).”

Note: The first time I read this marriage story was 10 years ago. It is still a good read even up to now particularly for couples who are in a relationship. It will help them to appreciate the bad and good times of their relationship. I do not know who is the author of this touching story but credits to him/her.

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