A New Laptop with Norton Antivirus for My Wife

A month ago my wife went to Singapore to work as a doctor. She left few days before Christmas. I decided to accompany her with our son Matt so we can still celebrate the holiday season together even outside the country. It was her first time to work abroad and I know it would need a lot of adjustments to survive the life of an overseas worker. Adjustments in the working environment, culture, language barriers, and living daily lives far away from love ones to name a few.

My son and I have to go back to the Philippines to complete current school year, and then we will go back to Singapore to be with her again. To date, she already had one month experience of working abroad. Our ways of communication are text message and webcam every night. She will send text messages while on the way to work, and use her brother’s Macbook so we can have webcam during nighttime. When the Macbook is in use, she uses iPhone 5, but it has small LCD screen which makes it difficult for her to see us on the other side. The only solution she will not have to borrow laptop, or use iPhone is to buy her one with dependable antivirus from Norton Antivirus.

Having a new laptop with a reliable antivirus would give her convenience for a number of reasons. She does not have to borrow from her brother or endure the use of smaller screen phone so we can communicate. There are times where she has to do research and prepare work related reports, it would be very convenient if she has a personal computer to use. During airfare sale, she needs to book online and an antivirus would help her prevent leakage of personal data. My wife also loves to check her Facebook account, if she has a brand new laptop with antivirus she does not have to worry about dangerous links online.

Hopefully, Matt and I can go back to the country where wife work so I can buy her a brand new laptop.

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