A Trip to the National Museum of the Philippines

We went to the National Museum of the Philippines for my son’s school project for MAPEH. The subject requires him to submit pictures of the Philippines Folk Arts and old artifacts.

Actually, to make our job easier we can just search on the internet for numerous sample pictures, have it compiled and submit it before the deadline, but we decided not to.

Instead, I and my wife brought our son to the National Museum of the Philippines. This is to let him witness firsthand real paintings, carvings, and crafts made by renowned Filipino Artists and to also see actual artifacts made by Filipino ancestors from different regions of the Philippines.

National Museum has two buildings. We first visit the art gallery at the Congress of the Philippines former house, afterward we checked the archeology division on the Department of Finance former house.

photo national museum philippines

My son appreciates the things seen on both buildings, but he told us that he appreciated more the artifacts displayed on the latter.

There are massive paintings and old carvings that can be seen at the Museum, but what really amazed us (who would not be?) Is the huge painting of Juan Luna that is the Spoliarium.

The Finance Building can be seen in the ancient culture of Filipinos. Their clothing styles, hunting equipment, food storage (earthen jars), ancient writing styles, farming equipment, and musical instruments such as ancient guitar (but I have not seen piccolos).

If you are thinking of sending your child to an educational tour where parents alike also get educated, I think one of the best places is the National Museum of the Philippines.

National Museum of the Philippines Address, and Operating Hours

The museum is located at Padre Burgos Avenue in Ermita, Manila, Philippines. Its operating hours are from Tuesdays to Sundays starting from 10 AM to 5 PM.

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