Angry birds will be hitting pigs on Samsung Smart TV

Probably a lot of you are still looking for angry birds free download for the full version perhaps one reason is you already played the game but on trial mode. After playing several levels it already gets you hooked to the point that there is no turning back since you want to play all levels to make you feel satisfied.

I tell you we’re in the same shoes before I only play it to past time but as I completed different levels one way or another I feel like I want to spend more hours. I want to finish all the levels the soonest but then angry birds season and Rio version came up and my addiction to angry birds is happening over again.

It seems that no one can turn their back to angry birds because it can be played anywhere from a web browser, social media site, PC, Mac, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Apple devices, Android tablets. You know what, this year angry birds will be hitting pigs on TV.

In the recent CES 2012 according to Samsung Electronics America president Tim Baxter. In the spring of 2012 Angry birds will be available to their 2010, 2011, 2012 models of Samsung smart TVs via update. Angry bird’s animated channel will also be featured on the said models via Samsung apps for free.

Watch the video for some details:

According to the video, Angry birds viewed Samsung smart tv as a powerful weapon since it has larger screens, brighter colors and they think pigs will truly be afraid because of that.

* Credits to CesarDergarabedian for the youtube video

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