Anne Curtis October 2011 Rogue Cover Picture, Video

Anne Curtis is the featured cover photo of Rogue Magazine for the October 2011 issue. Anne was featured in three different covers which were Photographed by Mark Nicdao, Styled by Pam Quinones, Hair and Make-Up by Robbie Pinera.

Last Tango in Paris covers were Anne Curtis was holding a cigarette just like the cover issue of Miss Nora Aunor in Yes Magazine received negative feedback from the Philippine Medical Association (PMA).

As I have understood the photo might send negative information to the masses that smoking is good which is against the program of PMA.

In this “Last Tango in Paris with Anne Curtis” cover photo, it seems that she is on a balcony during night time as she does “muni-muni” after a hard day of work.
Waking up in Paris with Anne Curtis cover photo seems that the actress is preparing to wear a wedding dress. Unfortunately, she got caught off-guard by a person with camera.

Midnight in Paris with Anne Curtis cover photo seems that the actress is about to go to a party.

Watch Anne Curtis October 2011 Rogue Cover Photo Shoot in these 3 youtube videos.

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  • MT Central

    It’s no wonder that Anne made it out on Rogue. She’s a actress/model/recently self-pronnounced singer and she’s got a pretty face (when she’s on make-up). Pero ang saya nyang maghost. Energetic.

  • MT Central

    Just like what Nora did in YES magazine, she posed with a cigarette on her hand. Now, PMA (Phil. Medical. Assoc.) is accusing her of publicly endorsing the cigarette smoking habit. PMA’s accusations is backed up by the Law, actually.

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