AOTRIZ APARTMENTS / Inn in Subic, Olongapo

For those couple/family who is looking for a place to stay in Subic, Olongapo Philippines for less than PHP 1000 budget per 24 hours stay.

This affordable hotel, Inn, apartelle, or Apartment whatever you may call it is highly recommended.

We went to Olongapo for Zoobic Safari and Ocean adventure trip for 2 Days 1 night (2D1N) tour. Luckily, we were able to ride this taxi and the driver recommended this apartment for us to stay the whole night. The place was only a year old (at the time this post was published), and it was very clean as in no cockroaches.

I hope with that description you were able to picture out what I am talking about. Later I would include pictures and rates of the place for you to know what to expect when you get there.

The place was peaceful and the owner (landlord) was very accommodating. You can get there by riding a red jeepney or taxi, remember to inform the driver about the address. If you will travel by car, they have a gated parking space to lessen your worries when comes to the safety of your vehicle.

From the place, going to Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure is only 30 to 45 minutes ride by taxi. Actually you won’t be able to notice the time spent during the ride because there is no traffic.

It is only five-minute drive from duty-free shops via Kalayaan gate, 10 minutes from Main and Kalakhan Gates via Mabayuan and I think 20 minutes drive from Victory Liner terminal.

This apartment is also very near the Inflatable Island beach resort in Subic, Olongapo. According to online, Aotriz Apartment is just 18 minutes away by car. There are numerous beach resorts nearby such as the Crystal Beach Resort, and Ocean View Beach Resort.
Aotriz Apartment subic olongapoThis is the address:
Located at #11 Longroad, Gordon Heights Olongapo City 2200.
Tel. No. (047) 222-5713
Mobile: 0917 553 23 31
Email Address:

These are the rental rates:

  • Daily*                                                = P950.00 (roughly 19 to 20 USD per day)
  • Weekly*                                            = P6650.00
  • Monthly*                                          = P28,500.00

* Includes utilities, housekeeping, and WIFI access
** Includes Utilities and housekeeping. WIFI is free

Note: You may inquire directly to the landlord for the updates about the rental rates as it may have changed due to increasing utility costs, and maintenance.

These are the photos I’ve taken during our stay in the apartment / Inn

Subic Hotel

This is the view from the front of the apartment. Gated and very spacious garage. There is a hut in front at the time of our visit.

This is the photo of the living area and dining table. For me, this is enough space for a family with 2 adults and 2 children.

Spacious bathroom, with shower

Photo inside of our room. It has a double-sized bed.

Kitchen area with a small fridge, microwave oven, and some cooking utensils.

*Air-conditioned one-bedroom apartment. Fully furnished (TV, Ref, Microwave, Dining wares, etc.). Spacious and secured parking. The apartment also has free wifi.

I suggest that you read the reviews /comments of those people who stayed in the place in the comments section. You may check their website at for complete details.

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  • ed

    Hey Matt, thanks for sharing this wonderful place to stay you have discovered, I was from Olongapo City but now reside here in Pampanga and me and my family are always having troubles finding a place to stay like not expensive place. Glad to find your blog thanks a million man!

  • Roel

    You are absolutely right about this apartment/Inn. My family stayed there overnight on friday and indeed the owner, according to my wife was very accomodating, making sure the guests are well taken care of. They even provided them with cooking utensils, which they normally provide only for weekly rentals.

    Even my eldest daughter liked them for letting her use their swing this morning :)

    Thanks for spreading the word about them. By the way, the owner doesn’t know that you have blogged their place, but are very grateful for what you did.

    • matt

      Thanks, Actually if they will see the pictures in this article they might still remember us because we only went to subic last June 20 of this year. :-) I hope you also enjoy your trip in subic just like we did.

  • mela

    hi, may i know if they limit the number of people to stay in the apartment? we are 5 in the family. is it ok and the rate is still the same?

    • matt

      yeah as far as I know the rates are still the same :-) but I think you won’t have a comfortable sleep if your going to stay in one apartment the five of you because in my assessment maximum of three will do. Anyway if you have further questions you can contact the landlord about your concern. Also even if you occupy the two units it would only cost you P1900 for 24 hours stay it is still the cheapest and yet safe stay in subic. By the way the landlord also own a taxi franchise (1 unit of mitsubishi adventure) so if your planning to have a tour in subic you can also ask them. Thanks for your comment, its my pleasure. :-)

      • charlie tindol

        hi matt,
        do you have contact numbers of the owner, your help is highly appreciated

        • Adam

          Hi Charlie, yes, it is on the post. You may also search for the comments of Sir Senen and Maam Rose Aotriz. They are the owner of the apartment.

  • con

    hi i just want to ask about your itinerary on your subic tour…
    did you went on tour first? and is there a nearby resto in

  • rheg

    hi matt, i’m planning to go to subic with my boyfriend next month are there stove and kitchen utensils in this inn that we could use.. i just don’t wanna experience the hassle of being out at night in an unfamiliar place looking for a place to eat.. hehe.. i was thinking on bringing canned foods, etc,, thanks a ton.. in advance… =)

  • rheg

    PLM ka din.. that’s nice.. hehe.. tnx for ur help.. =)

    • matt

      Yeah. Nice to hear from you too.

  • Eric

    Hi, Matt.
    After seeing your blog’s about your Zoobic Safari Adventure, it helps a lot mostly for a newcomer to this place. My family and friends are planning to go there this end of the month. My question is, how far was the Aotriz Inn from Olongapo to Zoobic? Also, upon google it, I found out that the place was to far from Olongapo Town Proper, A’m I right? Is there a Andok’s. San Pedro lechon manok along the way? thanks a lot men!

    • matt

      Thanks for your time reading my blog. I’m not sure if there is Andok’s or San Pedro Lechon Manok along the way. I remember when we went to Zoobic Safari from Aotriz it took us 25 minutes by taxi by the way there is no tricycle that can pass through SBMA area where Zoobic was residing.

  • Eric

    Thanks for the reply Matt, well we are planning what cook food to brought at the AOTRiz Inn, just what I’ve read in your blog that there’s a little chance of 24hrs resto to get to when we already at the INN. BTW, me and my friends has a car, so going in places is not a problem. My only worry is the distance of the Zoobic from AOTRIZ, when a google map, it shows that its too far from it that’s why I asking you. Also, is the DUTY you referring is the one at Puregold? Again. thanks!

    • matt

      Yes sir I’m referring to duty free puregold. It looks far but it would only consume 25 minutes of your travel time coz there is no traffic.

  • mauz

    Thank you Matt, your blog is really a BIG help. May I know their taxi rental for the whole day (going to zoobic safari and ocean adventure)?

    • matt

      For the whole day it cost me P2900. Transportation there is expensive.

  • Senen Aotriz

    Dear Sir Matt,

    We are not expert in surfing, but at last I found your website.
    Thank you for enjoying your stay at the Aotriz Apartments. We understand that a family on vacation should spend their hard earned money on seeing the beautiful sites of Olongapo, and spend a little less, but comfortable accomodation on hotels, or apartments.
    Thank you very much, sir, for sharing your thoughts about the
    Aotriz Apartments…more like home.

    Yes, sir, our apartment prices are still the same.

    My wife grew vine plants that crawled on the stairs going up to the second floor, thus having a cool effect on our guests. Very soon this vine will cover the whole railings of the second floor and will drop to the first floor giving it a natural shade. You should wake up early in the morning to see the flowers and the bees exchanging benefits.

    See you soon, sir.


    • filcite

      can i have your contact number sir my family is planning togo on vacation on april 28 next week saturday were like 6pax and i just have few questions for you

      • Adam

        Hi Filcite,

        You can visit their website for more details. Their website address is in the post.

    • filcite

      is this near floating island?

  • Eric

    Sir Senen, I the one who texted you about our inquiry in your in Aotriz Apartments. Based on what I read here, room rate is 950php 24hours stay, with *Air-conditioned one bedroom apartments.Fully furnished (TV, Ref, Microwave, Dining wares, etc.). Spacious and secured parking and free wifi access. Hope to see you soon at your aps. ty – Eric Reyes

  • Eric

    My family and friends stay here at AOTRIZ APARTELLE last Saturday till Monday, the owner was very accommodating .. Well be back again..

    @ Senen, Thanks a lot. we love the days we been at your place..

  • Audie

    Hello Matt,
    Wished you a good day!! I am lucky i found your website and thanks for sharing your thoughts about the apartmen.I wished to know if there’s a cold and hot shower?..I am planning to go there this april with my fiance..
    Looking forward for your reply..Thanks again


    • matt

      Hi Audie, Yes hot and cold shower is available. The land lord is very accommodating, you can also ask them if about the cost of having a tour in Subic. :-)

  • Audie

    Thanks Matt..God Bless u and your family.

    • matt

      Hi Audie please like it on facebook so others would know about the place. Thanks.

  • Karl

    Dude! Great Blog! Thanks man! Great Job! :D

  • Edgar

    Sir, is this place far from beaches of olongapo or subic If my memory serves me right, baloy long beach is after kalaklan gate of subic am I right? how many minutes do you think we reach the beach, I’m planning of bringing my family to their place and visit ocean adventure and zoobic safari.

    And go swimming the following day, just want to know kung time consuming to go to beaches?

    Thanks in advance sa reply!

  • Edgar

    Thanks for the reply matt, actually will bring a car for convinience, can we cook food by the way sa apartment? is there an extra fee of using stove? coz I’ve learned that stores are not near to the place so cooking food of your own is better than finding restaurant in the wee hours of the morning especially now that climate is still breezy and laging nakakagutom.

    • matt

      Yes you can cook on the apartment try to read other comments of the people who went there on this post. :-)

  • senen

    hi matt,
    thanks for this blog, we were there last jan 21-23. all the comments here were all true from the owner to the location itself.

    to all who will bring their car – just follow the white colored jeep or call the owner in advance so that they can guide you the exact location of the apartment.

  • Marife


    My family would like to visit subic in April and will stay for a day or two… we are 7 including 2 children ages 12 and 8. Is there a 2 bedroom apartment in your place? How much would it cost for a day? And how much for taxi, if we want to rent it for a day?



    • matt

      Hi Marife, The cost of 1 apartment is Php950 pesos per day. If you want to rent taxi it would cost you 3K for the whole day activity. :-).

  • Yolly

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you so much for the post. I was really searching for a place to stay in Subic for our coming vacation. Good that i saw your post, it helps a lot all the info you wrote in here. How many person can be accommodated in one apartment? As per your info, no fastfood nearby, where did you take your breakfast before going to Subic? I wish Aotriz will have a website on their own too so that bookings can be done online. :-)

    Thanks Matt,
    Yolly from Davao

    • matt

      Hi Yolly,
      Wow, your from Davao? Yeah no fast food near by. We took our breakfast on a cab we just requested the driver to do drive thru in McDonalds near SBMA. I think 3 persons in one apartment will do. Enjoy :-)

  • ralph

    Hi matt, how much is the fare from the bus terminal papuntang AOTRIZ? pag taxi?

    • matt

      Hi Ralph, I think around P300 fix kasi ang rate ng mga taxi dun. pero if jeep naman 1 ride lang sya sakay ka ng color red na jeep. :-)

  • matt

    From olongapo to pasay mga 9pm kasi nung umalis kami from olongapo nakarating kami ng Espanya mga 1am na. Yeah beside the road yung Aotriz pero hindi sya malapit sa duty free. Just tell the driver yung address for sure alam nila yun.

  • marky

    hi matt, i was searching through tons of websites to look for affordable hotels in Olongapo… Finally a review by you! Thank you so much for this, I plan to go to Zoobic and enjoy the Zoobic Safari with my boyfriend come May or June this year but do not want to spend so much on accommodations… I am definitely gonna try out this place… We intend to bring our own transport, would it be easy to travel around the place and not get lost? I haven’t really been to that area in Olongapo… Thanks.

    • matt

      its not difficult to travel there because PUJ are color coded. Also people are friendly just ask for the direction. :-) enjoy.

  • Irma Cantos

    This is the place where you can stay comfortably. Mr Senen/Cenen and Ms Rose (owners) are VERY Kind to us (tenants). Very accomodating. Very friendly. Our first visit in Olongapo last december 2010 we stayed at Aortiz The place soo clean, so neat, it’s affordable, you can sleep well, very peaceful place,you can park your car inside the area. Those are the reasons why we’re back here again.

    You wouldnt have a second thought of recommending the place to your friend.

    Very very as in Very very hehehe :)

  • Senen Aotriz

    Dear Sir Matt,
    This is my second time to visit your website. My family and I are so happy to let you know that we are soon opening “Aotriz Binusog na Manok” in the Aotriz Apartments compound. We have started our taste test last night, and after getting their honest opinion, we are glad to announce it’s vote on the affirmative based on foreign and local tastebuds.
    We still maintain the same clean and quiet place.
    Thank you for the encouraging comments from wonderful visitors of your website.
    Senen Aotriz

    • Malou Marquez

      Very much convinced by the positive comments so,would like to inquire if there is still available unit for overnite stay tomorrow, April 29, 2017. Thank you.

  • Senen Aotriz

    Dear Sir Matt,
    Ok sir, I will inform you as soon as we get the “Presidential Manok” recipe. This is the recipe used in one of the meals of the President of the Philippines (I am not allowed to say which president).

    On the room rent side, we are forced by the high cost of cleaning materials, electricity, and water to increase our weekly and monthly rates. But we still maintain the same room rate of P950 / day.
    Our rates are now as follows:
    Daily* = P950.00

    Weekly* = P5,700.00

    Monthly (All-in-package)* = P24,000.00

    Monthly (Rental Only)** = P12,000.00

    * Includes utilities, housekeeping and WIFI access

    ** Includes Utilities and housekeeping. WIFI is free.

    Thank you sir.

  • matt

    dumadaan lang po dun malapit sa terminal.

  • pepe

    sir kung sa zoobic safari lng po kmi punta, how much po ang rate ng taxi?and walking distance lng po b ang ocean adventure sa zoobic safari?tenks

    • mattscradle

      Around Php400 from Aotriz Apartment estimate ko lang yun kasi mahal talaga ang rate ng taxi dun. From zoobic safari mga 10 minutes drive lang ang layo. :-)

  • mattscradle

    Yung Room lang po ang airconditioned yung bed mga 2 adult and 1 child.

  • mattscradle

    Pwede naman pero kasi 5 to 10 minutes drive yung layo.

  • brenda

    Sir matt, wala po bang jeep n pede sakyan fr the aotriz apartment going to zoobic zafari???then zoobic zafari going to ocean adventure???



    • mattscradle

      Hi Maam Brenda wala po jeep na papunta ng Zoobic unless private po yung jeep.

  • guest

    Recently stayed at Aotriz.

    My review – not a happy customer.

    Unhappy about: Place was hard to go to, located at the inner streets, got lost several times, some roads were not paved and not well-lit. Dog was barking outside our bedroom window non-stop at night, could not sleep. Experienced 2 or 3 blackouts during the night. Charged us P300 for extra bed which I think is overpriced and we only stayed for less than 12 hours. No hot water in the shower. Far from restaurants/eateries.

    Satisfied with: Cleanliness of the place. I do hope that the plates, sheets and blankets were washed after EACH guest use, although, am a bit doubtful about that. Friendly staff.

    I will not stay there again. Did not get a good night’s sleep. What’s worse is that I felt that I was overcharged for the extra bed at P300, which is 1/3 of the daily rate, soo not worth it. Will rather stay at a more reputable place or hotel for next time.

    • mattscradle

      Hi Tin thanks for your comment. Though during our time we have better experience than what you state here.

    • Senen Aotriz

      HI Sir Matt,
      I would like to ask your readers to please see my comment dated August 11, 2011, 6:23 am.
      Thank you so much.

  • Rose B. Aotriz

    Hi Matt. I would like to thank Tin for the comments.

    We don’t have short-time rates, our rates are fixed at P950 per day. I will not compare it with the hotels in the city but I know it is a good price for a one day (24 hours) rental or P417.00 per person.

    I want to assure her and all the guests – that the dishes and other wares are washed. The entire unit is disinfected with Lysol every time guests leave. And the bed sheets, towels and other linens, they are guaranteed clean. YES the sheets are clean, I DO THE WASHING PERSONALLY, as I don’t want them brought to the cleaners. We have a big washer and electric dryer in our residence. With the detergent, bleach, disinfectant and softeners we use, our price cannot afford to give extra bed and linens for free.

    Gordon Heights is a residential area outside of Olongapo City. With the rainy season and the stormy weather during the entire month, particularly on the date they were here, we apologize for the power interruption.

    Indeed we regret about the bad roads (for those going to our place this time but also in many places in the country, even in Metro Manila); not only for the present condition but on the fact that it was just repaired late last year.

    Really appreciate the comments as these would make us think on how to improve our service.

    • mattscradle

      Thanks ma’am rose for visiting this post.

  • mattscradle

    Hi Jarette thanks for visiting my blog. BTW are you a make up artist? If you want you can write some info about your background then send it to my email. I will feature it as one of my post perhaps it will help you get more clients. :-)

  • Senen Aotriz

    Hi Faith,
    Yes, it is working. I clicked the URL you typed on your comment.
    You may also visit
    Thank you,

  • Senen Aotriz

    Hi Matt,
    Is it alright for me to make a few comments on how it came about that our guest had this unhappy feeling about her stay at the AOTRIZ APARTMENTS.. Thank you po.

    Guest: My review – not a happy customer.
    Senen (S): First of all Mam, I would like to thank you for your time in blogging your comment. I do not take this as a bad publicity but rather I am somehow like a “big and reputable hotel” being “reviewed” by a wonderful guest. But please take into consideration that we are an Apartment, and others call us an Inn, and others call us Apartel, and not a “hotel” with front desk, restaurants, and others that may resemble a hotel.

    Guest: Unhappy about: Place was hard to go to, located at the inner streets, got lost several times,

    (S): Mam, a lot of guests even coming from all over the county, and the US, Australia, and even when they are on a ship on the way to the Philippines do make reservations and they seem to find the way to the AOTRIZ APARTMENTS so quickly, and easily. Guests are guided by phone (charged to my personal account), and by email, or internet social network like multiply. There was just one guest before you, who got lost because that guest used her GPS to locate our place. But in the end I called her and I guided her. There are not too many turns to come to the Aotriz Apartments. But due to bad weather, technology may sometimes fail to give exact results.

    Guest: some roads were not paved and not well-lit.

    (S): We have Two (2) roads to choose from to get to Aotriz Apartments:
    1- From National Highway (Mabayuan) – Aotriz Apartments – have only two (2) turns to get to us.
    2. From National Highway (Memorial) – Aotriz Apartments – have only three (3) turns to get to us.
    All roads have street signs. Even bridges have names.

    Guest: Dog was barking outside our bedroom window non-stop at night, could not sleep. Experienced 2 or 3 blackouts during the night.

    (S): Yes, Mam dogs do bark especially when brownouts (Not blackout, because the damage was just localized, one zone was affected as there was a primary line that was cut off due to bad weather. And we are very thankful that our utility personnel did their best to restore electricity in our zone). Dogs in a housing area are used to hearing sounds like TV, stereo, or other sounds that become common to their senses. When brownouts come, everything becomes quiet, and they can hear other dogs barking from miles away that they tend to somewhat answer or acknowledge.
    We apologize for the matter. dogs are still better security than humans.

    Guest: Charged us P300 for extra bed which I think is overpriced and we only stayed for less than 12 hours.

    (S): Mam, we do not overcharge our guests. We are always, and have been honest people, and we do not want to have a feeling of guilt in our hearts everytime a guest leaves or stays in the Aotriz Apartments. P300 is for the use of washing and drying the beddings and pillow case and blankets. We do not use soap that commercial and industrial laundry use. We use the same laundry detergent that our family use. We also use fabric softeners during the washing, and another softener in the dryer. Rest assured Mam that our guests are using clean and soft beddings

    Guest: No hot water in the shower.
    (S): Yes Mam, we do not have hot water. Our residence was once a house for rent during the American time, or during the Bases time. Americans do love hot water as we all know, but not all. There are Americans who had an experience that there is an electricity passing through the hot water and it gives them a feeling of getting grounded. For the safety of our guests, we preferred not to install hot water.

    Guest: Far from restaurants/eateries.

    (S): we are located on the Housing Area of Olongapo City. Mam, if you decide to stay at the Binictican Housing which is more expensive than us, or at the Kalayaan Housing, and you don’t have car, chances are you will have to call a taxi (more expensive), or walk to the nearest restaurant/eatery maybe about 30 minutes walking in the dark because street on housing areas in SBMA are not that lit too.
    The AOTRIZ APARTMENTS is along the road and transportation is 24 hours (P8 to the nearest restaurant/eatery, and that is already downtown). Most of our guests say that they have saved a lot of vacation money because every room have a microwave oven, a rice cooker, a refrigerator, and they do not even have to eat in styrofoams, and plastic spoon and fork because the apartment already contains ceramic and metal dining wares.

    Guest: Satisfied with: Cleanliness of the place.
    (S): Thank you Mam.

    Guest: I do hope that the plates, sheets and blankets were washed after EACH guest use, although, am a bit doubtful about that.

    (S): Mam, we treat each room, each bathroom, each kitchen as though we live there. We are taught not to do what we do not want others to do to us.

    Guest: Friendly staff.

    (S): Thank you Mam.

    Guest: I will not stay there again. Did not get a good night’s sleep. What’s worse is that I felt that I was overcharged for the extra bed at P300, which is 1/3 of the daily rate, soo not worth it.

    (S): Mam, all of us were affected by the fortuitous event of brownout. But then it was resolve that same night.
    We do not overcharge our guests, whether they be an American, Australian, Korean, and most of all Filipinos. Maybe you are pertaining to a category called a Motel. We are not Motels. And when we wash our beddings and wares, we do not wash and clean them according to their length of stay.
    Staying at the Aotriz Apartments is worth every hard earned peso. In fact, one of our guests say that it was only their stay at the Aotriz Apartments that made them feel good during their struggling day.

    Guest: Will rather stay at a more reputable place or hotel for next time.

    (S): Mam, you have a choice. Still we remain to be honest people, and we give our guests their money’s worth, even more.

    We are more than happy to have you back as our guest. Please do stay with us longer than overnight.

    Thank you Mam, for your stay.

    Sir Matt,
    Thank you for your time in reading. Please do come and visit us again. The place now is green with plants.

    • mattscradle

      Hi Sir I already approved your comment. Others who will be visiting this post will be able to read it. Thanks for airing your side.

  • Senen Aotriz

    Thank you very muh, Sir.
    It is our goal to have happy guests to the best that we can afford to give. Our business is somewhat personal. There was a time when I even baby on five (5) children while the parents (guests) are preparing their things in the car.
    Again, Sir Matt, thank you.

  • heidi jessa galdo

    hello matt,,im heidi from leyte,me,my sister and his bf is searching to stay in olongapo for long much for 1 month rent and all the details?bcoz i really like the apt and all the comments is awesome..
    thank you

    • mattscradle

      Hi Heidi thanks for visiting this post. You can contact sir senen for the details. Contact numbers can be seen on the post. Please inquire to them. Thanks again.

  • Fritzie

    I thanked YOU for this blog.

    I appreciate the fact that the owners themselves make it a point to be sensitive to their customers comments and needs. Big hotels does not even bother to explain their not so good service when they encounter comments like the one posted here.

    I like all the comments, and we will be visiting soon, hopefully this October. I read all the comments and from Sir Matt’s instructions, we will not get lost and i’ll make sure we have an organized itinerary before we go there

  • Roxanne Ambrosio

    Nice blog!.. Thanks to this. Finally found a better and affordable place in subic. :)

  • Roxanne Ambrosio

    Nice blog!.. Thanks to this. Finally found a better and affordable place to stay in Subic.

    • Senen Aotriz

      Dear Sir Matt,

      My thanks to Fritzie and Roxanne for their wonderful comments.
      We welcome them anytime.. Yes, our telephone lines are open 24 hours to entertain inquiries, and reservations.
      You may contact us through our phone lines

      Olongapo Apartment and Residence line
      047 222 5713
      Globe line

      Sir, thank you this opportunity for having us in your website.
      Senen Aotriz.

  • rass

    This whole discussion is worth reading. Me and my family are planning to go to Zoobic Safari and I am looking for a place to stay (that’s how I come across this site), with everything I’ve read from the owners to the would be customers, I am so sure that I will look for this place and will contact you sooner for our vacation.

    I like what you’ve said that you remain to be honest people and will give the customer’s their money’s worth. This is something coming from a business owner. Great Job!

  • Senen Aotriz

    Dear Sir Matt,
    I would like to grab this opportunity to greet you and your loved ones at Happy New Year.
    May 2012 bring about good, and abundant fruits on your table.
    Thank you for your wonderful blogsite. We have benefited a lot from your good words.
    From my family, to yours,
    A Prosperous New Year.
    Senen, Rose, Jaja, Bane, Din, Han

    • mattscradle

      Salamat din po sir.

  • melvin

    hi!! i came across this site,
    i am currently looking for a place to stay, pref. feb.18 to 20,
    we are planning to go to ocean ad. and then tree top,
    kailangan pa po ba namin magtaxi papuntang tree top from there? kasi alam ko yung ocean ad talagang taxi lang.. how much po kaya yung taxi?
    sensya na po, im a little lost, and im currently canvassing if this appartment would fit my budget! thanks! hoping for a reply! we will be travelling as a couple

    • mattscradle

      Hi Melvin for sure the apartment will fit your budget since it will only cost you P950 per 24 hours of stay. Going to Tree top need po nyo talaga mag taxi since wala pong PUJ na dumadaan dun. I think from Aotriz estimate ko P500 for taxi pare going to Tree top. Expensive talaga kasi yung taxi rates nila sa subic (I don’t know why).

  • mardi

    We are planning to visit Subic, i am looking for an Apartment to stay, i think i have found now. Thank you for this blog Matt . Take care

  • Senen Aotriz

    Dear Sir Matt,
    How are you, sir?
    Thank you for the continuing inquiries from your blog about the
    AOTRIZ APARTMENTS…more like home.
    It brought us a lot of wonderful guests from all corners of the world. As an added service to our guests, we are giving them the chance to call the US and Canada for free during weekends. This is to let our guests have telephone numbers of their loved ones abroad with them when they visit us. Some of our guests are surprised to know about this and regret to have left their numbers at their homes.
    Our contact numbers are still the same:
    Rose: 0917-553-2331 (Globe)
    Senen: 0908-873-5898 (Smart)
    Landline: [47] 222-5713
    Our heartfelt gratitude for adding us on your blog, sir Matt.

    • mattscradle

      Wow Sir that is very nice offer. Can you tell me sir the requirements to avail that service. Also how many minutes can they talk to their relatives in US and Canada.

  • Senen Aotriz

    Dear Sir Matt,

    The only requirement to avail the free phone call (to Landline or Cellphone) to US and Canada is to have a their telephone numbers :)
    Guests can talk as long as they want depending on the number of guests in line to make the call. All they have to do is to let me know in advance that they are going to make a call.
    Sir, this is only during the weekends.. starting Friday evening through Sunday evening.

    Come middle of this year when things go right, I will make the free call available 24/7 to the AOTRIZ APARTMENTS … more like home guests and residence.

    Regards to the family, sir.

  • marilou casimsiman

    good pm,
    is there any room that can accomodate 12-14 persons..
    we want to have our 3overnyt stay in your aparmentss..

    • mattscradle

      Hi Marilou, you can contact the landlord for inquiries. As I remember they have enough rooms to accommodate more than 14 persons.

  • Erra Sinadjan

    We have a reservation in AOTRIZ APARTMENT this coming April 7 & 8, 2012. This blog has been helpful. We’ll post some comments after our stay in AOTRIZ. But right now, all I can say is that the owner Ms. Rose Aotriz has been very kind accomodating my questions regarding our reservations. We are looking forward for our stay in AOTRIZ Apartment!

    • mattscradle

      Hope you enjoy your stay Aotriz Apartment.

  • Ayet


    I would like to ask how many rooms are there per apartment and how many people can it fit? My family is planning to go to Subic on June and there are 7 of us.


    • mattscradle

      In one apartment maximum of 3, but if you want you can occupy 2 adjacent apartments. As far as I remember P950 per 24 hours of stay per apartment.

  • Dan Yabut

    Two Thumbs up!
    we had a relaxing stay at Aotriz apartments last Mar 31 – April 2, 2012.
    Very affordable rates… very accommodating and very nice owners.
    I was with my wife, my mom, and my two kids (12y/0 and 8y/0).
    we rented 1 unit and rented an extra bed.

    • mattscradle

      Hi Sir Dan, I hope you don’t mind but can you share this post on your facebook account so others would know about Aotriz Apartments. Same with you we had a good experience in subic because of Aotriz Apartment, Thanks.

  • Senen Aotriz

    Dear Sir Matt,
    I would like to thank Mr Dan Yabut for his wonderful stay at the Aotriz Apartments.
    Thank you for appreciating our place.

    Hope to see you sometime soon. Take good care po.


  • Senen Aotriz

    Dear Sir Matt,

    I would like to let everyone of your readers that we now have a house with 2 bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate 6 persons.

    • mattscradle

      Nice to know about it Sir. You can send me the link for the photos of the apartment with two bedrooms and also the rates. So I can update this post or create a new one.

  • elvie

    good day!

    ask me lng po kung malapit ang apartelle sa ocean adventure at may resort po b na malapit din na pweding liguan?

  • jocomo

    pwede ba day trip sa zoobic safari and ocean adventure? how? could you be of help…thanks po.

    • Rosemarie S. Sariego

      gud am.

      ilang ung pede sa isang apartment?

  • Rosemarie

    DO you accept credit card?

    • Rose B. Aotriz

      Hi Rosemarie. We accept cash only for payments. Thank you.

    • Senen Aotriz

      Dear Rosemarie,
      We do not accept credit cards. we’re sorry.

  • Ted Vasquez

    Hi Miss Rose,
    Can you please let me know if there is available room for us on December 27 till 29, we are family of five, all adults.Thank you & regards, Ted

    • Senen Aotriz

      Hi Mr. Ted,
      If it is alright with Matt let me direct you to our website and you can fill up the reservation/inquiry page.
      Thank you so much for your inquiry, and for Mr Matts website

      • mattscradle

        No problem sir.

  • Ted Vasquez

    hi Senen, I reallly appreciate your quick response and also to Mr. Matt. Sad to say, my wife was able to find a nearby place in Ocean Adventure, I was quickly passed her the message when I inquired to you, but she was able to get the final room. Anyway, will make you us our future reference next time we go again in your area. thank you so much.

  • momzy

    Hello! We plan to go to Subic on Sept. 2. Do u think a one-day tour would be worth it already? Are there other interesting places to visit aside from Zoobic Safari, Ocean Adventure & Duty Free?…Thanks!

    • Rose B. Aotriz

      Hi. Those mentioned are the 3 main attractions of Subic Bay. If you have your own car you can go to both parks and still have a couple of hours left to shop. But since you are here, we would suggest you make the best of your stay by including Tree Top Adventure, perhaps a tour of the forest? The beaches too are great. A good tour of the former US Naval Base would also be a point of interest. In between, you can rest or dine in one of the restaurants in the newl Ayala Harbor Point Mall. If you do all these, you would need more than a day. Thank you.

      • momzy

        thanx so much Rose for the infos…you’re indeed a big help…i got your number already..i’ll keep in touch as soon as our plans are final..God bless.

  • Mauie Malazarte

    Is it ok to rent just for 3weeks?
    and how much? please reply asap!

    • Rose B. Aotriz

      Hi Ms. Mauie. Our weekly rate is still the same – P5,700.00, that’s P950 per day for 6 days and the 7th day is free. Thank you.

  • Rose B. Aotriz

    Hi. Ms. Salvie. I have responded to you via email. As of today, February 8, we still have a couple of available units for February 16-17. Please let us know if you will need one. Thank you.

  • jane kan

    hi just want to ask kung may available 1 room on march 6,2013 ? will wait for ur reply .Ty

  • Jonalyn

    Hi. I just want to inquire if you have vacant room for 1 night stay. April 2 – 3 .. Thank you! Papareserve sana ako.

    • Rose B. Aotriz

      Hi Ms. Jonalyn. I hope this reply is not too late. Yes, we can make reservation for you. How many are you? Kindly check our website – to log details for your reservation. Thank you.

  • geth

    hi. how many persons per room? how much po per night?
    march 15-16 may available po ba?

  • Jerry Rilea

    My wife and I are looking to rent a place from November 19 through December 19 would an apartment be available at that time and what would be the cost.

  • raul c. concepcion

    gud pm.
    Paki check please if you have available room on 17th April. May ready transport din ba from ur place to Zoobic?

    • Hi Raul. As of today, we still have a couple of available units. Would need more info on your reservation; i.e. no. of persons, days to stay, etc. Kindly check our website to put in all the details. Thank you.

  • Anna

    We are planning to visit subic this coming April between April 26-28 and if nt april 29-may 2.. Is there any available rooms that dates.. We are 20 po half of it misty kids po between age 1-10 y/o.. If you don’t mind kindly help me to find rooms fit for us even 2-3 depending how much it cost po per night.. Thank u so much po and hope to hear from you..

    • mattscradle

      HI Anna, please call Sir Senen for your inquiry. The phone numbers are included in the post.

    • Rose Aotriz

      Hi Ms. Anna, thank you for your inquiry. We are renting out 1Bedroom apartments for 2 persons. We also have a 2 Bedroom house for 5-6 persons. We can configure the room arrangements if we would know more details of your reservation. Kindly use our website – for your reservation.

  • Cristy Braga

    Hi, how many person yong maacomodate ng 1 room. Beach na malapit at your apartele for day trip? Pls quote for 14pax 10adults ages and 4kids ages 9, 4 and 2. Thanks a lot. By the way the plan scheduled is this coming saturday april 6-7.

  • Jell

    Hi. Is there an available room for 2 on april 27, overnight stay. Thanks :)


    Hi Mam / Sir.
    I just wanna ask if any available place to stay in your apartment by the end of this month and how much for monthly rate and also the rate if is include for utility bills? im waiting for your respond asap. thank you.


    • Jay

      Hi Cristina,

      Our monthly “all-in” rate is at 27,000. This includes parking and wi-fi and free international calls during the weekend(as previously commented by my dad,senen)

      We apologize if your comment has not been replied to yet. We’d love to give you a call so we can answer all your queries more promptly. Please phone 0916-5532-331 and look for rose.

      Thank you.

      • Jay

        Hi cristina,
        My mistake, it’s 24,000 a month and typi error on the mobile number. It’s 09175532331.

  • matet

    thanks ate rose, we really had a great time… nice place to stay very relaxing specially after visiting tree top adventure, ocean adventure and zoobic safari… we are already here in baguio hope to see you guys soon again… God bless you and your family send our warm regards to kuya :)

  • Jay

    Hi Matt,
    It has been more than 2 years since your post and comments still come in! It’s amazing and we’re grateful about how one testimony of our humble apartment can bring so much publicity. Thank you.

    Just in case my parents have not shared yet, in addition to the 6 rooms we have, a house for rent is also available. It can accommodate 6persons for php3,000 a night. The house is fully furnished with generous seating. You can check the photos at
    It is very ideal for families and barkadas. They can enjoy meals together in the dining and everyone has a comfy place to sleep in.

    Just as our usual rate, additional bed is at php300.

    We do hope to see you again.

  • Senen Aotriz

    Hi, Sir Matt,
    Visited your website to say hi, and for thanking you for giving us a good blog, and the opportunity to be seen on the web
    We at the Aotriz Apartments now have a 2MB internet speed. We can now distribute better internet signal.
    We still maintain a green surrounding. Birds never fail to sing at 5:30 am.
    When available, we give guests the chance to call FREE to the US and CANADA. All they have to say is that they are staying at the Aotriz Apartments.
    Still at 950/day. and 5,700 a week.
    Hope to see you again soon.
    Thank you, and more power to your website.

    • Matt

      Thank you din po sir.

  • Emjhay

    Hi my friends and I are planning to have vacation on aug 30-sept 1,2013. How much will it cost per night? Good for 13 pax. How many can accommodate per rooM?preferably 6-7 per room. Can you also please send your mobile number so i can call you.i need ur reply asap for budget purposes.tnx

  • Matt

    Hi Darwin, From terminal po ng victory liner sa olongapo need po ng 1 ride ng jeep going to Aotriz Apartments. I’m not sure po kung merong shuttle going to Zoobic safari and Ocean adventure. For inquiries po about Aotriz Aparments I suggest po to call Sir Senen or Mam Rose. Ito po ang website nila Mobile phone 0917 553 2331, email address – aotriz_apts(at) Or pag nasa olongapo na po kayo you may call them to their landline – (47)222-5713.

  • dash

    thanks adam..plano namin magchekin muna sa Aotriz, siguro estimated time ko mga 7 or 8am kami makakapgchekin, after nun, pwede ba kami magjeep going to SBMA area, kasi wala na daw jeep papasok, so kailang daw talaga magtaxi papuntang zoobic safari and ocean adventure, suggestion po, anu po magandang unahin, zoobic or ocean,?? kaya naman to ng 1day acitivity? many thanks :)

    • Matt

      Suggest ko po is unahin nyo yung Zoobic safari in the morning para hindi po mainit. Then sa afternoon yung Ocean adventure kasi most ng activities po dun is indoor na. Pasensya na po wala ako mabibigay na info regarding Jeep going to SBMA kasi nung time po namin nag taxi po kami. Hope you enjoy po :-).

      • dash

        ahh tama pala yung plan namin na unahin ang safari then afternoon naman ang adventure, yung duty free san po ba located yun? lapit lang din ba around safari and adventure?

        • Matt

          Medyo malayo po yun pero you can visit it po after nyo mag ocean adventure.

          • dash

            thanks, meron dw free shuttle sa may golden dragon ng 1:15 pm sabi ng ocean adventure, san po ba located yun? walking distance lang ba siya from zoobic safari?

          • Matt

            I remember less than 20 minutes ang travel from zoobic safari to Ocean adventure. Di po ako familiar sir sa golden dragon.

  • fevie

    Hi sir,
    ask ko lng po kung may malapit na market po dyan na pedeng pagbilhan ng makakain kase mag commute lng kme ng bf ko balak po nmeng pumunta dyan dis nov 16. Thanks :)

  • fevie

    Ask ko na din kung may available kayong room sa nov 16. 2 lng nmn kme . Hehehe
    thank u

    • Dear Fevie,

      Thank you for your iinquiry.
      All our units are reserved from November 15 through 17, 2013.
      We would appreciate if you can call us if you wish to make your reservation after these dates.
      Thank you so much for choosing the Aotriz Apartments.
      0917-553-2331 (Rose). You may also make your reservation at


      (thank you, Matt)

  • Senen Aotriz

    Just passing through to say hi to you and your family.

    Yes, the Aotriz Apartments is on its 5th year this October. It is still P950 for two persons. extra person is P300.

    For group of 6-8 we offer our two-bedroom house for only P3,000 for the first 6 persons and P300 per additional person.

    That is true, our apartment is the cheapest in Olongapo. You cannot find a cleanest space at P950 anywhere.

    Thank you for keeping this blog about our apartment.

    God Bless.


  • ruth

    ask lang po if may available room po kau for june6,,and how much poung room rate…tnx po

    • Rose B. Aotriz

      Hi Ruth, at this time, we have available units on June 6. The 1-Bedroom fully furnished apartment for 2 persons is P950 per day (24 hours). A 2-Bedroom house, also fully furnished, for 6 persons is P3,000 per day. If you have decided to stay with us, let us know so we can reserve a unit for you. Contact us at – 09175532331 / (047)222-5713. Thank you.

  • Dwight Stephen

    Hi,buti nalang nabasa ko yung blog na to,we really enjoyed our subic adventure and i highly recommend that if you have no place to stay,go here at Aotriz apartment lalo na pag nag commute lang kayo,its not hard to locate it kasi sakyan mo lang yung red na jeepney then you are here na..The owner is also very helpful and the room,for 950 a day sulit na sya.its clean and comfortable,nakapag relax kmi talaga while enjoying

    • Rose B. Aotgriz

      Hi Dwight. Thank you for the generous feedback. Truly appreciated.

    • Senen Aotriz

      Hi Matt,
      How are you?
      I hope you are fine.
      I want to let your viewers know that the Internet speed of the aotriz apartments is now 5 Mb/s.
      Our rates are still the same when you visit our website. We now have our second telephone number by globe. Will visit you again for more of the apartment updates.
      Have a very good day and more power to your site.
      Thank you. Please send my regards to your wonderful family.
      Senen (AOTRIZ)

  • Adam

    Hi Amie, please inquire directly to Sir Senen, or Maam Rose regarding available rooms. Their contact details are in the post.

  • Senen Aotriz

    Dear Matt,
    Thank you for blogging the AOTRIZ APARTMENTS

  • Ray Retiniano

    What is the discount rate for 2 people occupancy for 3 to 4 months? Need a one bedroom fully furnished. Arrival is between middle of January to early February.

  • Rose

    Hi Ray,
    As arranged, all is set for your arrival. Thank you for deciding to stay with us at Aotriz Apartments.

  • Willy

    we’ve stayed at the aotriz apartments, many years ago through referrals by matt’s cradle blog. at that time, the mitsubishi adventure was no longer available for taxi service or short trips. tanong ko lang, kung may available taxi service ba pag-labas mo ng aotriz? the last time we were there, we have to take a jeepney to the subi freeport. thanks.

  • Charlane

    Big Help!

    My friends and I are planning to have a weekend vacation this May. Im so happy i found this blog. Im looking forward to stay at AOTRIZ APARTMENT my friend will surely like it :)

    Thanks Sir Matt

  • Roma

    Good eve po. May grab or uber po ba sa sa subic?

    • Adam

      Hi Roma,

      I’m sorry but I do not have any idea. You can contact the owner Sir Senen, maybe they know if there is.

    • Senen Aotriz

      Hi Roma,
      Thank you for your question.
      We never had an Uber or a Grab taxi here in Olongapo. However, there are taxi service available downtown and SBMA at reasonable charges.
      Thank you. Senen

  • Karen

    Hi we are planning to go today to zoobic safari. Is there an available room for today? Thank you!

    • Matt

      Hi Karen,

      Please inquire directly to Aotriz apartments their contact details are in the post. Enjoy!!!

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