Australia Job Openings for Filipinos, Steps to Find the POEA-Accredited Agency

Australia has job openings for Filipino workers in 2023. It has an ongoing manpower shortage in different categories. Popular jobs include Panelbeaters, Farmers, Auto Mechanics, Welders, Airconditioning Mechanics, and Electricians.

Experienced OFWs who are currently residing in the Philippines can apply directly to respective POEA accredited agencies that have approved job orders from Australian employers.

In a recent report published in 2022 by, Australia has an ongoing manpower shortage for the following categories: Agriculture and Horticulture, Automotive trades, Construction, Technicians, Educators, Child Care occupations, Metal workers, Hospitality, and Health Care.

The data in the report are based on online surveys conducted by the National Skills Commission where the latter engages with stakeholders such as employers, government agencies, professional organizations, and industry groups.

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See the birdseye view below:
Agriculture and Horticulture
– Apiarist
– Farmer (shortage in Queensland)
– Cotton Grower (shortage in Queensland)

Automotive Trades
– PanelBeater
– Automotive Electrician
– Vehicle Body Builder
– Vehicle Painter
– Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitter
– Vehicle Trimmer

Building Professions and Technicians
– Construction Project Manager
– Building Inspector
– Construction Rigger
– Construction Estimator

– Teacher of Person with Disability
– Teacher of the Deaf
– Teacher of the sight Impaired
– Special Education Teachers
– Early Childhood Primary School Teacher

Child Care Occupations
– Child Care Worker

Construction Trades
– Bricklayer
– Stonemason
– Solid Plasterer
– Roof Tiler
– Roof Plumber
– Wall and Floor Tiler
– Cabinetmaker
– Carpenter and Joiner
– Carpenter

Engineering Trades
– Civil Engineering Technician
– Civil Engineering Draftsperson
– Telecommunication Technician
– Mechanical Engineering Technician
– Engineering Patternmaker
– Engineering Professional nec
– Cabler
– Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic

– Hotel Managers
– Retail Managers
– Pastry Cook
– Cook

Health Care Professions
– Nurse
– Physiotherapist
– Midwife

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Australia Job Openings for Filipinos in 2023

Filipinos who are living in Australia AND HAVE PROPER DOCUMENTS TO LIVE THERE can directly apply to companies and Australian based manpower agencies that urgently need skilled workers based on the aforementioned categories.

Those who are in the Philippines can apply through several DMW/POEA accredited agencies. I’ve listed below some of the accredited agencies that have current job orders (vacancies) from Australian employers.

To avoid being victimized by illegal recruiters, applicants should ONLY apply to accredited agencies from POEA/DMW, at mag apply po kayo ng DIREKTA sa mga accredited recruitment agencies na naka base sa Pilipinas.

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Agency Name: 1st Dynamic Personnel Resources Inc.
Office Address: 3F, JLC Building, No. 8 N. Ramirez Street Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: (02) 416 18 48
Email Address:
License Validity: April 8, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Mechanic Motor – 16
Fabricator Metal – 9
Welder – 25
Mechanic Diesel Motor – 2
Machinist Metal – 5
Painter Vehicle – 5
Polisher Metal – 5
Caravan Assembler – 2
Steel Framing Carpenter – 2
Physiotherapist – 4
Designer CAD – 2
Mechanic – 9
Painter Spray – 2
Accountant – 5
Coordinator Building Information Modeling – 9
Engineer Electrical – 9
Engineer Fire Protection – 9
Engineer Software – 18
Midwife Registered – 5
Modeller BIM – 9
Nurse Registered – 24
Pathologist Speech – 5
Physiotherapist – 66
Special Human Resource – 10
Specialist Marketing – 9
Specialist Product – 10
Specialist Recruitment – 10
Technician Senior – 9
Technician Structural Senior – 9
Therapist Occupational – 237
Therapist Speech – 24
Fitter General – 5
Electrician Auto – 3

Agency Name: 21st Century Manpower Resources Inc. (for Nursing Int’l)
Office Address: RMS 401, 405, 406, and 407, JR Building, 1520 Quezon Avenue Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 4121311 / 4144399 / 4101234
Email Address:
License Validity: March 7, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Boiler Maker – 1
Draftsman Mechanical Engineering – 1
Welder – 1
Chef Cook – 6
Manager Restaurant – 2
Research Associate Clinical – 18
Scientist Life – 3
SR. Clinical Research Associate I – 6
Driller – 2
Nurse Registered – 4
Worker Sheet Metal – 2

Agency Name: 7107 Islands Placement & Promotions Inc
Address: 3/F Atlas Shipers Blg BF HMS Martinville Manuyo II Las Pinas
Telephone numbers: (02) 4628500 / 5532597 / Mobile: 09175383014
Email Address:
License Validity: December 9, 2026 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders:
Fabricator Aluminum – 2
Fabricator Metal – 2
Glaziers – 2
Installer – 2
Welder First Class – 2

Agency Name: Advance Group Link Manpower Services Inc
Address: 2F 35-I General Avenue GSISS Village Project 8 Quezon City
Telephone numbers: check their website
Email Address:
License Validity: April 15, 2025 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders:
Base Transceiver Station Technician – 1

Agency Name: Al-Kingsmen International Manpower Services Co.
Address: Unit 10 Singalong Townhomes II, 1706 Singalong Street Manila
Telephone numbers: +63 28 706 4591
Email Address:
License Validity: October 14, 2023 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders:
Beater Panel – 112
Body Builder Vehicle – 5
Butcher – 50
Engineer Electrical – 8
Fabricator Metal – 5
Glaziers – 10
Hairdresser – 9
Machinist Metal – 7
Painter Spray Vehicle – 63
Technician Electrical Engineering – 9
Upholsterer – 5
Welder – 4

Agency Name: Archangel Global Solutions Ncorporated (for. Apocalypse Placement for Overse
Address: 3/F, FSS Blg, 89 SCT Castor Street, Brgy Laging Handa Quezon City
Telephone numbers: 4131912 / 376-2106
Email Address:
License Validity: August 26, 2023 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders:
Surveyor – 3
Technician Civil Engineer – 3

Agency Name: Ascend International Services Inc
Address: RMS 309 & 314 L & S Building 1414 Roxas Boulevard Manila
Telephone numbers: 5232852 / 5233051 / Mobile: 09087287997 / 09335230350
Email Address:
License Validity: January 22, 2024 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders:
Accountant – 1
Administrator Project – 1
Administrator System – 2
Architect Landscape – 6
Bricklayer – 6
Carpenter – 2
Mason Stone – 18
Nurse Enrolled – 10
Nurse Registered – 25
Plasterer Fibrous – 10
Plasterer Solid – 10
Plumber Roof – 31
Roll Forming Operator – 4
Shipwright – 3
Steelfixer – 30
Technician Aviation Maintenance – 5
Technician Civil Engineering – 4
Technician Electrical Engineering – 5
Technician Mechanical Engineering – 5
Tiler Wall and Floor – 10
Welder – 8
Welfare – 10
Worker Metal Engineering Process – 4
Worker Social – 20
Workers Sheetmetal Trades – 5

Agency Name: Bison Management Corporation
Office Address: 2F and 3F (Left Wing) BMH Centre Building, 3963 Yague Street Makati
Telephone Numbers: 896-4667 / 0917-555-2515
Email Address: /
Website: / Facebook:
License Validity: December 19, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Carpenter – 5
Mechanic – 10
Painter Industrial – 5
Welder – 10
Welder Fabricator – 8
Agricultural Dairy Technician – 25
Agricultural Technician Piggery – 11
Boilermaker – 4
Butcher – 10
Dairy Cattle Farm Operator – 15
Dairy Cattle Farm Worker – 8
Engineering Technicians Mechanical – 5
Fabricator Metal – 37
Farmer Cattle – 15
Farmer Dairy – 11
Farmer Dairy Cattle – 107
Farmer Pig – 95
Fitter Mechanical – 16
Fitter Electrical – 13
Maker Small Goods – 84
Senior Stockperson Piggery – 196
Mechanic Motor – 30
Maintenance Fitter – 15
Mechanic Diesel Motor – 10
Machinist – 6
Mechanic Diesel – 10
Technician Agricultural – 113
Technician Dairy – 33
Fitter General – 14
Fitter and Turner – 5
Technician Material – 15
Tiler Wall and Floor – 10
Tradeworker Electronic Instrument – 29

Agency Name: Camox Philippines, Inc.
Address: U-C,D,E & F (3F) and Mezz A, B & C, 1646 Evangelista- Belarmino St Makati
Telephone numbers: 8439149 / 8439141 / 8441366
Email Address:
License Validity: June 5, 2023 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders:
Administrator Contract – 14
Beater Panel – 86
Broker Finance – 6
Chef – 8
Electrician Auto – 5
Electrician Automobile – 203
Machinist Metal – 20
Manager Corporate – 6
Manager Customer – 11
Manager Restaurant – 5
Manager Sales and Marketing – 8
Mechanic Automotive – 58
Mechanic Diesel – 15
Mechanic Diesel Motor – 150
Mechanic Motor – 103
Mechanic Motor General – 185
Painter Automobile – 88
Specialist Marketing – 8
Technician Diesel – 30
Welder – 30
Welder Fitter – 30

Agency Name: Caves Treasures Manpower & Construction Corporation
Address: 4/F, Philcox Building, 172 Salcedo Street Makati
Telephone numbers: Mobile: 0908-8870581
Email Address:
License Validity: August 9, 2026 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders:
Accountant General – 1
Accountant Management – 2
Accountant Tax – 2
Advisor Financial – 1
Architecture Draftsperson – 1
Assistant Horticulturist – 10
Baker – 6
Beater Panel – 137
Body Builder Vehicle – 137
Bricklayer – 10
Carpenter – 5
Carpenter and Joiner – 2
Carpenter Joiner – 38
Chef – 71
Cook – 41
Cook Pastry – 11
Decorator Interior – 5
Draftsman Civil Engineering – 9
Draftsman Mechanical Engineering – 15
Driver Delivery – 10
Driver Truck – 8
Electrician Auto – 30
Electrician Automotive – 171
Fabricator Metal – 200

(Important Reminders: Verify with the manpower agency if the job orders are still active or not. )

Please check my reference here:
australia job openings for filipinos 2023australia job hiring for filipinos 2023All the listed agencies above have existing job orders based on the DMW/POEA website for 2023. However, you should verify with the Agency if the job orders are still active or not for each vacant position. OFWs and skilled professionals can directly inquire to the agencies. Their complete name, address, contact details, and the number of vacancies are already included in the post.

What are the in-Demand Jobs in Australia for Filipinos

Upon scanning the POEA or Department of Migrant Workers website at, the jobs that have high demand in Australia are from industries such as Health Care, Construction, Manufacturing, Vehicle Maintenance, and Agriculture. The lists of in-demand jobs with 100 or more approved job orders on the DMW website are the following:

  • Physiotherapist/ Therapist Occupational
  • Carpenter
  • Welder/Welder Pressure/Welder First Class
  • Mechanic Diesel Motor
  • Beater Panel / Body Builder Vehicle
  • Painter Spray Vehicle/Painter Vehicle
  • Glaziers
  • Butcher/Slaughterman
  • Fabricator Metal
  • Agricultural Dairy Technician/Technician Agricultural
  • Farmer Dairy Cattle/Dairy Cattle Farm Operator
  • Electrician Automotive

What are the Best Farm Jobs in Australia for Filipinos

  • Agricultural Dairy Technician
  • Agricultural Technician Piggery
  • Daily Cattle Farm Operator
  • Dairy Cattle Farm Worker
  • Farmer Pig
  • Technician Dairy
  • Assistant Horticulturist
  • Farmer Cattle
  • Horticulturist
  • Horticultural Worker
  • Farm Worker Beef Cattle
  • Beekeeper

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How to Find the DMW/POEA Manpower Agencies Hiring for Australia

If you are an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFWs) or a skilled worker based in the Philippines, this part will help you find the manpower agencies accredited by POEA that has job openings bound for Australia.

Follow this step-by-step guide to browse the DMW/POEA website efficiently and find information such as country, positions (job openings), name of the hiring manpower agencies, their respective addresses, date the job order was approved, and the number of vacancies (job order balance) needed by the recruitment agencies.

After you determine the name of the manpower agency hiring for Australia, I will also guide you so you can acquire the details of your chosen manpower agency such as their office address, contact details, email address, website, official representative, license status, and its validity duration.

The License Status will tell you if the manpower agency has ceased operation, delisted, canceled, denied renewal, forever banned, inactive, expired, or revoked, and if has a Valid License.

Finding the hiring manpower agency is basically easy if you know where to go through the pages of POEA/DMW (

Step 1: Visit the DMW/POEA website to find the manpower agencies for Australia

Go to the official website of DMW/POEA at At the homepage, proceed to “Approved Job Orders” located at the blue navigation bar.
go to dmw website and go to approved job orders for australia

Step 2: Select Job Site in the Dropdown Menu then input Australia

Doing step 1 will lead you to the “Approved Job Orders of Licensed Recruitment Agencies” page. Tap the dropdown menu on the middle left of the page to see the choices, among them select “Job Site.” In the space provided next to the latter, type “Australia” and then hit the search button.

australia manpower agency 2023

Step 3: View the Recruitment Agency with Job Orders in Australia

After done with step 2, the DMW website will show you the list of recruitment agencies with job hiring for Australia.

The next thing you need to do is browse the list to see the agencies that have job openings related to your work experience.
australia approved job orders list dmw poeaBy this time you already see the agencies that have job openings. The next thing you need to do is determine the details of the recruitment agency so you can apply to them directly.

The next thing I will teach you is to find the license status, validity duration, office address, and contact details of your chosen manpower agencies using the official website of DMW/POEA. If the recruitment agency has a ‘Valid License’ status and is operating within the license validity date, then it is legally allowed to operate in the Philippines.

How to Verify the License Status of a Manpower Agency for Australia

It is easy to find the details of manpower agency two steps are all you need. After you took note of their details, you can now call, send them email, or visit their office.

Step 1: Go to DMW/POEA website to know the details of the Agencies

Go to At the middle right portion of the home page, you can easily see the “Licensed Recruitment Agencies” tab located at the blue navigation bar.

go to dmw website and go to licensed recruitment agencies for australia

Step 2: Type the name of the manpower agency in the space provided

Input the name of the recruitment agency in the given space. Type the name of the agency as accurately as possible.

type the name of manpower agency for australia in the given space

Step 3: View the Details and License Status of the Employment Agency

Take note of the employment agency’s information such as the validity of the license and license expiration date. poea dmw license status of recruitment agency for australiaAgency: Name of the Recruitment Agency
Address: Office Address of the agency
Status Date:
Representative: Name of Representative
Contact No.: Telephone numbers
Email Address: valid email address
Data as of:

You should apply directly to those agencies that have ‘Valid License’ status. The office address is there, you can visit their office during working hours. You can call their office, or send them an email.

Why Filipinos should Get a Job in Australia

There are already large Filipino communities in Australia. According to, as of June 2020, there is a total of 310050 Philippine-born people in Australia. Filipinos are mostly residing in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia.

Skilled Filipino workers and OFWs can earn an average of 855.2 Australian dollars per week or 3420.8 AUD per month which is equivalent to 126364 pesos per month. Filipinos can acquire Permanent Residency (PR) status after working for several years in the said country. They can also have the opportunity to bring with them their family.

Australia’s two biggest cities – Sydney and Melbourne belong to the top 10 safest cities in the world according to

Lastly, Australia has a strong economy. Its currency is the Australian Dollar where the exchange rate is 1.00 AUD is equivalent to 36.94 Philippine pesos.

FAQs about Working in Australia for Filipinos

How far is Australia from the Philippines?

Sydney, Australia is 6264 KMs away from Manila, Philippines. According to the Qantas Airlines website, from Manila, it would take between 7 hours 55 minutes to 25 hours 45 minutes to get to Sydney by plane. The return ticket cost ranges from 58990 pesos to 83798 pesos or 1596.95 AUD to 2268.55 AUD per person.

How much is the minimum salary per hour in Australia in Philippine Peso?

As of July 1, 2022, according to, the minimum hourly rate is 21.38 AUD, or equivalent to 789.76 pesos. This is applicable if the exchange rate is 1 AUD to 36.94 pesos.

How many Filipinos are there in Australia?

There are about 310050 Philippine-born who are working and living in Australia. This is based on the data of the Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government ( for June 2020. The current Filipino population is 68.7 percent higher if compared to the data of June 2010 which is only 183770. 60.9 percent of the population comprises females while 39.1 percent comprises males. The median age of Filipinos residing in Australia is 40.1.

Filipinos are Australia’s fifth-largest migrant community. It is 4.1 percent of the country’s overseas-born population.

What do you call Filipinos who are living and working in Australia?

Filipinos are called FilOz which stands for “Filipino” and “Aussie.” The citizens of the Philippines are called “Filipinos” while Australians call themselves “Aussies.” Hence, when combined, the term is “FilOz.”

How many times do you receive your salary in Australia?

Australians and Filipinos working in Australia receive their paycheck every month. It can be in the form of cash, electronic fund transfer, or by cheque. Salary should be paid in the form of money. Employers cannot pay their employees in the form of goods.

What is the time difference between Australia and the Philippines?

Sydney and Melbourne Australia are 3 hours ahead of the Philippines. Meanwhile, there is no time difference between Perth Western Australia and the Philippines.

Note: Paalala po ang ay isa lamang pong blog at HINDI po ito manpower agency. This blog is NOT in any way connected to any recruitment agencies and is NOT a MANPOWER AGENCY. For your own safety please do not place in the comments section your personal details. Inquire and apply directly to the listed agencies. Their details such as email, telephone numbers, office address, can be found above.

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