How to Get a Job in Australia for Foreigners in 2022

Australia has jobs for foreigners who are searching for a place to live and work overseas. One of the reasons is that Australia’s economy is growing faster than its manpower availability. As a result, the country needs to get workers from overseas to fill up those vacant positions. Here you will find the list of skills and talents that Australia needs for the short and long term that are available for expats.

Are you a foreigner who wants to find jobs in Australia to contribute to its economy and eventually make the land down under your permanent home?

Why Foreigners choose to Live and Work in Australia

Before we dig deeper let’s take a look first at why foreigners want to find jobs in Australia and eventually settle there. These are a few important factors that expats consider such as economic ranking, quality of life, work-life balance, safety, and health care system.

Australia is one of the richest countries in the world. It currently occupies the top 13th spot in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2021. IMF projects that Australia will become the 12th largest economy in the world by 2023 based on The growth of the economy means more job opportunities. This translates to more needed manpower coming from the pool of local and foreign workers in the coming years.

This factor is one of the main reason foreigners work elsewhere other than their country, that is the quality of life. This factor includes but is not limited to safety, health care, cost of living, purchasing power, pollution, and climate. According to, Australia is top 4 in the world overall in terms of quality of life.

Two major cities of Australia ranked again in terms of work-life balance., measures work-life balance in terms of work intensity, society and institution, and city liveability. Sydney ranked 8th and Melbourne ranked 12th in those metrics.

In 2021 the overall ranking of Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne is top 4 and top 8, respectively in terms of safety. Overall, Australia ranked within the top 16 in terms of the peace index.

Now let’s get this straighten up, while based on the data it is safe to live in Australia, but there are still risks like in any country.

Here is another factor that foreigners consider when working overseas, the quality of health care. These cover infrastructure, health care workers, medicine quality, and treatment cost per capita. According to, out of 89 surveyed countries, Australia ranking 6th in the world in terms of the health care system.

After knowing how Australia’s ranking compared to the rest of the world. Let’s find out the skills that the country needs for the short, medium, and long term.

Australia Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List

These are the priority skills that Australia needs to fill up to support the country as it grows economically. In the latest priority skilled occupation list (PMSOL), Australia is critically in need of workers in 44 different occupations. They need workers in the field of engineering, accountancy, information technology, hospitality, education, and health care. Here are the occupations:

  • Analyst Programmer (261311)
  • Developer Programmer (261312)
  • Software Engineer (261313)
  • Software and Applications Programmers nec (261399)
  • Chief Executive or Managing Director (111111)
  • Construction Project Manager (133111)
  • Chef (351311)
  • Cartographer (232213)
  • Hospital Pharmacist (251511)*
  • Industrial Pharmacist (251512)*
  • Retail Pharmacist (251513)*
  • Accountant (General) (221111)
  • Management Accountant (221112)
  • Taxation Accountant (221113)
  • External Auditor (221213)
  • Internal Auditor (221214)
  • Other Spatial Scientist (232214)
  • Civil Engineer (233211)
  • Geotechnical Engineer (233212)
  • Electrical Engineer (233311)
  • Mechanical Engineer (233512)
  • Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) (233611)
  • Petroleum Engineer (233612)
  • Structural Engineer (233214)
  • Transport Engineer (233215)
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist (234611)
  • Surveyor (232212)
  • Veterinarian (234711)
  • Orthotist or Prosthetist (251912)
  • General Practitioner (253111)
  • Resident Medical Officer (253112)
  • Psychiatrist (253411)
  • Medical Practitioners nec (253999)
  • Midwife (254111)
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)
  • Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) (254415)
  • Registered Nurse (Medical) (254418)
  • Registered Nurse (Mental Health) (254422)
  • Registered Nurse (Perioperative) (254423)
  • Registered Nurses nec (254499)
  • Multimedia Specialist (261211)
  • ICT Security Specialist (262112)
  • Social Worker (272511)
  • Maintenance Planner (312911)

Australia Skilled Occupation List for Short and Medium Term

These are the list of available jobs in Australia that Foreigners can apply to. These jobs are classified under the Short-term skilled occupation list, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme list, Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, or in Regional Occupation List.

As an expat, you can check the list if there are occupations that matched your education and work experience. There are more than 500 occupations that are available for foreigners. You can find next to the occupation their respective ANZCO (in parenthesis) so you can determine the skill level, qualifications, and work experience needed for the job. Here are some of the jobs:

Engineering Jobs

  • Aeronautical Engineer (233911)
  • Agricultural Engineer (233912)
  • Biomedical Engineer (233913)
  • Building and Engineering Technicians nec (312999)
  • Chemical Engineer (233111)
  • Civil Engineer (233211)
  • Civil Engineering Draftsperson (312211)
  • Civil Engineering Technician (312212)
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer (263111)
  • Electrical Engineer (233311)
  • Electrical Engineering Draftsperson (312311)
  • Electrical Engineering Technician (312312)
  • Electronic Engineering Draftsperson (312411)
  • Electronic Engineering Technician (312412)
  • Electronics Engineer (233411)
  • Engineering Manager (133211)
  • Engineering Pattern Maker (323411)
  • Engineering Professionals nec (233999)
  • Engineering Technologist (233914)
  • Environmental Engineer (233915)
  • Geotechnical Engineer (233212)
  • Industrial Engineer (233511)
  • Materials Engineer (233112)
  • Mechanical Engineer (233512)
  • Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson (312511)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician (312512)
  • Petroleum Engineer (233612)
  • Product or Plant Engineer (233513)
  • Software Engineer (261313)
  • Structural Engineer (233214)

Medical and Health-Related Jobs

  • Anaesthetist (253211)
  • Cardiologist (253312)
  • Cardiothoracic Surgeon (253512)
  • Clinical Haematologist (253313)
  • Dermatologist (253911)
  • Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist (253917)
  • Emergency Medicine Specialist (253912)
  • General Practitioner (253111)
  • Intensive Care Specialist (253317)
  • Medical Diagnostic Radiographer (251211)
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist (234611)
  • Medical Laboratory Technician (311213)
  • Medical Practitioners nec (253999)
  • Registered Nurse (Medical Practice) (254421)
  • Registered Nurse (Medical) (254418)
  • Specialist Physician (General Medicine) (253311)
  • Enrolled Nurse (411411)
  • Nurse Manager (254311)
  • Nurse Practitioner (254411)
  • Nurse Researcher (254212)
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)
  • Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health) (254413)
  • Registered Nurse (Community Health) (254414)
  • Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) (254415)
  • Registered Nurse (Surgical) (254424)
  • Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) (254425)

Hotel and Restaurant Jobs

  • Hotel or Motel Manager (141311)
  • Hotel Service Manager (431411)
  • Cafe or Restaurant Manager (141111)
  • Chef (351311)
  • Cook (351411)
  • Baker (351111)
  • Pastrycook (351112)
  • Barrister (271111)
  • Accommodations and Hospitality Managers nec (141999)

Teaching Jobs

  • Art Teacher (Private Tuition) (249211)
  • Dance Teacher (Private Tuition) (249212)
  • Drama Teacher (Private Tuition) (249213)
  • Early Childhood (Pre-primary School Teacher) (241111)
  • Middle School Teacher (241311)
  • Music Teacher (Private Tuition) (249214)
  • Primary School Teacher (241213)
  • Private Tutors and Teachers nec (249299)
  • Secondary School Teacher (241411)
  • Special Education Teacher nec (241599)
  • Special Needs Teacher (241511)
  • Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (249311)
  • Teacher of the Hearing Impaired (241512)
  • Teacher of the Sight Impaired (241513)
  • Vocational Education Teacher (242211)

Building and Construction Jobs

  • Architect (232111)
  • Architectural Draftsperson (312111)
  • Construction Estimator (312114)
  • Construction Project Manager (133111)
  • Carpenter (331212)
  • Carpenter and Joiner (331211)
  • Stonemason (331112)
  • Fitter (General) (323211)
  • Fitter and Turner (323212)
  • Fitter-Welder (323213)
  • Gasfitter (334114)
  • Metal Fitters and Machinists nec (323299)
  • Bricklayer (331111)
  • Cabinetmaker (394111)
  • Carpenter (331212)
  • Floor Finisher (332111)
  • Roof Tiler (333311)
  • Wall and Floor Tiler (333411)
  • Roof Plumber (334115)
  • Metal Casting Trades Worker (322114)
  • Metal Fabricator (322311)
  • Metal Fitters and Machinists nec (323299)
  • Metal Machinist (First Class) (323214)
  • Metal Polisher (322115)
  • Metallurgical or Materials Technician (312912)
  • Sheetmetal Trades Worker (322211)
  • Painting Trades Worker (332211)
  • Vehicle Painter (324311)

Farming Jobs

  • Cotton Grower (121211)
  • Flower Grower (121212)
  • Fruit or Nut Grower (121213)
  • Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower (121214)
  • Grape Grower (121215)
  • Sugar Cane Grower (121217)
  • Turf Grower (121218)
  • Vegetable Grower (121221)

Finance Related Jobs

  • Accountant (General) (221111)
  • Corporate Treasurer (221212)
  • External Auditor (221213)
  • Finance Manager (132211)
  • Management Accountant (221112)
  • Marketing Related Occupations
  • Marketing Specialist (225113)
  • Sales and Marketing Manager (131112)
  • Advertising Manager (131113)
  • Advertising Specialist (225111)
  • ICT Sales Representative (225213)
  • Sales Representative (Industrial Products) (225411)
  • Sales Representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical Products) (225412)
  • Technical Sales Representative nec (225499)

Beauty Care Occupations

  • Hair or Beauty Salon Manager (142114)
  • Hairdresser (391111)
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How to Find Jobs in Australia as a Foreigner in 2022

There are various ways that expats can relocate and find work in Australia. There are employers that provide visa sponsorship to their prospective employees. Employers post their vacancies on popular job sites that foreign applicants can take a look at.

The government of Australia also has various Visas to allow you to stay in the country as a permanent resident. Once you get that PR visa, you can stay in the country and apply directly to locally based employers.

Apply for Work and Skilled Visa

Depending on your qualifications and work experience, you can apply for an employer-sponsored visa, independent visa, temporary skilled shortage visa, Permanent Resident visa, or working holiday visa. You can find the complete list of visas at You can search for the name of your profession on the Skilled Occupation List page to know the visa type you are eligible for.
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Submit your Resumes to Job Sites Online

These are the popular job sites online where you can submit your resume or CVs so Australian employers can notice you even when you are overseas. Create an account on these sites to start your job search journey.

  • – According to their about page. Seek was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1997 and was officially launched in 1998. It is a market leader in the online employment marketplace in Latin America and the Asia Pacific.
  • – Based on its about page, is the number 1 job site in the world. Its website has more than 250 million monthly unique visitors.
  • – Glassdoor is a global leader when it comes to insights about companies and jobs. The site has millions of jobs in its database. They also have salary information, reviews of companies, and examples of interview questions.

Connect to Hiring Team on LinkedIn

Linkedin is a company based in the US. It was launched in May 2003 in Mountainview California. Professionals used the site mainly for networking and career development. Any account owner can post their resumes while employers can post their jobs on the site. As of February 2022, LinkedIn has 830 million plus registered members from all over the world.

linkedin jobs in australia for foreigners

Foreigners can create an account on to able to connect to employers in Australia. Once you are done setting up your account, you can head to the ‘Jobs’ tab at the top right-hand side of the page to view the list of available job openings.

Apply through Recruitment Agencies

The first three options are mostly a Do-it-yourself (DIY) where you will have to apply for a job on your own. This option is different because you will be seeking assistance from a recruitment agency that has offices in Australia. The latter will be the one to assess your work experience and match you to your future employer based in Australia.

  • – Is the leading recruitment expert in the world. In Australia, Adecco has offices in all major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Queensland, and Canberra.
  • – If you are an expat whose work experience is in the field of information technology, can be one of your options to get to Australia. The latter is the leading IT recruitment agency in Au with over 45 years of experience in the said field.
  • – They have offices in major cities and regions in Australia. Konnecting connects skilled foreign workers from overseas to Australian employers. They have experience in verifying the qualifications of overseas candidates to ensure that the candidate is the best choice for the employers. They also offer migration assistance that includes visa applications, and employer nominations.

Best States/Cities to Find Work in Australia as Foreigner

When searching for available jobs, Foreigners can consider Australia’s 5 major states in terms of their share in national employment.

With reference from 2020 to 2021, according to, New South Wales (location of Sydney) has the largest employed population of over 4 million people equivalent to 33.4% of national employment. Second is Victoria (location of Melbourne) with a 3.1 million employed population or 25.9%. Third is Queensland (location of Brisbane) with a 2.3 million employed population or 19.3%. Fourth is Western Australia (location of Perth) with an estimated 1.4 million employed population or 12.28%, and last is South Australia (location of Adelaide) with an estimated 800 thousand employed population or equal to 7.37% of the national employment.

The data simply means that a huge chunk of jobs is found in these states. Of course, expect that there will also be tight competition in these locations as you are not the only one who will search for jobs in these cities/states.

Every state offers a wide variety of jobs. But there are jobs that are distinctly in high demand per state. For example, according to, Sydney in NSW is the financial and economic center of Australia. There are ninety banks that have headquarters in the state capital. This means that jobs related to finance or banking is in high demand in NSW.

Another example is if you are a foreigner who has work experience in the mining industry then you can consider living or working in Western Australia or in Queensland (location of Brisbane). The main reason is that the mining industry of Australia is found in these two territories though nearly half is found in Western Australia.

Australia’s Salary rate and Ranking

According to, as of July 2022, the current national minimum wage in Australia is $21.38 per hour or $812.60 gross per week. The country has the highest minimum wage in the world based on the data of

Foreigners Population in Australia

Australia is home to 7.5 million foreigners in 2021. The country has a total population of 25.69 million, roughly 29% of which are migrants. Based on the date, the top 10 foreigners in terms of population that immigrate to Australia are from these countries:

  • 1. England
  • 2. India
  • 3. China
  • 4. New Zealand
  • 5. Philippines
  • 6. Vietnam
  • 7. South Africa
  • 8. Malaysia
  • 9. Italy
  • 10. Sri Lanka

Among the list, from 2011 to 2021 comparison, India, China, and the Philippines have the largest increase in population with 373000, 208000, and 118000, respectively.

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