7 Steps to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa via Online for Filipino

Australian Tourist Visa is a document issued by the Australian Government to permit a Filipino to enter Australia and remain there for a period of time for the purpose of tourism, business, and educational activities. The application for the Australian Tourist Visa is made via online at the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs website which is online.immi.gov.au.

To obtain an Australian Tourist Visa, Filipinos who will lodge the application from the Philippines must create an account at online.immi.gov.au. On the website, they should fill up the necessary online form, upload the required documents, and pay the visa application fee. Afterward, the Filipino applicant must visit one of the Australian government’s accredited biometrics collection centers in the Philippines.

Once the Australian tourist visa is granted, a copy of the visa grant notice will be sent to their email by the officer in charge from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Here are the 7 steps to guide you on your Tourist Visa application for Australia as a Filipino. I will also share here the requirements, and some travel tips to make your trip to the Land Down Under more enjoyable.
how to apply for australian visa online

Step 1: Create an Account in online.immi.gov.au/lusc/Register then Login to it

The online.immi.gov.au is the official website of the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs. Visit the website to create an ImmiAccount account. Afterward, input the needed information such as surname, given name, phone number, and valid email address. The immi.gov.au website will send a verification link to your given email address. Check your email to verify your account.

After the verification of your email, you can now login to your immi account. Type in your username and password that you have given when you created your immi account in the space provided.

immiaccount apply australian tourist visa

Step 2: Proceed to the New Application link to start your Visa application process

Supply all the information as honestly and as completely as possible. Your personal details should be entered the same way as they appeared on your passport. You should input your first name together with your middle name in the same space.

Note: If traveling as a group, the main applicant only needs to create one ImmiAccount. Afterward, go to the new application link to lodge another application for each group member. Under ‘Group Processing’ you need to input the Group ID and Group name for each application.

So for example, for a family of 3 or more traveling to Australia as a group, the main applicant has to create one immiaccount for the group. Complete first the application of the main applicant, then lodge 2 more applications for the remaining family members or dependents.

Step 3: Upload all scanned copies of your supporting documents

After you have typed in all the needed information. Upload all the scanned copies of needed documents (supporting evidence).

The supporting documents include the scanned copy of your Philippine passport information pages, birth certificate, marriage certificate, bank statement, employment certificate, and letter from the school of your son.

Step 4: Pay the Visa Application Fee per Applicant

You can pay using a credit/debit card online. The fee for the visa application per applicant is 150 Australian Dollars plus a surcharge or roughly 5465.04 pesos plus a surcharge. This is applicable if the exchange rate of 1 AUD is equivalent to 36.43 Philippine pesos. Payments are made after you have completed filling up all the needed information.

Other costs that you need to consider aside from visa processing fees are the following:

  • NSO birth certificate acquisition fee
  • NSO marriage certificate acquisition fee
  • bank charges when you request bank statement copies
  • cost per page of acquiring scanned copies of all your documents

Step 5: Schedule an Appointment for Biometrics Collection

For Filipinos, you can schedule an appointment at VFS Global for your biometrics collection. Take note that VFS Global collects service fees.

Those who are applying for an Australian tourist visa in the Philippines should inquire to VFS Global if they need to schedule appoint for biometrics collection. Here is their website https://visa.vfsglobal.com/phl/en/aus/book-an-appointment. To know more details you can also visit Australian Embassy in the Philippines website.

Step 6: Check your Email for updates on your Tourist Visa Application

The supplied documents are being screened manually by a representative from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australian High Commission. There is a chance that you will be contacted by their representative thru email. The reason is they will ask for additional scanned documents which you have to upload to your application.

After uploading any additional documents asked, all you have to do next is wait. If the Visa application is lodged outside Australia the maximum processing time is 1 month from the time you completed your application and paid the needed fees.

Step 7: Receive your Visa Grant Notice for Australia

You will receive your Visa Grant Notice thru email because it is an electronic-Visa (e-Visa). Print a copy and bring it with you in case the airline company staff asked for a physical copy of your tourist visa for Australia.

The Australian Visa Grant Notice will show, your full name, type of your visa, grant date, application ID, date of visa application, stay period, and visa condition. Below is the sample photo of the Australian Visa Grant Notice.
australian visa grant notice sample photo

How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa Online as a Group

Family and relatives traveling together to Australia can apply for Tourist Visa as a group. In this way, your applications will be assessed based on the documents submitted by each member of the group. You only need to create one Immi Account.

On page 2 of your online application form, there is a question under Group Processing, “Is this application being lodged as part of a group of applications?” Choose “Yes” as your answer.

You will be asked to Create a Group Name for your applications and indicate the group type. Input the name of your group. You can use your family name to make it a little formal. You also need to select the group type which applies to your application. Example: Family

Remember your Group ID as it will be used by the other members of your group. They need to input it when they fill out their own visa application.
australian visa group application online

What are the Requirements for an Australian Visa Application

  • Your new and old Philippines passport which shows your previous travel
  • scanned copy of your passport’s data page
  • Cover letter and sample itinerary
  • NSO Birth certificate
  • Evidence of funds (personal bank statements/savings account, payslip, credit/debit card statements)
  • NSO Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Certification Letter from school for your son/daughter (if they are studying)
  • Certificate of Employment (if employed)
  • Accomplished online application form in your immiaccount
  • Filled out Form 956 (for applicants who are minors)

All scanned documents are in JPEG format. Before you upload all your documents, organize the file name for each scanned copy so the assessor can easily track the arrangement of your documents.

You can read the complete checklist of the requirements at https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/.

How long is the Processing Time for Visitor Subclass 600 Tourist Stream

The processing time for visitor subclass 600 ranges from 2 days (48 hours) to 20 days (480 hours) according to immi.homeaffairs.gov.au. These depend on different factors including but not limited to peak processing periods in a certain location.
australia visitor visa processing time

Do I need to Notarize or Certify the documents Before Uploading Them?

No, you do not have to notarize/certify all your documents. All you need to do is scan it and upload it to your immiaccount.

What does an Australia Arrival Stamp in a passport look like?

The sample photo below is what an entry stamp in Australia looks like.

australian tourist visa stamp in Philippine passport

Where Should I Upload the Sample Travel Itinerary

You should upload your sample travel itinerary in the “Evidence of Planned Tourism Activities in Australia” slot. If the slot is not present it means that you do not need a travel itinerary as a supporting document.

australian visa application online evidence of planned tourism activities Read: How to Fill up the Schengen Visa Application Form

Should I Book a Return Flight Before I Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa?

No, booking a return ticket is not a requirement when you apply for a tourist visa for Australia. It is stated in the Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream) subclass 600 checklist that it is not recommended to purchase an airline ticket.

That’s all! I hope this post helps you during the online processing of your Australian tourist visa application with your Philippine passport and also when you are already touring in Australia.

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