Baguio Recruitment Agencies Accredited by DMW for Jobs Abroad

Here is the list of POEA/DMW accredited recruitment agencies that have a Baguio branch office.

This post will help you, our Ibagiw skilled workers based in Baguio, and nearby residents of Benguet to be aware of the recruitment agencies within your area that hire workers bound abroad the right way.

Baguio is the only highly urbanized city and the center of Education, Tourism, and Trade in the Cordillera region. It is home to roughly 366000 creative, friendly, and admirably honest Ibagiw people. The city is known as the “City of Pines” and “Summer Capital of the Philippines.”

UNESCO designates Baguio as the Creative City for Crafts and Folk Arts. Baguio is the origin of the annual “Panagbenga” flower festival which is one of the popular events in the Philippines.

Like any other city in the Philippines, Baguio is also home to talented and hospitable people considering that it is an education hub in the region. Manpower agencies have recognized these traits which is why they decided to set up their office to be based in Baguio while some of the recruitment agencies based in the National Capital Region put up a branch there.

In this post, you will know the list of POEA/DMW licensed agencies that are either based or have a branch in Baguio. Just a reminder, after knowing the list, be a responsible applicant and do the necessary research and verification of the agencies as it is for your safety.

poea recruitment agencies for abroad baguio

DMW (POEA) Accredited Recruitment Agencies for Jobs Overseas in Baguio

Agency Name: AUREUS Manpower & Consultancy Corp.
Office Address: Unit 103, Energy Opt Building, Prime Street, Madrigal Business Park 2, Alabang Muntinlupa
Telephone Numbers: (Mobile) 0917-8052939
Email Address: /
License Validity: October 7, 2025 / Valid License

Baguio Branch
Office Address: Room 508 National Life Insurance Company Building 110 Session Road Baguio City (across Porta Vaga Mall)
Telephone Numbers: (074) 244-7270
Email Address:

Agency Name: Greenfields International Manpower Services, Inc.
Office Address: GF, ARC Building, 1916 Legon Guinto Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 028-3536898 / 028-2562311 / Mobile: 09285009949
Email Address: /
License Validity: April 15, 2027 / Valid License

Baguio Branch
Office Address: Rm 305, 3rd Floor, Rillera Building, 213 Magsaysay Ave. Baguio
Telephone Numbers: (074) 443 8419 (074) 443 8419
Email Address:

Agency Name: Androme Recruitment and Management Services, Inc.
Office Address: 2F, 107 Man Nam Building, Cresencia Vill Bokawkan Road Benguet
Telephone Numbers: (074) 6199055
License Validity: November 11, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: God’s Will International Placement, Inc.
Office Address: Rm302 & 302A L & S Building 1414 Roxas Boulevard Manila
Telephone Numbers: 4501026 / 4501624 / Mobile Phone: 09218053388 / 09173160988
Email Address: /
License Validity: May 11, 2027 / Valid License

Baguio Branch
Office Address: Room 3A Sharma Residences Lower Malvar Trancoville Baguio City (near Don Bosco Church)
Telephone Numbers:
Email Address:

Agency Name: OLM International Job Placement Corp
Office Address: G/F Vermont Tower J. Nakpil Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5251139
Email Address: /
License Validity: August 25, 2026 / Valid License

Benguet Baguio Branch
Office Address: 2nd Floor Totanes Building, KM 3 La Trinidad Benguet
Telephone Numbers:
Email Address:

Agency Name: TOPMAKE International Manpower Services Inc. (Formerly Topmake International Manpower Services)
Office Address: Units 1 & 2, 2/F, FD-197 Pines Park, KM 4, Balili Benguet
Telephone Numbers: (074) 442-2141
Email Address:
License Validity: February 12, 2027 / Valid License

How to Check if the Recruitment Agency is DMW Accredited?

To check if the recruitment agency is DMW Accredited, visit then check the status of the agency by license validity, check the status of the agency by approved job orders, call the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) Hotline, email DMW at, and inquire to DMW branch offices. The easiest way to check if the recruitment agency is DMW accredited is to check their names and license status on the DMW website. Based on the DMW website, if the recruitment agency has a valid license, and has approved job orders then they are DMW accredited.

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