Bataan Recruitment Agencies for Jobs Abroad

Here is the list of POEA (DMW) accredited recruitment agencies with branch offices in Bataan province Philippines.

This post will help you, our Bataeño skilled workers based in Bataan to know the recruitment agencies with proper documentation within your province that have jobs for abroad.

Bataan is a province in the Central Luzon region and is located west of Metro Manila. Its capital is Balanga City. According to the 2020 census of the Philippine Statistics Authority, Bataan has a total population of 853373 people.

Bataan is strategically located between numerous free port zones and economic zones of nearby provinces. It is also considered the country’s industrial heartland which can be attributed to the manufacturing zones, freeport zones, and heavy industries operating in the province.

The economy of Bataan thrives on Power Generation, Heavy Industries, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Fisheries, Services, Commerce, Banking and Finance, Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing, and Tourism.

The province of Bataan is accessible by air via Clark International Airport, by sea via seaports (Orion, Mariveles, Limay), and by land via different expressways, superhighways, and national roads. The modes of transportation in Bataan are jeepneys, cars, tricycles, and buses.

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To give you a head start, below is the list of DMW/POEA recruitment agencies that are based or have a branch office in Bataan.

Here are POEA (DMW) Accredited Recruitment Agencies for Jobs Abroad in Bataan Province

Agency Name: Landbase Human Resources Company
Office Address: Unit GM 106 (G/F & Mezzanine Floor) and Units 303-304 (3/F), Taft Office Center 1986 Taft Avenue Pasay City
Telephone Numbers: 89945481 / 79095239 / Mobile phone: 09178782005
Email Address: /
License Validity: January 24, 2024 / Valid License

Bataan Province Branch
Office Address: 41 De Ocampo Street Limay Bataan
Telephone Numbers:
Email Address:

How to Know if the Recruitment Agency in Bataan is POEA (DMW) Accredited?

To know if the recruitment agency in Bataan is DMW (POEA) accredited, go to the Department of Migrant Workers’ website at and check the agencies’ updated DMW-issued license, new office address, telephone numbers, email address, and jobs with job orders for abroad as they may change occasionally.

Practice due diligence, visit the Bataan branch office of the recruitment agency, and transact only with them.

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