BDO to GCash Fund Transfer in 5 Easy Steps

BDO is an acronym for Banco De Oro, a banking company based in the Philippines. GCash is an e-wallet software app that users install on their smartphones. BDO to GCash fund transfer refers to the procedure for transferring money from the BDO bank account to the GCash e-wallet via online.

You can easily transfer money from your BDO account online to your GCash e-wallet and be able to make cashless transactions with your GCash any time of the day.

This also means that you can use your GCash as an alternative payment method over your BDO Debit Card to buy goods online, pay your utility bills, and remit your contributions to government institutions as long as it has enough funds.

BDO Bank to GCash money transfer fee is 25 Pesos ($0.45 USD). The transfer limit is 50000 Philippine Pesos ($890.73 USD) per day. The transfer time is between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

To transfer money from BDO to GCash, log in to your BDO online banking account, tap Send Money to Another Local Bank, and select GCash as the destination bank. Fill out the details, and enter the OTP that BDO sent to your mobile number. Afterward, receive the fund transfer to your GCash account. Below are the 5-step process.

5 Steps to Transfer Money from BDO to GCash

Step 1. Log in to your BDO Online Banking Account

On the BDO home page, select Personal in Online Banking then input your User ID and Password in the login Form, then tap Login.

bdo online banking

Step 2. Tap the Send Money Tab then select Another Local Bank

On the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page, tap “Send Money,” then in the sidebar menu select another local bank.

bdo send money to gcash

Step 3. Select GCash as the destination bank and Fill Out the Form

Since you want to transfer funds to your GCash account, select GCash as the destination bank. Afterward, fill out the “New Send Money Request” Form.
bdo to gcash template for new send money request

Fill in the sender’s details. The settlement type should be Credit to Another Local Bank. The transaction type should be Credit to Other Bank.

The destination bank is GCash [GXI]. The destination account number is the GCash registered mobile number.

Fill in the receiver details such as the receiver’s name, mobile number, and purpose of the transaction. Then tap the Submit button.

select gcash for destination bank

You also have an option to save the details to a new template. For you to easily identify the template. You can name it GCash. Your template description can be fund transfer from BDO to GCash.

Step 4. Input the OTP that your BDO sent to your mobile phone

You will receive the one-time pin (OTP) on your mobile phone in real time. Input the OTP code to your BDO account within 5 minutes. If the OTP expires, you have to request a new one.

Step 5. Receive the Fund Transfer to your GCash e-wallet

You will receive the fund transfer to your GCash e-wallet between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Gcash will send you an SMS that your fund transfer from BDO has been successful. Furthermore, BDO will also send you an email notification that your fund transfer to GCash is successful.

How to Transfer Money from GCash to BDO?

To transfer money from GCash to BDO, log in to your GCash App on your mobile phone, tap the transfer icon, choose BDO as the destination of fund transfer, enter the recipient’s BDO online account details in the online Form, and tap the Send Money button.

How much is the transaction fee to transfer money from GCash to BDO?

The transaction fee to transfer money from GCash to BDO is 15.00 Pesos per transaction.

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