Best Home Made DIY Speaker for iPhone

Check out this DIY iPhone speaker that basically costs nothing to make and can be used immediately because it is available in any kitchen.

How much does it cost to own an iPhone Bluetooth speaker nowadays? It probably costs around 50 dollars for an entry-level burger-type speaker. If you really want a high-quality sound speaker, then it would cost more than 200 dollars.

What if you could boost your iPhone speaker at no extra cost with just kitchen stuff? Moreover, the latter does not require a battery and is greatly dependent on the battery of your iPhone. It is also ultra-portable. Would you give it a try? You would probably say yes, right?

This DIY speaker for iPhone is effortless to make and costs nothing. All you need to do is get a drinking glass or mug and that’s it. Place your phone into it similar to the one in the picture.
DIY iphone speakers home madeThe speaker of the phone should be facing the bottom of the drinking glass. Afterward, play any song that you like. Observe how the glass functions as a speaker and amplifies the sound of the music you are playing.

This is probably one of the best zero-cost homemade speakers for an iPhone I ever saw. I only discovered it sometime last year when one of my friends shared it on their Facebook timeline.

I tried it myself and it really amplifies the sound that my iPhone generates. The sound quality may not be as great as the top-of-the-line speakers but again it is free.

You do not have to carry a portable speaker anywhere you go. As long as there are drinking glasses or mugs in your location. You can borrow and use them to boost the sound not only of your iPhone but also of any other smartphone. Give it a try to find out!

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