Beware: Padlock New Scheme at NAIA Terminal 3 (Video)

Aside from several bullet-planting scheme (tanim bala) incidents at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, new scheme was experienced by another OFW. It was dubbed as ‘Padlock Gang’ since the padlock of their luggage was replaced by different model. The front pocket zipper was also broken, and they have to forcefully removed the lock of the main compartment because they do not have the key for it. The incident happened at NAIA Terminal 3 on October 30,2015.

Netizen Mary Ebron has shared a video on Facebook regarding the recent experience of her relative (auntie) at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Her relative traveled back to the Philippines from Australia via Singapore Airlines, which landed at Terminal 3.

Unfortunately, her auntie was already at home, when they noticed that the lock of her luggage was replaced with a different model. This prompts them to remove the lock by force, to open it and check if something is missing on her belongings. Also, the luggage is no longer safe for use as the front pocket zipper was broken.
modus in NAIA terminal 3
Watch the Video below:

*video credits to Mary Ebron of Facebook

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