Estrel’s Birthday Cake (Photo) and How to Get to the Bakeshop

My son had his 5th birthday yesterday and we get an Estrel’s caramel cake for him. You might be wondering, how we get to know this popular cake brand.

It is by word of mouth, and we also got the chance to eat a slice when we attended a social gathering. It has a unique taste and we loved it.

We’re deciding between Estrel’s and other popular brands as a birthday cake for my son’s special day. When it comes to the price, at first, we thought that cakes made by Estrel’s are expensive but upon comparing it with other brands, it seems that other cake makers are priced higher.

So what we did is choose Estrel’s instead. We bought a 12” x 16” Birthday cake with filling for P1650 (price at the time of posting).

Estrel’s Cake Actual Photo Below

Birthday Cake Design

Birthday Cake Design

Estrel's Caramel Cake Box

Caramel  Cake Box

We receive a lot of good feedbacks from our guests after tasting the cake and even my son who doesn’t like eating cakes said: “tatay masarap yung cake” (Father the cake is delicious).

Though there is one disadvantage if you choose, Estrel’s and that is, they only have one branch which is located in Quezon City (at the time of posting). They also do not offer delivery. So if you’re residing outside of Metro Manila, better think twice about getting there.

Also, their cakes expire one day after the date of purchase because they are without preservatives. For me, I don’t consider it a disadvantage because for sure with its superior taste, it won’t last for a day hahaha.

How to Order Cakes from Estrel’s

This is how we ordered our Estrel’s caramel cake. There is one day minimum lead time for ordering cakes from them. When comes to payment you can go directly to their bakeshop at Scout Tobias corner Scout Limbaga the day before. estrels cake payment sample They are also accepting bank deposits via their BDO account. You can deposit 50% of the total cost of the cake and then pay the remaining balance at their store. You may call these numbers 8372-2965 / 8371-3978 for other payment options (if there are). For updated contact details visit their official website.

Estrels Bakeshop Operating Hours

  • Weekdays – 8:30am to 7:00pm
  • Sundays – 8:30pm to 5:00pm

Available Cake Shapes

Aside from the rectangular-shaped cakes which have dimensions ranging from 8″ x 12″ to as big as 20″ x 28″, the bakeshop also makes round-shaped cakes that are available in 8″, and 10-inch diameters. Fancy-shaped cakes are also available such as Fan, Big Heart, and Small Heart.

How to Get to Estrel’s Bakeshop by Public Transportation

Here’s how to get to Estrels in Quezon City from Espana if you want to try caramel cakes made by them.

From Espana ride a public utility jeep / FX with signboard “Fairview” then alight at G. Araneta Ave. corner Quezon Avenue. Landmark is the old Bio-research pet shop.

From there, you can ride a Jeep with the signboard “Project 2 and 3” and then alight at Scout Tobias corner Timog. The landmark for Estrels at Scout Tobias corner Timog Avenue would be McDonalds and BDO (Banco de Oro). The SCT Tobias road is easy to see because of the landmarks I have mentioned.

estrels bakeshop locationFrom Scout Tobias turn right then walk few blocks. You’ll see Estrel’s Bake Shop at the corner of Scout Tobias corner Scout Limbaga (photo at the time of posting).

Scout Tobias in Quezon CitySct. TobiasScout Limbaga corner scout tobias

The alternative means of transportation is Taxi or Grab. You can book a Grab through your grab application on your device.

If you have a car, I think you can try different apps on your mobile devices such as Waze and Google Maps to help you get to the bakeshop’s location. These applications, however, need an internet connection.

Estrel’s Bakeshop address

Their bakeshop is located at 54 Scout Tobias Street in Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The zipcode is 1103.

Based on my experience, if you will order a cake of the same size as in the photo which is 12 by 16 inches you really need to take a taxi or grab. The reason is it is heavy and the box is so big that it will be inconvenient on your part to take a public utility jeep.

Note: from Espana, there is a direct jeepney route going to “Project 2 and 3” but it won’t pass by Scout Tobias so don’t ride a jeep there.

*I hope this would help you go to Estrel’s Bakeshop

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