Boracay 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary for First Timers 2023

This Boracay 3 days 2 nights itinerary will give you an idea of the possible schedule, water activities, cost-saving tips, and tricks to make your travel experience a bit smoother.

Boracay is probably one of the most coveted travel destinations in the Philippines, particularly for beachgoers. It is a great choice if you have extra funds to spare to maximize your 3-day long weekend holiday.

What adds up to the overall Boracay experience is you get to travel via airplane even for just 45 minutes. Moreover, you also get to ride a ferry for 15 minutes to go to Boracay island. In my opinion, it’s a lot better than a 3 or 5 hour land trip to get to beaches in Luzon.

Boracay is famous for its white sand beaches, breathtaking Sunset, crystal clear water, and blue shoreline. Aside from that, the island also offers Water Sports that you can enjoy such as Parasailing, Snorkeling, Kayaking, and Scuba Diving. Or you can also do other things like Paddleboarding, banana boat, ATV riding, island hopping, and crystal Kayaking.

In general, there are plenty of things to do in Boracay. However, you have to consider your itinerary and budget to maximize your travel experience.

We went to bora not many months ago and it is our first time going there. In this post, I will share with you our 3 days 2 nights itinerary. This can give you an idea of what you can do in this beautiful place when you only have 3 days to spare to unwind and at the same time enjoy the beach.

Boracay Itinerary for 3 Days and 2 Nights

This is only in chronological order and based on what I have remembered. I did not put a specific time on each activity because this schedule is also somewhat carefree.

Day 1 Fly from Manila to Boracay

  • Fly to Caticlan Malay, Aklan via AirAsia in NAIA terminal 4
  • Travel by Ferry to Boracay Island
  • Leave our luggage in the hotel for storage
  • Go to D’ Mall to eat lunch at Andoks
  • Chill in McDonald’s while waiting for our check-in time
  • Go back to the hotel to check in at 3:00 pm
  • Walk along the beach to appreciate it more and to scout for the cheapest offer of water activities that we will do for our second day
  • Tried the Crystal kayak as it is readily available
  • Enjoy the sunset of course with a lot of pictorials
  • Have dinner at Jollibee

Day 2 Enjoy the Different Water Sports and Land Activities

  • Enjoy the breakfast buffet at the hotel
  • Go Scuba Diving
  • Go Parasailing
  • No lunch, we enjoyed the water activities so much that we forgot to eat lunch
  • Ride an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or Buggy car
  • Go to D’ Mall again to buy pasalubong and also to Starbucks to buy a mug
  • Afternoon heavy snack only (no dinner)
  • Walk along the beach at nighttime

Day 3 Last dip on the beach/swimming pool, and fly back to Manila

  • Breakfast buffet in the hotel
  • Take a dip on the beach plus avail the stand-up paddle board
  • Take a dip in the swimming pool in the hotel
  • Prepare for departure going back to Caticlan
  • Check out in the Hotel at 12:00nn
  • Fly back to Manila

In our experience, 3 days and 2 nights stay is enough to enjoy numerous tourist spots and water attractions in Boracay. But if you will avail island hoping, then better to make it 4 days and 3 nights. Island hopping takes 6 to 8 hours to complete.

Water Sports that We Enjoyed during our Trip to Boracay

On day 1 we tried Kayaking. The cost of renting a Crystal Kayak is around 400 pesos for 30 minutes of use. We are 4 people in the group. All of us were allowed to try it.
crystal boat boracayOn the second day, we tried scuba diving. The cost of Scuba Diving in Boracay is around 700 pesos per person. It comes with free underwater photos and videos.
scuba diving boracayWe are not afraid of heights, so we also tried Parasailing. The cost is 1600 pesos per person for 15 minutes of parasailing in Boracay.
parasailing boracay

We also tried riding the buggy/ATV car. The cost is 1000 pesos per person for roughly 5 to 6 laps. Basically, it’s 2000 pesos per 1 buggy car. Each person can alternate driving the ATV.
atv buggy car price boracay

On Day 3 we tried the stand-up paddle board. This cost around Php 300 for 30 minutes. Again all in the group were able to try it.
stand up paddle boardOverall we enjoyed all these Boracay attractions. I know they are expensive but I think it’s worth the price. Also, the guys that offered the attractions are very friendly.

Watch a glimpse of Boracay beach at night time in this video:

Budget per Person for 3 Days 2 Nights Travel in Boracay

The total expenses per person for 3 days trip to Boracay is 6925 pesos or $40 per day. This does not include the cost of airfare and the hotel room. Based on this, the ideal pocket money per person is 2655 pesos or $45 per day.

The budget per person greatly depends on the hotel that you will avail of and the airfare as these two vary on the season. If you will go to Boracay during peak season then expect an even higher cost on both. Aside from the latter, your budget also depends on the types of activities that you will do in Boracay.

For example, The cost of parasailing is 1600 pesos per person. Furthermore, if you will do scuba diving then that’s another 700 pesos per person.

The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is 1000 pesos per person. Just to give you an idea here are the itemized expenses that we incur per person.

AirAsia Airfare round trip from Manila to Caticlan is 12000 pesos per person

Hotel 3 days 2 nights in Station 1 is 11000 pesos per night with breakfast or 22000 pesos for 2 nights. If you are 3 in the group then the cost for two nights per person is around 7500 pesos. Choose an affordable hotel to further bring down your board and lodging costs.

Day 1 Budget per pax

  • Tricycle from Boracay Airport to Caticlan Jetty – Php 50
  • Terminal Fee – Php 100
  • Environmental Fee – Php 150
  • Ferry ride from Caticlan to Boracay Island – Php 50
  • E-Tricycle from Caticlan Jetty to Hotel in Station 1 – Php 50
  • Lunch at Andoks – Php 220
  • Dinner at Jollibee – Php 300
  • Crystal Boat ride – Php 50 per pax

Day 2 Budget per pax

  • Scuba diving – Php 700
  • Lunch – we did not have lunch
  • Parasailing – Php 1600
  • All-Terrain Vehicle – Php 1000
  • Pasalubong – Php 1500 (Starbucks mug plus 3 Boracay bags)
  • Snack at Hotel (no dinner) – Php 500

Day 3 Budget per pax

  • Paddleboarding – Php 75 per pax (4 persons in a group)
  • E-tricycle from hotel to Boracay jetty  – Php 50
  • Terminal fee – Php 100
  • Lunch at Caticlan – Php 300
  • Ferry boat from Boracay to Caticlan Jetty – Php 50
  • Tricycle from Jetty to Boracay Airport – Php 30

The total cost for 3 days and 2 nights in Boracay is around Php 6925 or just round it up to Php 7000 per person.

Boracay Travel Tips and Tricks for 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary

Which airline offers the cheapest flights to Boracay

AirAsia offers the cheapest flights going to Caticlan, Boracay from Manila. Choose AirAsia if you want to save some money.

Is there a pharmacy on Boracay Island?

Should you need to go to a pharmacy, you can go to Watsons at City Mall. Or go to The Generics Pharmacy and G & C Medicine Center in D’ Mall.

If you have a weak or sensitive stomach to tap drinking water it would be better to buy bottled water or drink soda every time you will eat in restaurants.

What to wear to Boracay beach?

Bring clothes that dry up quickly such as dry-fit and jersey. Wear clothes made of polyester or spandex when going to the beach.

In this way, you can use and reuse your beach clothes. This will save you some luggage space. Because of this strategy, each of us only brought a backpack with no checked-in baggage.

Are there affordable fast-food restaurants in Boracay?

The fast-food restaurants Andoks, Jollibee, and McDonald’s are within walking distance from D’ Mall.

Andoks is by far the most budget-friendly restaurant in Boracay. It is within the vicinity of D’ Mall also.

Where to buy souvenirs and pasalubong in Boracay?

There are a handful of souvenir and pasalubong shops within D’ Mall. Learn to haggle to save some cash, which you can allocate to other things.

What are the Souvenirs that you can Buy in Boracay during Your 3-day Trip

You can purchase Boracay printed bags, coffee mugs, and fridge magnets in souvenir shops at D’ Mall in Boracay. This will make your 3 days 2 nights trip on the island more memorable. boracay printed souvenir bagsTo give you an idea, here are the souvenirs that I bought in Boracay: Seashell printed bags that cost 400 pesos, Starbucks Mug for 500 pesos, and a Ref magnet that costs 100 pesos. These things will remind you of your awesome experience in Boracay Island. (Note: prices are estimated because I forgot about it already).

boracay souvenirs fridge magnet and starbucks mug

How fast is the internet speed in Boracay?

Boracay has a Wi-Fi internet speed of 4.86 Mbps for Download and 4.19 Mbps for Upload on my first speedtest. On my second try, Boracay registered a 4.74 Mbps Download speed and 4.93 Upload speed. I use Ookla to do the speedtest. boracay internet speed wifi connection-2Disclaimer: I made the speed test in one of the hotels at Station 1 at 10 PM. I use an iPhone XS to connect to WiFi. The connection is between Kalibo Cable and Asian Vision. Expect that the internet speed will vary in different parts of Boracay Island.

Do hotels in Boracay have luggage storage?

Most of the hotels in Boracay offer luggage storage to their guests prior to check-in and check-out. If you arrived early at the hotel before your check-in time. Enquire with the hotel reception if you can leave your luggage with them.

Should I avail complimentary breakfast in hotels?

If possible, get a hotel room that comes with a complimentary breakfast buffet. This will save you time and it is for your convenience. Boracay is a foreign land at least for first-timers. You do not need to leave the hotel just to search for restaurants that are open early in the morning.

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Is there a cut-off time for water activities in Boracay?

Some water attractions have cut-off times, so they will stop accepting guests for the day. For example, both scuba diving and parasailing have a cutoff time of 3 pm. Verify with the attractions provider their cut-off time.

Most of the Boracay water attractions are pricey. For example, the stand-up paddle board can cost you Php 600 for 1 hour of use. Learn to bargain especially if you just want to try it for a short while.

* There you have it guys! I hope this post helps you with your travel to Boracay.

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