How to Borrow 10 ALLNET (UTANG) load in Globe

If you run out of load on your globe prepaid phone, you can borrow 10 allnet texts directly from the telco for just 6 pesos. This utang load from globe has a 1-day validity. It will allow you to send 10 cumulative text messages to your friends and relatives regardless of the local telco network they are using.

Basically, with your borrowed 10 allnet text message, you can communicate to any telco networks such as Smart, Sun, TNT, TM, in the Philippines.

Globe launched this 10 allnet utang load promotion to enabled prepaid subscribers like you to borrow load whenever you need to. You can pay your borrowed amount the next time you reload your globe sim. Or if you have a regular load, you have the option to pay it immediately by dialing *143# on your mobile device.

Two Ways to Borrow 10 Allnet Load in Globe

There are two ways to borrow 10 allnet load. The first option is via text message, and the second is by dialing *143#.

Text TXTSOS then send to 3733

Open your text messaging app on your mobile device. Type then the correct keyword which is the TXTSOS then send it to 3733

In a few seconds, AUTOLOADMAX will send you a text notification about your successful load.

Borrow 10 allnet load via *143#

On your mobile device, dial *143#. On the menu choose “LOANS.” Afterward, in the choices, choose TXTSOS.

Remember that this Text SOS promo is valid for 1 day. Since this is a loan load, an amount equivalent to 6 pesos will be collected/deducted from your next reload to pay for it.

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