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Bosay Resort is located at Marigman Rd. Brgy. San Roque it is near Galang Compound, Antipolo City, Antipolo, Philippines. This three hectare resort is only an hour away from Manila and tricycle away from the famous Antipolo Church.

There are total of 8 pools for guess to choose from, 3 adult pools and 2 kiddie pools available for public use and there are 3 private pools for those guess who like to have private enjoyment.
Bosay Resort

bosay resort turtle pool big

Turtle Pool

bosay resort turtle pool

Kiddie Pool

disco pool

Disco Pool

olympic swimming pool

Olympic Size Pool

Bosay Resort Entrance Rates 2013:

(Rates is good only as of the date of writing for the updated list go to Bosai Resort official website).

Adult                                     P170/(Day Swimming 7am to 5pm)               P190/(Night Swimming 7pm to 5am)

Child (4ft and below)     P140/(Day Swimming 7am to 5pm)                P140/(Night Swimming 7pm to 5am)

Cottage Rates:

Round Table With Umbrella   /8 – 10 pax                   Php 600.00

Green Wooden Cottage          /12 -15 pax                  Php 800.00

Kalesa Type Cottage               /15 – 20 pax                 Php 1,000.00

Swing Type Cottage               /10 – 20 pax                 Php 1,000.00

Wooden Cottage                     /12 – 20 pax                 Php 1,000.00

Special Wooden Cottage        /20 – 25 pax                 Php 1,500.00

Family Cottage                       /30 – 40 pax                 Php 1,500.00

Family Wooden Cottage         /25 – 30 pax                 Php 1,500.00

Double Wooden Cottage        /30 – 35 pax                 Php 2,000.00

Trio Wooden Cottage             /25 – 35 pax                 Php 3,000.00

Tree House With Trilles          /25 – 30 pax                 Php 2,500.00

Tree House (up and down)     /50 – 60 pax                 Php 3,000.00

Veranda I (open type)             /30 – 40 pax                 Php 3,000.00
with 3 VIP Rooms downstairs                                   Php 2,000.00/ each room

Veranda II (air-conditioned)
-Conference Room upstairs    /20 – 30 pax                 Php 3,000.00
-VIP Room downstairs           /10 – 11 pax                 Php 3,500.00

Pavillion I (non-aircon)           /80-100 pax                 Php 8,000.00

Pavillion I (air-conditioned)    /80-100 pax                 Php 10,000.00

Paviilion II (open-type)           /130 – 150 pax             Php10,000.00- Php12,000.00

Executive Rooms                    /10 – 15 pax                 Php 3,500.00 – Php 4,000.00

VIP Room (air-conditioned)   /4-6 pax                       Php 2,000.00

Private Pool Rates:

bosay resort private pool picture
Private Pool I With Jacuzzi Php 12,000.00
Inclusive of one multi-purpose veranda and one private room, 10 pax free entrance (in excess of 10 pax, plus entrance fee)

Private Pool With Jacuzzi                                           Php 8,000.00
inclusive one private room, 10 pax free entrance (in excess of 10 pax, plus entrance free)

Private Pool with Jacuzzi III                          Php 12,000.00
Inclusive of two private rooms, 10 pax of free entrance (in excess of 10 pax, plus entrance fee)

Clubhouse/400 – 450 pax                                            Php 30,000.00 – Php 40,000.00

Contact Info:

For inquiries and/or reservation you may call 695-1806 Fax: 695-1807 or you may send email thru info@bosayresort(dot)com

Note: Reservations can be made thru phone, internet or walk-in guests. Guests are advised to reserve their venue/s at least 7 days prior to their check-in date to ensure its availability.

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How to get there:

From Manila the fastest way is to ride LRT 2 then alight at Santolan Station, ride jeep going to Antipolo Church alight there then Ride tricycle going to Bosay Resort.

*details and images are from Bosay Resort Website this blog is not related in anyway to Bosay Resort

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  • Anonymous

    Never put this resort in your list. The resort staff (attendants, guards and even the owner) are arrogant. They are not service oriented people. They’re only after the profit. They don’t care about customer satisfaction. No other amenities except for pools.

  • Jaderamirez

    I had been here last summer. This resort is awesome it has many swimming pools and cool stuffs. Their personnel are approachable and friendly too.



  • miles

    dear sir/madam,
    we are about 40 pax . and planning to spend our summer outingat your resort on april 21 pm to 22 am. how can we get reservations. and can we have special discounts because we are a large group ? can we cook and bring food there? any rules and regulations policy that we may know? thanks. looking forward to your urgent reply.

  • Andrea Martinez

    We hate everything on this resort! Not a good choice.

  • Alvin Montenegro


  • may tamano

    We’ve been here few days ago only and I noticed that there is a good parking space. good sink and cottages otherwise many are frustrated to their service since they are very particular with swimwear which means you cannot avail all their pools unless you buy swimsuit from their store.Shower rooms are small and not good. They will not inform or display the requirements before or when you enter their premises that frustrates many customer ending to arguments between the guards. Pools are small and not well constructed moreover wave pool is not moving fast compared to other resort…. I finally rate them from 1 -10 the grade of 4.

    • jeoval

      you can see the swimwear attire in the net or before paying co’z the rules and regulations of the resort are also located at the entrance of the resort care to read first before paying and about the pool bosay has a big pool rather than other resorts here in antipolo i already swimmed in different pools in antipolo like loreland, cristina villa sunrock marabella femar catleya suba your rate is ok grade anyway

  • jeoval

    let me ask you why? not to put this resort in my list? profit? that’s only normal bosay is a business they need profit! its not charity i think! unless you are in other resort business! you are affected with it!

  • Myan Caspe

    Just been here yesterday for night swimming
    Good thing: Pool is clean and many options I like it!
    Bad thing: When you said you don’t have cottage available you should mean that please do not take advantage to your customer like us who don’t have enough budget but wants to enjoy your place. Coz this what happenned to us they said that
    Umbrella cottage the P600 no longer available and we chose P800 then still no longer available so they gave us the P1000 cottage this is the worst part when we got inside there’s plenty of umbrella cottage available!!!! So we did not complain we are trying to be nice…but then they put us in a cottage surrounded by drinking and noisy people we said we have 4 children ages 7 mos.; 2; 3; 5. So they move us two cottage away but still in that drinking area where in fact there is soooooo many cottage available for non drinking and family area. So this time we complain and finally moved again…I hope this will never happened again to any of your customer.

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