BPI to GCash Fund Transfer in 2 Easy Ways

As a BPI bank account owner, you can transfer funds to your GCash account to enjoy cashless transactions with hundreds of tied-up establishments and billers in the Philippines.

This means that you can use your gcash to buy goods online, pay your utility bills, and remit your contributions to many government institutions. It can also work as an Alternative to your BPI debit card as long as it has enough funds.

You have two options when it comes to transferring your funds from your bpi account to gcash. The first option is via the bpi website. the second option is through your bpi mobile app. In this post, I will show you the steps for each option. Afterward, decide which of the two is more convenient for you to do.

For example, if you do not have a laptop computer then choose the steps for transferring funds using the bpi mobile app on your smartphone. On the other hand, if you are more comfortable using the bpi website then choose the latter.

BPI to GCash Funds Transfer in 5 Easy Steps via Website

Step 1. Login to your BPI Online Banking Account

Go to the official website of BPI online bank. At the upper right-hand side of the page is where you will see the login link. At the new page and on the given space, input your username and password.
Note: don’t share your details with anyone

Step 2. Go to Transfer Money Tab

At the left-hand side of the home page, you will see different navigation tabs. These are “My Accounts,” “Transfer Money,” “Payments/Load,” “Investments,” and other services.

To transfer funds from your BPI account to Gcash, you need to proceed to the “Transfer Money” tab located just below the My Accounts tab. Under the “Transfer Money” tab, you have the option to “Load Prepaid Card,” “US Dollar to Peso,” and “Transfer Money.” Select the latter to transfer funds to other banks or to GCash. bpi transfer money menuu

Step 3. Fill In the Details and Select GCash for the bank name

Under “Transfer Money” you need to select the savings account that you will use. You also have to input the amount you want to transfer.

Tick the circle that says “Transfer to another bank.”

In the drop-down menu, select the bank to transfer your funds to. In this case, select “GCash.”

Input the account number which is your gcash registered mobile number, account name, and notes (optional). Afterward hit the “Next.”

select gcash in BPI list of bank

Step 4. Review your details before you transfer your funds

To avoid any concerns or issues in the future, double-check the information that you input on the transfer money form. Especially the Gcash account number and the account name. You can also read the terms and conditions and tick the “I Agree” box.

Afterward, hit the “Confirm” button.

Step 5. Enter the Mobile Key or OTP that BPI sent to your Registered Mobile Number

BPI will prompt you to enter the 6 digits “Mobile Key.” This is a form of verification so BPI will know that you are the real account owner. If the latter is not applicable to you. Then BPI will send an OTP to your mobile device. It’s a six-digit number that you need to key in at the BPI website.

Note: don’t share your OTP or Mobile key with anyone

Step 6. Receive the Funds to your GCash account

Check your Gcash if the transfer amount has arrived in your account. In most cases, it will arrive at your e-wallet in real-time.

BPI to GCash Funds Transfer in 5 Easy Steps via BPI Mobile App

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are two ways to transfer funds to Gcash. This is the second one. Those who prefer to use the BPI mobile app can follow these steps to transfer funds even while on the go.

Based on my experience, there is a slight difference in the steps. But still, it is easy to follow.

Step 1. Open your BPI Mobile App and Login to your Account

Supply your username and password in the space provided. Afterward, hit the login button.

The BPI mobile app is available to both iPhone and Android devices. You can get it at the BPI’s official website or in the respective apps store.

bpi mobile app login page

Tip: Do not share your login details with anyone

Step 2. Proceed to Menu Button and Choose Transfer

Check out the three parallel lines that you can see on the upper left-hand side of your mobile screen to see the Menu.

A pop-up window will show up which is the Navigation menu. You can see there the different transactions that you can do using the mobile app.

Such as “My Accounts,” “Payments/Load,” “Transfers,” “Account Maintenance,” and other services. To proceed, you have to tap “Transfers.” Select “Transfer Money” in the drop-down menu.

transfers drop down menu in bpi

Step 3. Fill in the Details and Select Gcash in the list of banks

BPI bank can transfer to hundreds of Philippine-based banks. The name of banks in the list is arranged in alphabetical order. What you need to do is scroll down until you see “GCash.” then select it.

fill in the gcash account details

Step 4. Verify your Transfer Details

This is the last step before you transfer funds using your BPI mobile app to your Gcash account. You need to check the different details such as the “Savings Account” that you will get the funds from and the transfer amount.

It is important to verify that the amount is correct because every transaction that you do going to Gcash will incur you a Php 25 fee.

Aside from that you also need to double-check the Gcash account number and the account name. Imagine sending the wrong amount to the wrong Gcash number that’s an extra Php 25 gone.
verify account details

Step 5. Input the Mobile Key or OTP that BPI will send to your device

This is one final verification before you can transfer the funds from your bank to your e-wallet. BPI will send a 6-digit number via text / SMS. You have to input it into your BPI mobile app when prompted to.

Normally, the text message containing the OTP arrives immediately. But wait for a few seconds as it may not always be the case.
Afterward, check your Gcash account to check if the funds have arrived.

How to Transfer Funds from GCash to BPI Bank?

To transfer funds from GCash to BPI Bank, log in to your GCash App on your mobile phone, tap the transfer icon, choose BPI Bank, enter the recipient’s BPI account details in the online Form, and tap the Send Money button.

How to Enroll Biller in BPI?

You can enroll a Biller in BPI via the Mobile App and the online website. To do so, login to your account then proceed to the Other Services tab. Afterward, select the Biller then input the reference number. Confirm the biller details then enroll it to your BPI account.

How Much is the BPI to GCash Transfer Fee?

The BPI to GCash transfer fee is 25 Pesos per transaction. If you will use the “Instapay” service.

How Much is the Transfer Limit

You can transfer up to Php 50,000 in real-time per transaction. It is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

How to Transfer Money from BDO Bank to GCash?

To transfer money from BDO to GCash, go to the official website of BDO Bank, log in to your online banking account, tap send money to another bank, and select GCash as the destination bank. Input the details in the online Form, and enter the OTP that BDO sent to your mobile number.

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