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I read from inquirer.net that President P-Noy had a mystery date during the reunion concert of the band Hotdog though the Pretty woman’s true identity including some photos was revealed days after.

She was Bunny Calica a 27 y/o who is inclined to early childhood education and is working with Korean students. She is said to be the daughter of a former Boeing Executive. Bunny Calica picturesThe photo above is the 15th President of the Philippines, and the lady on the right is Bunny Calica. Another closeup photo below.

bunny calica close upAccording to P-Noy’s younger sister Kris Aquino, Bunny Calica’s dress is simple, she wore jeans and long-sleeved during their date.

The closeup photo is a property of inquirer.net. The other one is from Bunny Calica Facebook public figure.

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