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I remember when I was still working as process engineer in a multinational car manufacturing company every time specialists or an engineer is going to leave the company for new career path the usual protocol before leaving is to mandatory create series of process standards documents. This is to make sure there will be no knowledge gap between the incoming engineers and those who are going to leave the company. The main reason for this is to fasten the process of solving different manufacturing process related problems since instead of spending time analyzing problems and come up with the best solutions, engineers will only have to refer to the process standards documents.

During my time (2 years ago) and perhaps until now everything is done manually. Every time there is an encountered problem, engineers have to visit the standards documents room to check if there is already given solution aforementioned problem. If in case there is no solutions develop yet engineers have to create process standards for that particular problem once solved. Another thing is every time there is newly hired cadet engineer, it will be easy for the latter to be familiarized when comes to the process of solving problems.

Knowledge Base Pro can help businesses run efficiently

If your company whether engage in the manufacturing products, offering services, and or engage in retailing goods, process standards documents are very much necessary. It will help every staff involve to learn faster, improve customer after-sales support, and in the long run will save time and money for the company. For growing businesses, instead of doing the process manually, do you know that it is possible to store the information online so it is easy to access when there need for it? Try to check Knowledge base Software from

Key Advantages of Knowledge Base Software:

1. Customer care improvement – with knowledge base software it will be easier to find the proper solution to every problem that customers will hand over to your company. This can be done in matter of seconds and by just searching about it on hosted knowledge base online.

2. Decreasing costs for customer support – This can also be associated with time. With the help of knowledge base software customer support representative can render proper solution faster to customer concerned.

3. Improvement on the decision-making process – with the help of knowledge base software customer support can provide the best decision at lesser amount of time.

4. Departments and employees can work efficiently – In a way that whenever there is problem encountered they will only look in one centralize database to solve the problem.

5. Retention of intellectual property – in the event that an employee will leave the information will still remain with the company.

6. Reduce new employee training time – with the information stored in knowledge base software, new employees can access so they can study on their own.

Useful Features of Knowledge Base Software Pro:

1. Customizable User-friendly interface – Knowledge base manager pro is highly customizable where existing employees does not need huge amount of time for training just to get acclimatized with the software.

2. Multilingual Applications – What’s good about Knowledge base software pro is it supports different languages so multinational business can get their hands on the software with lesser adjustment.

3. Works faster and appealing in the eye – Knowledge base pro is web 2.0 and Ajax technologies ready.

4. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integration and Authorization – Knowledge based software pro can be integrated with old LDAP so employees can still login to the system using their existing access protocol.

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