Canada Jobs for Filipinos, No Placement Fee Country, and Recruitment Agency Lists

Canada has hundreds of job openings for Filipinos with no placement fee in 2023. Here are the latest job openings from DMW/POEA accredited manpower agencies for Canada.

From the Philippines, experienced OFWs can apply for a job bound for Canada through several DMW/POEA accredited recruitment agencies. All they need to know is to determine which of the agencies have approved job orders from employers in the said country.

One of the top destinations for overseas Filipino skilled workers who want to permanently immigrate to another country is Canada. I can clearly understand why. The fact, that Canada is a beautiful country literally and figuratively can be attributed to its captivating landscape and awesome people. It also offers hope for a better future for skilled workers and their respective families.

Canada is one of the top choices for expats for many years in terms of several ranking factors such as quality of life, personal safety, financial security, and ease of raising a family. At least according to annual surveys for expats conducted by several companies.

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Canada Job Openings for Filipinos in 2023 (based on POEA/DMW website)

Agency Name: 1st Dynamic Personnel Resources Inc.
Office Address: 3F, JLC Building, No. 8 N. Ramirez Street Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: (02) 416 18 48
Email Address:
License Validity: April 8, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Supervisor Food Service – 8
Driver Truck Long Haul – 11
Driver Truck – 1
Worker Body – 1
Denter Auto – 8
Painter Auto – 4
Mechanic Helper – 1
Cook – 7
Detailer Car – 1
Supervisor Housekeeping – 1
Manager Program – 1
Welder – 9
Mechanic Heavy Truck – 2
Programmer CNC – 1
Maker Cabinet – 1
Supervisor Restaurant – 1
Attendant Food Counter – 1
Help-Galvanizer – 6
General Production Worker – 2
Upholsterer – 1
Operator Plastic Machine – 1
Mechanic Earth Moving Equipment – 4
Heavy Equipment Mechanic – 1
Mechanic Heavy Duty Equipment – 10
Technician Automotive – 4
Carpenter – 3
Mechanic Marine – 2
Welder / Assembler – 4
Machinist Conventional – 1
Operator Saw – 1
Mechanic Truck Trailer – 4
Technician Quality Control – 2
Mechanic Industrial – 2
Attendant Food Counter – 1
Processor Food – 2
Worker Daily – 5
Machinist – 6
Foreman/Forewoman Binders-Printing – 3
Draftsman – 1

Agency Name: Andrews Manpower Consulting Inc
Office Address: Unit 1911, 19th floor, AIC Burgundy Empire Tower Cond, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City
Telephone Numbers: 8997-8900/ 8556-3156 / 09076546308
Email Address:
License Validity: October 19, 2025 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Aide Health Care – 40
Licensed Practical Nurse – 40
Nurse Registered – 70

Agency Name: Angelex Allied Agency
Office Address: RM 115 and 115A, Aurora Plaza Building II 537 P Faura Ermita MLA Manila
Telephone Numbers: 4004645 / Mobile: 09176681071 / 09167312423
Email Address:
License Validity: February 18, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Cook Line – 1

Agency Name: Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialist Inc (Formerly Chartreuse Promotion
Office Address: G/F and 2/F-A, CPDC Bldg, 138 Gen Luna Street, Brg Taguig
Telephone Numbers: 86435400 / Mobile: 09950863767
Email Address:
License Validity: December 6, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Driver Trailer Truck – 2
Machinist – 1
Millwright – 1
Operator Cutter – 1
Technician Drafting – 1
Welder – 8
Welder/Assembler – 5

Agency Name: EDI Staffbuilders International Inc
Office Address: Units 701, 703, & 704 Corporate Center 139 Valero St. Makati
Telephone Numbers: 8126703 – 04/ 8921814
Email Address:
License Validity: June 20, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Mechanic Truck – 4
Mechanic Truck Trailer – 4
Engineer – 1
Clerk Parts – 1
Driller – 2
Electromechanic – 3
Handler Material – 1
Heating and Conditioning Mechanic – 2
Heavy Equipment Mechanic – 6
Mechanical Press Assembler Operator – 2
Induction Furnace – 2
Labor Sawmill – 1
Labourer Food Processing – 1
Laminator Fiberglass – 36
Machine Operator for Stone Products – 3
Machinist – 3
Machinist CNC – 6
Machinist Conventional – 3
Mechanic Car – 3
Mechanic Diesel Engine – 5
Mechanic Fire Truck – 1
Mechanic Heavy Equipment – 2
Mechanic Industrial – 8
Operator Asphalt Plant – 4
Operator Laser – 7
Operator Press Brake – 2
Operator Regulator of Robot Welder – 2
Operator Sawmill – 9
Packer – 2
Operator Wood Working Machine – 2
Painter Industrial – 1
Repairer Body – 1
Welder – 7
Welder Assembler – 4
Welder / Assembler – 2
Worker Metal Machine Operation – 2
Worker Sanitary – 1

Agency Name: FIL-HR Manpower Development & Services Specialist Corp.
Office Address: Room 701 – A, GLC Bldg, T.M. Kalaw Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5119994 / 2425977 / 8315745
Email Address:
License Validity: November 10, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Barber – 9
Supervisor Food Service – 3
Manager Swing – 1
Hairstylist – 9
Caregiver – 2
Worker Production Line – 4
Mechanic Truck – 2
Cleaner – 2

Agency Name: Finest Asia Resources Inc (For Filipino Arab Resources Inc)
Office Address: 7F Vernida IV Blg 128 L P Leviste St Salcedo Vill Makati
Telephone Numbers: (02) 8180031 – 35 / Mobile: 09162912045 / 09178819565
Email Address:
License Validity: March 7, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Cleaner Light Duty – 1
Supervisor Farm – 1

Agency Name: Golden Horizon Placement Agency, Inc.
Office Address: Unit C- 3, 3/F, Ricsons Place, Lot 1 & 3, Block 9 Atherton cor. Adrian Sts. North Fairview Park Subd. North Fairview Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 7030341 TO 42
Email Address:
License Validity: July 29, 2026 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Shellfish Processor – 4
Supervisor Retail Store – 3
Butcher – 4
Supervisor Food Service – 1
Caregiver – 1
Laborer Construction – 1
Mechanic Refrigeration – 1
Worker Farm General – 3
Laborer Production – 3
Trimmer Meat – 2

Agency Name: I U P P Incorporated (Inter-Universe Placement Phils)
Office Address: RMS 3B & 3J Gemini Blg M. J. Cuenco Avenue Cebu
Telephone Numbers: (032) 2326813/ Mobile: 0915-2764439
Email Address:
License Validity: October 25, 2023 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Helper Kitchen – 1
Carpenter – 2

Agency Name: Industrial Personnel & Management Services Inc (IPAMS)
Office Address: IPAMS Bldg 723 Aurora Blvd New MLA Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 234-5640 / 234-5641 / Mobile: 0917828778
Email Address: /
License Validity: April 11, 2024 / Valid License
Vacancies and Job order balance (Quantity):
Baker – 1
Supervisor Food Service – 1
Forklift – 2
Helper Trade – 1
Installer Kitchen – 6
Kitchen Cabinet Installer – 6
Maker Cabinet – 10
Millwright – 2
Operator Wood Working Machine – 5
Machine Operator Food Processing – 5
Operator Food Machine – 10
Sanitation Worker – 8
Supervisor Fast Food – 45
Mechanic Heavy Duty – 5
Cleaner Specialized – 136

Note: this post is for updating

This is my Reference as of 2023 based on the official website of DMW/POEA (tignan po ninyo ang reference ko)
canada jobs for filipinos 2023

What are the in-Demand Jobs in Canada for Filipinos

As of 2023, these are the jobs in demand in Canada for Filipinos. The data is based on the accredited manpower agencies which have numerous POEA/DMW approved job orders bound for Canada.

  • Supervisor Fast Food
  • Aide Health Care
  • Mechanic Heavy-Duty Equipment
  • Truck Driver Long Haul Jobs
  • Licensed Practical Nurse / Nurse Registered
  • Operator Food Machine
  • Welder / Assembler
  • Mechanic / Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  • Attendant Food Service related jobs
  • Barber / Hairstylist
  • Butcher
  • Cleaner Specialized

How to Find the POEA/DMW Manpower Agencies Hiring for Canada

Step 1: Visit to POEA/DMW website then go to “Approved Job Orders” in the Navigation bar

The official website of the Department of Migrant Workers (former POEA) is Once you are at the homepage, proceed to “Approved Job Orders” which you can find on the blue navigation bar.

go to poea then approved job orders for canada

Step 2: Select Job Site in the Dropdown Menu then input Canada in the space

Doing step 1 will redirect you to the “Approved Job Orders of Licensed Recruitment Agencies” page.  Select the “Job Site” in the dropdown menu then input the name of the country in the given space and then “Search.”

select job site then type canada then search

Step 3: View the Employment Agencies with Job Orders for Canada

Browse the list of recruitment agencies with job orders bound for Canada. Check which among them have job openings related to your work experience and qualification.

View the Employment Agencies with Job Orders for Canada

How to Verify the License Status of a Manpower Agency for Canada

Step 1: Go to DMW/POEA website then go to “Licensed Recruitment Agencies”

The official website of DMW/POEA is Type the latter on the search bar of your internet browser. At the homepage, proceed to “Licensed Recruitment Agencies” which you can find in the blue navigation bar.

go to poea then licensed recruitment agencies for canada

Step 2: Input the name of the Manpower Agency for Canada in the space provided

Type the name of the agency in the given space to view its DMW/POEA license status as well as its office address, contact details, and website (if available). The website will automatically show you the agencies with the name that you input. type the name of the agency for canada in the given space

Step 3: View the details of the agency with job openings for Canada

Take note of the agency details particularly its license status and license expiration date. Moreover, jot down its office address, and contact details. Here is the format:

Agency: Name of Manpower Agency for Canada
Address: Office Address
Classification: (of the agency)
Status Date:
Representative: Name of Agency’s Representative
Contact No.: Telephone numbers
Email Address: agency’s valid email address
Data as of:

poea dmw license status of manpower agency for canada v2

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Canada is a No Placement Fee Country

In a POEA News release dated December 14, 2014, Philippine Overseas Employment Agency Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac told that licensed recruitment agencies are not allowed to charge recruitment or placement fees to OFWs bound to countries that prohibit the collection of such fees.

Canada is one of those countries that prohibits the collection of placement fees. Agencies found charging placement fees to Filipino workers bound to ‘no placement fee countries’ will experience license cancellation.
Cacdac advised OFWs to report to their official Facebook page those agencies that collect placement fees to ‘no placement fee countries.’

Why Filipinos should get a Job in Canada

Canada has 4 seasons: Spring which happens during the months of March to June, Summer between the months of June to September, Autumn which took place during the months of September to December, and Winter in the months of December to March. If you are a Filipino who wants to experience 4 seasons then you should get a job in Canada.

Moreover, according to’s report in 2021, Canada is ranked 9th overall as the best place for expats. The country ranked 5th in terms of “Quality of Life,” 9th in the “Quality of Environment,” 13th in terms of “Safety & Security,” and 4th in “Digital Life.”

job openings in canada for filipinos

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Canada is one of the safest countries in the world according to Canada is ranked 12th among the 163 counties featured in the report in terms of the Global Peace Index data for 2022.

FAQs about Working in Canada for Filipinos

How Many Filipinos are there in Canada

As of 2021, there is a total of 18021 Filipinos who recently acquired Permanent Residency (PR) status in Canada. The Philippines ranked third in terms of the number of PR admitted in 2021 after India (ranked 1st) and China (ranked 2nd). There are thousands of OFWs that have new work permits under the country’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Based on the 2016 National Household census (ethnicity data) conducted as of May 2016, there are 837,130 people in Canada with a Filipino ethnic origin. These numbers have increased by 26.3 percent from 662,000 back in 2011.

The Filipino population is heavily concentrated in 4 major Canadian cities. These are Toronto in Ontario, Calgary in Alberta, Vancouver in British Columbia, and Winnipeg in Manitoba.

Filipino women outnumber Filipino men by roughly 27 percent in terms of population in all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Filipino women have a population of 468,015 thousand while Filipino men have 369,105 thousand. The list of OFWs that hoped to work and migrate there continues to increase every year.

What is the Unemployment Rate in 10 Canadian Provinces

The national unemployment rate of Canada based on is 5.6 percent with respect to the total labor force as of February 2020. This just means that for every 100 people, 15 years old and above capable of working in Canada, roughly 5.6 of it is unemployed.

These numbers, however, are the average in Canada as a whole. The unemployment rate differs per province. Here are the list of provinces and their respective unemployment rate (in percent):

  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 12.0 percent
  • Prince Edward Island – 8.0 percent
  • Nova Scotia – 7.8 percent
  • New Brunswick – 6.9 percent
  • Quebec – 4.5 percent
  • Ontario – 5.5 percent
  • Manitoba – 5.0 percent
  • Saskatchewan – 6.2 percent
  • Alberta – 7.2 percent
  • British Columbia – 5.0

The data does not show the unemployment rate in Canada’s 3 territories particularly Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories.

What does this data mean for Filipino job seekers? If they will be given a chance to select which Canadian province to immigrate to, they can consider those provinces with a low unemployment rate. But then, this depends on the skillset they will bring, as for sure, these provinces have different needs when comes to human resources.

What are Canada’s Biggest Industries by Employment

According to Investopedia, Canada’s major industries in terms of employment are Tourism, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, and Energy. The Oil and Gas industry is mostly located in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northern Territories, and Nova Scotia provinces. Wind Farms and Coal deposits are found in Alberta, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and other western provinces. Filipinos with a background in Engineering, Technical, and Oil and Gas can find jobs in these provinces.

Ontario and Quebec are Manufacturing hubs for cars and different types of vehicles. There are also more than 2000 food processing companies that are operating in Ontario. Filipinos who have work experience related to any kind of food processing may be in demand in these provinces.

Canada has a very lively Tourism industry. There are northern lights and polar ice fields in their northern territories. There are 20 UNESCO world heritage sites, captivating mountains, lakes, and unique culture. There is Niagara Falls and a number of museums. These things I have mentioned are all over the country. Those Filipinos who have a background in tourism, culinary, hotel, and restaurant management can also find jobs there.

Based on several news sites, Canada wants 1 Million immigrants for the next 3 years which is from 2019 to 2021. So, it is possible for Filipinos with the right skill set to find jobs and immigrate to Canada.

How far is Canada from the Philippines?

Ottawa, Ontario Canada is 13124 KMs away from Manila, Philippines. According to Air Canada’s website, from Manila, it would take between 22 hours 05 minutes to 41 hours 55 minutes to get to Ottawa by plane. The one-way airfare for economy seats ranges from 163752.25 pesos to 340790.44 pesos or 4055 CAD to 8439 CAD per person depending on the number of layovers.

How much is the minimum salary per hour in Canada in Philippine Peso

As of January 1, 2023, the hourly rate in Canada is between 13 CAD to 16 CAD, or 524.36 pesos to 645.37 pesos according to the Retail Council of Canada. This applies if the exchange rate is 1 Canadian Dollar equals 40.34 Philippine pesos.

Here is the specific salary per hour in each province of Canada:

  • Alberta Province (capital is Edmonton) – $15
  • British Columbia Province (capital is Victoria) – $15.65
  • Manitoba Province (capital is Winnipeg) – $13.50
  • New Brunswick Province (capital is Fredericton) – $13.75
  • Newfoundland & Labrador (capital is St. John’s) – $13.70
  • Northwest Territories (capital is Yellowknife) – $15.20
  • Nova Scotia (capital is Halifax) – $13.60
  • Nunavut (capital is Iqaluit) – $16.00
  • Ontario (capital is Toronto) – $15.50
  • Prince Edward Island (capital is Charlottetown) – $14.50
  • Quebec (capital is Quebec City) – $14.25
  • Saskatchewan (capital is Regina) – $13.00
  • Yukon Territories (capital is Whitehorse) – $15.70

What day of the month do you receive your salary in Canada?

Employees receive their salary in Canada every 2 weeks which usually takes place every other Wednesday.

What is the time difference between Canada and the Philippines?

Manila Philippines has a time difference from Canada between 11 hours and 30 minutes to 16 hours. This varies on the time zone that a Canadian province follows.

Manila, Philippines is 11 hours and 30 minutes ahead of St. John’s Newfound Land, 13 hours ahead of Ottawa, 14 hours ahead of Saskatchewan, 15 hours ahead of Alberta, and 16 hours ahead of Vancouver.

For Your Own Safety

The featured agencies have approved job orders from Canada-based employers at least according to POEA/DMW website. For the qualifications and requirements, you can inquire directly with the respective manpower agency. The complete details of the agencies are in the post. Scan the list and see if a job vacancy fits your work experience and qualification. If there is, inquire directly with them.

For your own safety, do not make any transactions with individual personnel whom you think pretends to be an agent of these recruitment agencies. Do not make transactions outside of the office of manpower agencies.

In April of 2017, POEA (now DMW) on their official Facebook page shared guidelines on how to detect if the job offer is REAL or NOT. Please read it carefully below: (BASAHIN NG MABUTI)


Read also: Mushroom Picker, NO JOB ORDERS yet according to POEA

The best and safest way is to always go directly to the office of the manpower agency that has job openings in Canada for Filipinos and verify if they are really offering the vacancy. Mag apply po kayo ng direkta sa manpower agencies. Might as well bring your complete documents so when they affirmed that they have the vacancy, you can submit your documents immediately.

Watch the video:

Note: is NOT a manpower agency and is NOT in any way related to the listed agencies. For your own safety do not place in the comments section your email address, complete name, and phone numbers.

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