23+ POEA (DMW) Accredited Agencies for Canada, Apply to these Agencies

Canada POEA (DMW) accredited recruitment agencies mean that these manpower agencies have obtained a Permit to Operate from the Department of Migrant Workers of the Philippines for the recruitment and placement of Filipino workers for overseas employment.

The services that these recruitment agencies for Canada offer include screening, orienting, hiring, and assisting Filipino job seekers to find employment opportunities abroad.
The agencies featured in this post, have a long history of hiring workers from the Philippines for Canadian Employers. You should monitor these agencies for work opportunities bound for Canada.
canada poea dmw accredited recruitment agencies

Here are the 23+ POEA Accredited Recruitment Agencies for Canada

Agency Name: 1st Dynamic Personnel Resources Inc.
Office Address: 3F, JLC Building, Number 8 N. Remirez Street Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: (02) 416-1848
Email Address: 1stdynamicpersonnel@gmail.com
Website: https://www.1stdynamicpersonnel.com/, https://www.facebook.com/1stDynamicRecruitment/, https://www.instagram.com/1stdynamic/
License Validity: April 8, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: AMI Global Recruitment
Office Address: Unit 4404, 44/F, Summit One Tower, 530 Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong
Telephone Numbers: (02) 5310 3673 / Mobile: 09565160565
Email Address: amiglobalrecruitment@gmail.com / amioffice9@gmail.com
License Validity: October 7, 2023 / Valid License

Agency Name: Andrews Manpower Consulting Inc
Office Address: Unit 1911, 19th Floor, AIC Burgundy Empire Tower Cond, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City
Telephone Numbers: 02.8351.4538
Email Address: operations@andrewsconsult.com
Website: https://www.andrewsconsult.com/, https://www.facebook.com/AndrewsManpowerConsultingInc/, https://sg.linkedin.com/company/andrews-manpower-consulting-inc-
License Validity: October 19, 2025 / Valid License

Agency Name: Anifel Management and General Services Corporation
Office Address: Unit 303, 3/F, Estrella Condominium, 858 San Andress Street, corner Taft Avenue Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5249491 / 5246301
Email Address: anifelmanila@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/anifelmanila/
License Validity: May 25, 2024 / Valid License

Agency Name: Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Specialists Inc (Formerly Chartreuse Promotion
Office Address: G/F and 2/F-A, CPDC Building, 138 Gen Luna Street, BRG Taguig
Telephone Numbers: 86435400 / Mobile: 09950863767
Email Address: chartreuse@cprsi.com
Website: https://cprsi.com/, https://www.facebook.com/chartreuseph/, https://www.linkedin.com/company/chartreuse-prime-recruitment-specialists-inc
License Validity: December 6, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: Cierto Agencia Profesionale Inc
Office Address: 1st Floor (RMS 1 to 4) and Penthhouse (3/F) CPDC Building, No. 0138 General Luna Street, Barangay Ususan Taguig
Telephone Numbers: 83988797
Email Address: agenciaprofesionale@gmail.com
Website: https://www.ciertoagencia.com/
License Validity: May 30, 2025 / Valid License

Agency Name: EDI Staffbuilders International Inc
Office Address: Units 701, 703, & 704 Corporate Center 139 Valero Street Makati
Telephone Numbers: +6388126703 / +6388126704
Email Address: welfare@edistaffbuilders.com
Website: https://edistaffbuilders.com/, https://www.facebook.com/EDIStaff/, https://www.linkedin.com/company/edistaffbuilders
License Validity: June 20, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: EMR Construction & Manpower Services Inc (GM Cortez)
Office Address: GF No. 3032 Bagong Anyo Street Duguit Pampanga
Telephone Numbers: (O45) 3321582
Email Address: elnora_emr@yahoo.com
License Validity: November 17, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: FIL-HR Manpower Development & Services Specialist Corp.
Office Address: Room 701-A, GLC Building, T.M. Kawal Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5119994 / 2425977 / 8315745
Email Address: filhrmanpower.makati@gmail.com
Website: https://filhrmanpower.com/,
License Validity: November 10, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: STAFFHOUSE International Resources Corporation (Formerly Staffhouse Resourc
Office Address: No. 43 Westpoint Street, Cubao Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 9133333 / 4371818
Email Address: info@staffhouse.com
Website: https://www.staffhouse.com/, https://www.facebook.com/staffhouseintl/, https://www.linkedin.com/company/staffhouse-international-resources
License Validity: July 12, 2029 / Valid License

Agency Name: OMANFIL International Manpower Development Corporation
Office Address: Rodeo Building 802 (KM18) West Service Road South Super Highway Paranaque
Telephone Numbers: 8211650-55 / 8222141-45
Email Address: manpower@omanfil.com
Website: https://www.omanfil.com/, https://www.facebook.com/omanfil/
License Validity: September 25, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: Industrial Personnel & Management Services Inc (IPAMS)
Office Address: IPAMS Building 723 Aurora Boulevard New Manila Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 234-5640 / 234-5641 / Mobile: +632.82345635
Email Address: corporate@ipams.com / info@ipams.com
Website: https://www.ipams.com/, https://www.facebook.com/ipamsph/, https://sg.linkedin.com/company/ipams
License Validity: April 11, 2024 / Valid License

Agency Name: MERCAN Canada Employment Phils Inc
Office Address: U502 & 506 Galleria Corporate Tower EDSA corner Ortigas Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 9108010 – 14
Website: https://www.mercanph.com/, https://www.facebook.com/mercanph/, https://www.mercan.com/, https://www.mercanrecruit.com/
License Validity: July 20, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: Golden Horizon Placement Agency, Inc.
Office Address: Unit C- 3, 3/F, Ricsons Place, Lot 1 & 3, Block 9 Atherton cor. Adrian Sts. North Fairview Park Subd. North Fairview Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 7030341 TO 42
Email Address: recruit.goldenhorizon@gmail.com
Website: https://goldenhorizonph.com/,
License Validity: July 29, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: International Staffing Organization Inc
Office Address: 5F PDCP Bank CTR Building, V.A. Rufino Street Makati
Telephone Numbers: 8121129
Email Address: info@teamiso.com
Website: https://teamiso.com/, https://www.facebook.com/teamiso/
License Validity: December 6, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: Joblane International Manpower Services, Inc.
Office Address: 6/F, BDO Building, 707 T.M. Kalaw Corner Churruca Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 7086038
Email Address: joblane2003@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.joblane-international.net/, https://www.facebook.com/joblaneinternationalmanpower/
License Validity: September 9, 2023 / Valid License

Agency Name: Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. (For:MLI)
Office Address: G/F, Suite 1A and 2/F, G.E. Antonio Building, J. Bocobo corner T.M. Kalaw Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 8628-9600/ 5672222 EXT 9781
Email Address: mgsi_recruitment@magsaysay.com.ph
Website: https://www.magsaysayglobal.com/, https://www.facebook.com/magsaysayglobalservices/
License Validity: March 17, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: PHILSTAR International Services Corp (Formerly J Star Intl Promotion Inc)
Office Address: RM 2-A, 2/F, Prosperity West Center Building, 92-A West Avenue Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: (02) 3751905/ 8812324/ Mobile: 09161875815
Email Address: philstarintl@yahoo.com
Website: https://philstarinternational.com/,
License Validity: August 22, 2024 / Valid License

Agency Name: Reliable Recruitment Corporation
Office Address: GF-4F, 1166 Grey Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5222188/ 5251935/ 5216119/ Mobile: 09228812413
Email Address: reliable1980@yahoo.com
Website: www.reliablerecruitment.com/, https://www.facebook.com/p/Reliable-Recruitment-Corporation-100063883037710/,
License Validity: June 16, 2026 / Valid License

Agency Name: MEC International Manpower Resources Inc
Office Address: Unit 2 and 3 (GF & 2F) GP Complex J Teodoro Street corner 4th Avenue Caloocan City
Telephone Numbers: 362- 4975/ 2871983/ Mobile Phone: 09085337607
Email Address: info@mecmanpower.com
Website: https://www.mecmanpower.com/, https://www.facebook.com/mecmanpower/
License Validity: January 6, 2024 / Valid License

Agency Name: LEAD Resources Management Corp. (Formerly VEAM ENT. CO.)
Office Address: 2655 A. Bautista Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: 5212558/ 5253798/ 3101833 TO 34/ Mobile: 09087296526
Email Address: recruit@lead.com.ph
Website: https://www.lead.com.ph/, https://www.facebook.com/leadjobs/
License Validity: April 13, 2024 / Valid License

Agency Name: Jobsglobal.com Employment Services Inc (Formerly Hyacinth Promotions Inc)
Office Address: Unit E-1, 5F, Dominion Building, 833 A. Arnaiz Avenue Makati
Telephone Numbers: (+63)2 310 1864 / Mobile Phone: 09771540207
Email Address: jb@jobsglobal.com
Website: https://jobsglobal.com/, https://www.facebook.com/jobsglobalphilippines/
License Validity: November 16, 2023 / Valid License

Agency Name: Iconic Manpower Resources Solutions Corp.
Office Address: Unit 6 G/F, Pacific Corporate Center, 131 West Avenue Brgy. Bungad Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: 7992411 / Mobile Phone: 09425754568
Email Address: iconic.abroad@gmail.com
Website: https://iconicphils.com/, https://www.facebook.com/iconic0905/
License Validity: May 8, 2024 / Valid License

What are the Job Openings in Canada for Filipinos?

The Job Openings in Canada for Filipinos include Nurse, Health Care Aide, Automotive Mechanic, Plastic Product Assembler, Automotive Technician, Carpenter, Laminator Fiberglass, Food Attendant, Server Food and Beverage, Caregiver, Driver, Butcher, Welder, Food Processor, and Cook.

This is based on the approved job openings (Job Orders) for Canada listed on the Department of Migrant Workers website at https://dmw.gov.ph.

How to Determine the List of POEA Recruitment Agencies for the United States?

To Determine the List of POEA Recruitment Agencies for the United States, go to the DMW’s website at www.dmw.gov.ph, tap the Approved Job Orders link, then enter the term “United States” in the Search box.

How to Determine the List of POEA (DMW) Recruitment Agencies for Greenland?

To Determine the List of POEA (DMW) Recruitment Agencies for Greenland, go to the DMW’s website at www.dmw.gov.ph, tap the Approved Job Orders link, then enter the term “Greenland” in the Search box.

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