How to Find the Carpentry NC II Training Schools in the Philippines

Studying Carpentry NC II in tesda will allow you to learn the different competencies needed in the worksite. The training will equip you with skills to become a team player to fellow carpenters on the site. Furthermore, you will learn to practice occupational safety and health policy protocols required in the worksite.

As a carpenter, most of the time you will be working in a construction site environment. With the carpentry NC II training, you will be able to prepare tools and construction materials. Moreover, you will be skillful to understand the instruction manual and interpret material specifications.

Carpenters use a lot of tools such as a crowbar, hammer, different types of saws, chisel, tri-square. The training will help you to determine which tools are suitable for the type of work that you need to do.

We all know that any tools and equipment that we use are subject to wear and tear. During your training, you will also gain the skills on how to do periodical preventive maintenance for the latter.

The Carpentry NC II training is roughly 301 hours. During this duration, you will gain the technical know-how on fabrication and installation of the wooden door jamb, window frames, ceiling, roofing, wall frames, and wooden stairs.

After the training, if you want to become an entrepreneur, you can do so. Your training will help you to become independent. You can offer carpentry service to your neighbors and acquaintances. And because you offer a quality service, by word of mouth, you will get more clients.

How to Find the Carpentry NC II Training Schools Near You

Step 1: Go to the tesda website

Visit the official website of tesda which is Go to the bottom right-hand side of the home page until you see the “Verification.” Afterward, check the “Registered Courses.”
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Step 2: Search for Schools that Offer Carpentry NC Training

On the new page, under the TVI Registered Program, input the course that you want to take. In this case, type “Carpentry” in the course. Do not input anything under “School” so tesda will show you all the available schools near you instead of just one.

Under “Location” input your province or city. In the given example, I input “Rizal” as the location. Afterward, hit the “Search.”

Step 3: Get the details of the schools

In this part, tesda will show you all the schools that offer “Carpentry NC II” in your area. You can see the school name, address, programs offered, and telephone numbers. What you have to do is check which school is near you.

Afterward, inquire to the schools about the schedule, duration, requirements, and training fees.

Carpentry NC II Training Hours

The duration of the training is around 301 hours which will cover classroom learning and practical application. You will spend 37 hours in basic competencies, 24 hours in common competencies, and 240 hours in core competencies.

  • Basic Competencies – 37 hours
  • Common Competencies – 24 hours
  • Core Competencies – 240 hours

Note: Inquire with the school about the training hours

Admission Requirements

Aspiring students who would want to study carpentry NC II requires that you have or can do the following:

  • Able to perform basic computations and measurement
  • Can communicate both verbally and in writing
  • Completed Junior High School level OR Alternative Learning System (ALS) certificate of completion equivalent to Grade 10 OR Civil Works NC I certificate

Note: Inquire with the school about other requirements

How much is the Assessment Fee for Carpentry NC II

After you finished the course, you can take the assessment exam for Carpentry NC II. If you pass, you will receive a national certificate from tesda. The full cost of the assessment is PHP 1142.oo. The assessment fee for COC 1 is PHP 853, COC 2 is Php 735, and COC 3 is Php 660.

Note: Inquire to the assessment center about the updated fees

Why do you need to study carpentry?

Carpentry is a skill that is both labor-intensive and at the same time requires precision. To be a good carpenter, you need to have years of experience and technical know-how.

Carpenters are in demand in the Philippines as well as abroad. Countries like Qatar, Japan, Guam, Saudi Arabia, and Australia have openings for it.

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