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The Epson Scan 2 App of your Epson All-in-One Printer enables you to scan multiple PDF files and combine them into one whole PDF document. In this post, you will know the step-by-step guide on how to do it. One of the features of an Epson All-in-One Printer (Print, Scan, Photocopy) is you can scan […] Read more


Here are the guides to keep your local prepaid Sim Card active while you stay in Foreign Country. One of the common concerns of Foreign Workers is how they can keep their Sim Cards to continue receiving signals when they travel or work overseas for a long time. In this post, I will share with […] Read more


Ningas kugon is a Tagalog phrase whose possible English translation is “ignite like a cogon grass.” The word “Ningas” means “ignite” or “set into the fire” in English, while the word “kugon” is the Tagalog word that refers to Cogon grass. The phrase “Ningas kugon” is a widely used slogan/sawikain in the Philippines that describes […] Read more


There is a way for you to check how many hours you are spending looking at your mobile device. You can monitor your screen time on both ios devices and android phones on a daily or weekly basis. Aside from the typical functionalities of a smartphone such as making calls, sending SMS, and writing emails, […] Read more


Your Tp-Link Wifi Router has a feature that enables you to know how many electronic devices are connected to your WiFi Network. This will help you to determine which of the connected devices are within your house and also know those that aren’t. In this post, I will show you the 3 simple steps to […] Read more

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In this post, I will share with you the steps and needed material to properly deflate a foil balloon so you can still use it on the next occasion. This will help you save hundreds of pesos or a few dollars. Because you do not need to buy new sets of foil balloons for your […] Read more

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