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In this post, I will share with you the steps and material that you need to properly deflate a foil balloon so you can still use it on the next occasion. This will help you save hundreds of pesos or a few dollars. Because you do not need to buy new sets of foil balloons […] Read more


The Epson Ecotank printer has a refillable ink tanks feature. These Epson printer models have huge refillable ink tanks that will enable you to print hundreds or even thousands of pages without replacing the ink cartridge when it runs out of ink. Instead, you only need to refill the ink that you often use for […] Read more


One of the features of BDO online banking is you will be able to buy your prepaid cellphone load online via your online BDO account. The whole process is very easy as it will only take 5 steps and you can do it in less than 5 minutes. You can buy Smart, Globe, Touch Mobile, […] Read more


Salawikain is a Tagalog word whose English translation is Proverbs. It is a Tagalog Saying filled with Lessons and Wisdom about Life or “Buhay”, Friends or “Kaibigan”, and Family or “Pamilya”. There are Salawikain that have a direct English translation and is easy to interpret, while some have a deeper Tagalog meaning. The Filipino versions […] Read more


The latest models of Condura aircon units whether the split type or window type comes with a handy wireless remote control. This device enables you to control the aircon unit from afar and free from cables and wires. You can use the remote control to maximize your aircon’s feature. You can turn on or off […] Read more


Hospital Playlist is the kind of Korean drama tv series that you can watch to help lighten up your mood during a tiring work or school week. The said KDrama is packed with heavy drama, funny jokes, music, love, friendship, and sweet scenes from the characters. Along with it are intense moments as the doctors […] Read more

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