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You can verify your PRC board rating online in 3 quick steps and this post will teach you how. Plus, I will also share with you 2 other options to verify your license as a registered professional based on the PRC online database. Verification can be done to know your rating / grades for the […] Read more


Here are 7 simple steps for your PRC online registration for Oath Taking as New Board exam passers thru LERIS, the requirements list, and fees thru for 2019. The application process would only take less than 20 minutes to complete, and you do not have to leave your home. I am pretty sure that you […] Read more


There is an easy way on how to correct typo errors in your birth certificate whether it’s a wrong spelling on the first name, middle name, surname, birth date, and wrong gender. You can do this without going to court. Does your birth certificate contain typographical errors like wrong spelling? News5 Everywhere has shared very […] Read more


After I gave an iPhone to my wife as a gift this holiday season, one question she asked me is how can she activate the iPhone home button on the touch screen. That question got me scratching my head because I could not give her an exact answer. I remember the last time I was […] Read more


I saw this video being shared in facebook, it was tried in the Philippines somewhere in San Pedro Laguna. I also saw a video of this version which was implemented in houses and manufacturing plants in Brazil. Video conducted in the test site in the Philippines: Base from the video they were able to save […] Read more


Here is how to increase or boost your broadband signal using the materials found in your kitchen at home. This may be the old school way but I guess it is worth a try. This was contributed by a credible source and a Filipino photographer as well, based in Singapore. If you’re looking for ways […] Read more