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Philippines Government Services Guides

These are about the available government services in the Philippines. You will read here the complete step-by-step guides on how you can avail of the different services available for Filipino citizens living in the country and even abroad.

This will provide complete guides to avail services offered by Phillippine Health Insurance Corporation, Pag-Ibig Fund, and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.

The list of board exam passers based on their respective profession is also shown here.

PRC Room Assignment is the classroom number, floor number, school name, and school address where the examinees will take the board examination. PRC releases the room assignment from a few days to 1 week before the examination date to inform each examinee about the specific venue of their examination. To check PRC Room Assignment for […] Read more


There are 56+ college courses that have board exams in the Philippines. These courses lead to professions that are regulated and supervised by the 45 Regulatory Boards under the Professional Regulation Commission. The graduates of these courses have to take the board examination administered by the PRC and/or fulfill the requirements specified by the commission […] Read more


The Benefits that SSS provides to its members are unemployment benefits, maternity benefits, disability benefits, sickness benefits, retirement benefits, fatal benefits, and funeral benefits. SSS Benefits refer to the sum of money or cash assistance that the Social Security System of the Philippines provides to its members when they cannot earn a living due to […] Read more


SSS Contribution Table refers to the table chart which shows the Contributions that SSS Members have to pay monthly to avail of the SSS benefits. The SSS Contribution Table (Chart) for 2023 illustrates the 1 percent increase in the Social Security System’s contribution rate. From the current 13 percent, it has increased to 14 percent […] Read more


The easiest way to know if the recruitment agency is DMW accredited is to simply check their names on the Department of Migrant Workers’ website. In this post, I will teach you a total of 5 ways you can verify if the agency is legit and DMW accredited. Three of these require an internet connection, […] Read more


An Authorization Letter for SSS is a written letter granting a representative person the authority to transact with SSS on behalf of the Member. The Authorization Letter includes the SSS Member’s name, signature, SS number, name of representative, and purpose. SSS members can send an authorized representative to transact with SSS on their behalf provided […] Read more

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