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Philippines Gov Services Guides

SSS now accepts walk in for its members in all their branches in NCR and selected offices in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao through a number coding system. Members and employers can visit their preferred branch based on the 10th digit of their SS number. The Social Security System implements a number coding scheme to allow […] Read more


The Philippines has numerous SSS branches abroad to provide assistance and compulsory coverage to overseas Filipino worker members globally. Currently, there are 10 offices in the Middle East, 3 branches in Europe, 3 offices in North America, and 7 branches in ASEAN Countries or a total of 23 SSS overseas offices. These offices are located […] Read more


SSS recently implements another account recovery feature called the “Security Questions.” This is to help each member retrieve the login details for their online account in case they forget them. This is also another option for the members to update their login details if they have no access to the email address that they use […] Read more


You can follow these 7 easy steps to register your existing Philhealth identification number in the member portal online. It will only take you 10 minutes or less to complete the whole process. Registering your ID number in the Philhealth member portal is essential for all members whether you are employed, voluntary, or self-paying members. […] Read more


Studying Carpentry NC II in tesda will allow you to learn the different competencies needed in the worksite. The training will equip you with skills to become a team player to fellow carpenters on the site. Furthermore, you will learn to practice occupational safety and health policy protocols required in the worksite. As a carpenter, […] Read more


If your sss account is locked, you can choose from these 4 simple ways to unlock your sss account and be able to access it again. One of the reasons our sss account got locked is that we can not remember our login details. If this is the case, what we will do usually is […] Read more