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SSS branch in Pasay is very accessible. This past week, I was able to visit the branch, it is basically just in front of the building where the NSO Pasay branch resides and is just walking distance from the Philippine National Bank (PNB) building. Going to the branch would allow a member to request for […] Read more


Here is a simple guide on how to register your SSS online through my.sss. There are lots of advantages if a member would be able to register their account online. Members can access exclusively their membership status, contribution details and can even request for copies of their records if necessary. Members can also do online […] Read more


Here is the latest SSS Contribution Table for 2012. I got a copy when I visited SSS branch in Pasay to pay for my monthly SSS contribution and process my SSS ID. For sure I am not the only one who wants to know about it so I write this article. After paying my monthly […] Read more


Members can now have the chance to check and view their SSS contributions online via text message or SMS. I just notice the print ad displayed in the LRT train today. TEXT SSS program is yet another innovation from SSS where you can determine the status of your SSS contribution, loan eligibility and also by […] Read more


Social Security System (SSS) is one of the major government branches in the Philippines. It is the one that handles the Social insurance program and concerns of privately employed individuals in the country. If you are a member of SSS, the benefits that you are entitled to are Sickness, disability, maternity, retirement, death, and funeral. […] Read more