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The E4 Form or “Member Data Change Request” Form is a document that you have to submit should you wish to change or update your membership information with the Social Security System. You have to fill out an E4 Form and submit it together with the Original or Certified True Copy of your supporting documents […] Read more

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The SSS e1 form is necessary if you plan to apply for an SSS number because it is part of your pre-employment requirement. On the other hand, you need the same E-1 form if you will apply for an sss number under voluntary membership such as a self-employed, unemployed spouse, or as an Overseas Filipino […] Read more


Your beneficiaries or dependents as seen on your sss records are the rightful persons who will receive your sss benefits. SSS will give it to them in the form of a monthly pension or lumpsum payment when you passed away. This depends on their hierarchy or order of dependents based on the Social Security Act […] Read more


The SSS online appointment system will allow you to set an appointment schedule with any sss branch so you can process your benefits claims. The online facility also allows you to select the time, date, and location of the sss servicing branch. It will help you avoid long queues because you will only appear at […] Read more


The SSS L501 form is a specimen signature card form. You can see in the l501 form the complete company name, office address, ID number, and contact details of your past employer. These pieces of information are printed in full. The form also shows the names, signatures, initials, and official designation of the three officers […] Read more


Text SSS facility is another service that SSS offer to reach out to their members. To avail of this service, you only need to text a list of SMS codes using your mobile device and send them to 2600. SSS will then send you an SMS reply containing the information that you want to find […] Read more