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Technology Trends in PH

Technology Trends in PH are posts about the different trends on the internet and in social media. You can read here about the latest and upcoming smartphone releases in the Philippines including the specs and features of the smart devices.

This will also cover topics about current promotions of the telecommunication companies in the Philippines for the avid subscribers of unlimited calls, all network SMS, and mobile internet connection. 

Here is the list of telco prefix numbers in case you want to know what network has called or sent you a text message in the Philippines.  Use it to verify the mobile numbers of the respective telco network providers based locally. The sim card prefix number is the first four-digit number which you can […] Read more


You may want to activate the roaming option on your Smart, TNT, or SUN powered smartphones if you are traveling out of the country. This post will show you the different possible ways to do it whether you are in the Philippines or already abroad. Activating the roaming feature of respective telecoms powered smartphones is […] Read more


Here is the massive Sun Promo in 2020 for the loyal prepaid subscribers who love to enjoy Data internet, watch videos online, Mobile gaming, unlimited calls, and text. SUN Cellular continues to offer irresistibly wide range yet affordable promo for their growing postpaid and prepaid users. Decades ago, they pioneered the unlimited calls and text […] Read more

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Here is the massive list of TM promo codes, price list, and the registration steps for 2020. TM promos are available to those who want to experience unlimited calls or unlimited texts and even internet data connection with their TM enabled mobile phones. TM is a cellular company in the Philippines offering affordable calls, text, […] Read more


Talk n text has released its massive list of TNT promo for their subscribers in 2020. These include Surfsaya, mobile games, Giga Surf, unlimited text, and unlimited calls. These promos will help millions of loyal TNT subscribers to get more value for their hard-earned money at the same time enjoy longer connectivity with their loved […] Read more


Are you looking for popular online food delivery apps available in the Philippines? Check these 4 mobile applications that deliver food at your doorstep. Using their respective apps, select the food you want to order online, then they will deliver it to you the soonest possible time. Aside from various hotline numbers of fast foods […] Read more