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PC Games

PC games are posts about the latest updates on computer games available on desktops, or laptop running on Windows or Mac operating systems.

The fastest way to finish any Starcraft 2 single-player game is to apply these SC2 Starcraft 2 single-player cheat codes. To use these codes during a game, all you need to do is press the “Enter” button. A console command bar would show up and then just type or key in the Starcraft 2 SC2 […] Read more

What are your favorite Dota 2 Heroes  quotes and impressions during the game? I was watching some videos on Beyond The Summit youtube channel just recently. One of Dota 2 caster and host, Zyori interviewed some attendees during the recently concluded The International 4 (TI4) if they have favorite dota 2 hero quotes. Some fans […] Read more

Logo Quiz Philippines is a popular puzzle game app available for download for free in two mobile OS – Android and IOS operating systems. Let’s just hope that there will be a version for windows phone in the future or Huawei operating system too. Companies use symbols and characters to help their customers remember them […] Read more

Are you a newbie Dota 2 player? Check out the Top 5 Dota 2 Heroes List for beginners like you (and of course me). Prior to the launching of Dota 2, many are already familiar with its heroes list. Almost all existed in its first version which is Warcraft III Dota 1. Some of the […] Read more

Dota 2 perhaps is one of the best and most successful online multi-player battle games ever created yet. It is a multi-player strategy game where two groups of five members / heroes try to perform different ganking strategies to win every 1v1 clash and during team fights. Furthermore, teams are using each hero’s unique abilities […] Read more

Here is the simple guide on how you can play dota using garena so you would not have to play over and over against insane AI available on latest dota maps. When playing dota on garena you need fast and reliable internet connection available in your country like PLDT DSL if you are connecting coming […] Read more

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