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This archive is all about the available Technical and Vocational Education and Trainings (TVET) in the Philippines from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

TESDA is a government agency in the Philippines. One of its purposes is to provide quality technical and vocational education for Filipinos. Equipping them with positive work ethics and world-class competence.

You will find here everything that you need to know such as the list of TESDA offered courses in schools, online courses, training duration, and databases of accredited training centers in the Philippines.

TESDA is under the parent agency Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Benefits refer to the helpful or good effect for students from taking online courses (e-learning) in TESDA. There are 5 Benefits that you can expect when you take online classes in TESDA. In this part, I will share with you some of the benefits to help you decide to take a course in the online […] Read more

The TESDA Training for aspiring Entrepreneur includes Barbering, Cookery, Bread and Pastry Production, Hilot (Wellness Massage), Electrical Installation and Maintenance, Carpentry, Tailoring and Dressmaking, Foreign Language Training, and Barista. Entrepreneur refers to a person who ventures into a business to sell merchandise or provide services to its customers. Below are brief information on the respective […] Read more

TESDA Local Guiding Course refers to vocational training for someone to become a Local/Tour Guide. TESDA Local Guiding Course, also known as Local Guiding Services NC, teaches learners: how to research information relevant to tour itineraries and destinations, coordinate clients’ tour arrangements, and guide and accompany clients according to their tour itinerary. Local Guiding Course […] Read more

TESDA Photography Course refers to visual arts training for someone to become a Professional Photographer. TESDA Photography Course, also known as Photography NC, teaches learners: how to operate a camera and compose subjects; how to set up studio lights, equipment, and accessories; how to perform post-capture processing; and how to present finished products. The Photography […] Read more

TESDA Customer Service Course refers to vocational training for someone to become a Customer Service Clerk. TESDA Customer Service Course, also known as Customer Services NC teaches learners to sell products and services, perform stock control, balance cash register, customer interaction, operate retail equipment, and prepare products for display. Customer Service Course covers topics about […] Read more

TESDA Masonry Course refers to technical training for someone to become a Mason for stone, bricks, and cement. TESDA Masonry Course, also known as Masonry NC teaches learners how to prepare masonry materials, masonry tools, and equipment; how to perform basic masonry works; how to lay concrete hollow blocks for structure; how to plaster wall […] Read more

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