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TESDA Food and Beverage Course refers to training for someone to become an F&B Services worker. TESDA Food and Beverage Course, also known as Food and Beverage Services NC covers lessons about welcoming guests, receiving guests, taking food and beverage orders, providing food and beverage services to guests, promoting F&B products, providing room service, and […] Read more

TESDA Electrical Course refers to technical training for someone to become an Electrician. TESDA Electrical Course, also known as Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC covers topics about Roughing-in activities, wiring works and cabling works for power, lighting, auxiliary systems, and single-phase distribution; Installation of electrical protective devices for power, lighting, grounding system, auxiliary, and lightning […] Read more

TESDA Livestock Farming Course refers to Agriculture and Fishery training for someone to become a Livestock farmer. TESDA Livestock Farming Course, also known as Animal Production NC covers topics about Brooding and growing chicks, maintaining poultry houses, trimming beaks, raising dairy animals, raising meat-type animals, maintaining farm housing and forages, breeding of ruminants, breeders handling, […] Read more

TESDA CNC Machinist Course refers to Metals and Engineering training for someone to become a CNC Machine Operator. TESDA CNC Machinist Course, also known as CNC Machine Operation NC covers topics about writing basic CNC machine programs, writing advanced CNC machine programs, setting up CNC machine workpieces and cutting tools, performing basic CNC machine operations, […] Read more

TESDA Machining Course refers to Metals and engineering training for someone to become a Machinist. TESDA Machining Course, also known as Machining NC, covers lessons about performing bench work, milling workpieces, grinding workpieces, shaping workpieces, and repairing workpieces. The Machining Course teaches students about workplace communication with colleagues, teamwork, workplace problem solving, workplace innovation, decision […] Read more

TESDA-accredited School refers to trade schools, technical schools, and vocational schools authorized and designated by TESDA to offer its registered training programs. A School is accredited if it has obtained a Permit from TESDA by complying with its policies and regulations. To Verify if a School is TESDA-accredited, visit TESDA’s website at www.tesda.gov.ph, tap the […] Read more

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