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TESDA Accredited Training Centers refers to schools, learning facilities, and educational institutions recognized and authorized by TESDA to give (conduct) vocational education to its trainees. The Training Centers are TESDA accredited if they are included in the TESDA’s roster of schools that offer vocational courses. Training centers should obtain a Certificate of Program Registration before […] Read more

Barbering Course, also known as Barbering NC II, in TESDA refers to Cosmetology training for a person who wants to become a Barber. The Barbering Course (Barbering NC II) covers topics about performing basic men’s haircutting, performing basic hair coloring, shaving and styling mustache and beard, performing chair manipulative relaxing services, and performing hair and […] Read more

Tile Setting Course, also known as Tile Setting NC II, in TESDA refers to construction education for a person who wants to become a Tile Setter. Tile Setting Course (Tile Setting NC) teaches students to lay tiles on plain and curved surfaces such as walls, floors, roofs, and other applications and repair tiles on plain […] Read more

A TESDA Application form is the Form that candidates (new applicants) must fill out when applying for Assessment and Certification on the training they completed in TESDA. A duly filled out TESDA Application form is also a requirement when candidates have to renew/revalidate their National Certificate (NC) issued by the said training institution. To fill […] Read more

Baking Course, also known as Bread and Pastry Production NC II, in TESDA refers to Culinary Arts Education for a person who wants to become a Baker. Baking Course (Bread and Pastry Production NC II) covers topics about preparing bakery products, producing pastry products, preparing cakes (tortes and gateaux), presenting desserts, and preparing and displaying […] Read more

TESDA Assessment Center refers to a facility authorized by TESDA to administer exams to graduates of TESDA training programs. Examples of TESDA Assessment Centers include TESDA Accredited Schools, TESDA District Offices, TESDA Provincial training centers, and TESDA Regional offices. To find the nearest TESDA Assessment Center, visit TESDA’s official website at www.tesda.gov.ph, tap the “For […] Read more

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