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Essential Travel Guides

Travel Guides are collections of posts about visa application processes for Filipinos with their Philippine passport, sample itinerary, airfare ticket promo, cost-saving tips while traveling overseas, hotel reviews based on our experience when we checked-in, and how to get to different tourist spots while abroad.

This category also features popular resorts, theme parks, museums, and popular tourist destinations in the Philippines.

You can also find here guides on how to get to different places in the Philippines either by commute or by private vehicle.

To go to Divisoria in Manila ride a jeepney, board the LRT Train, and take a tricycle. The fastest way to get to Divisoria is to board the LRT 1 train and then ride a jeepney. Afterward, alight at Divisoria. Divisoria is a Spanish word that means “divide.” Divisoria is a Commercial Center located within […] Read more

South Korea or Korea as a whole has a very rich history and culture as it has 14 world heritage sites. There are several landmarks that are well preserved even though it is at the center of a vibrant city such as Seoul. Judging from its numerous historical Korean Drama TV series, it seems that […] Read more

You can go to Ugbo Street in Tondo by boarding the LRT Train, riding a bus, and hopping into the jeepney. The fastest way to get to Ugbo Street in Tondo is to board the LRT 1 train and then ride a Jeepney. Afterward, alight at F Varona Street corner Ugbo Street. Ugbo is the […] Read more

You can get to Enchanted Kingdom by boarding the MRT or LRT, hopping on a jeepney, riding a bus, and taking a tricycle. The fastest and simplest way to go to Enchanted Kingdom is to ride a bus bound for Balibago Sta. Rosa Laguna, and then alight at Waltermart Santa Rosa. From there, ride a […] Read more

A Visa Application Form for South Korea is a 5-page document that Filipinos have to fill out typewritten as part of the requirements for their application for a tourist visa to South Korea. The Visa Application Form contains questionnaires that all Filipinos who want to travel to South Korea have to answer. It is written […] Read more

A properly filled out Form 956 is a requirement if the person applying for a tourist visa to Australia needs an authorized representative to communicate with the Department of Immigration through different mediums such as fax, email, or other electronic means. Only a registered migration agent, a legal practitioner, or an exempt person can fill […] Read more

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