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Your guide on how to apply for US Visa for Filipinos, the requirements you need to prepare, Visa Fees, and the 4 steps application process. The steps you will read here are only based on our experience. We are Filipino family with 2 adults and a 12-year-old child. All of us are Philippine passport holders […] Read more


Philippine passport holders can travel to Taiwan Visa Free and stay there for 14 days from July 2018 to July 31, 2020 (extended). This is according to the website of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines. All Filipinos including former OFWs who work in Taiwan can enter the said country for the […] Read more


These are the visa free countries for Philippine Passport Holders. Currently, Filipinos can visit 33 countries Visa Free, 29 countries that issue Visa on Arrival, and 14 countries that issue eVisa in 2019. Most of the Filipinos can now travel the world thanks to affordable airfare being offered by airline companies. You may check the […] Read more


In this post I will share how I fill up the Schengen visa application form to help other applicants and fellow Filipinos know how to fill it up correctly and become one step closer to their dream of traveling to France, Italy, The Netherlands, and 23 other Schengen countries. Filling out Schengen Visa Application form […] Read more


You can process your Australian Visa application online. Here are the 7 easy steps to guide you on getting your visitor visa for Australia. I will also share here the requirements, sample travel itinerary, and some travel tips to make your travel to the land down under more enjoyable. We are a family of 3 […] Read more


Philippine Arena is the largest enclosed arena in the world in terms of sitting capacity. It is the venue for concerts, conferences, gatherings, and sports competition events. Here are the directions on how to get to The Philippine Arena in Bulacan by public transportation (commute), and by private vehicles. The Philippine Arena is situated at Ciudad […] Read more