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Weddings are about Wedding gowns photos, custom made wedding sandals, catering packages, entourage package, and related stuff.

Yeng Constantino’s hit single ‘Ikaw’ was performed in English by a bride named Cathy Jane Cunada during her wedding to husband Jon Barron. The song’s title is ‘Thou,’ an English adaptation of the hit single ‘Ikaw’ by Yeng Constantino. It is translated by Jonathan S. Dela Pena, the bride’s uncle and the best man at […] Read more

Every couple surely would loved to have their dream wedding to happen someday. However, not everyone has enough knowledge and resources to turn their ideal wedding to reality. Couples often don’t know where to find the cheapest yet quality made bridal entourage package, affordable yet well crafted wedding rings, florist and stylist, photo and video […] Read more

Wedding Entourage gowns list and package price usually vary depending on the mall stores and on the popularity of the designer/couturier that will make the complete entourage gowns. Sometimes, the cost also depends on the number of people who will be part of your lists. If you are searching for economical yet well-crafted entourage gowns […] Read more

Here are the actual photos of the customized wedding shoes worn by my wife at our wedding in the Philippines. This post will give the soon to be married couples an idea about the price per pair, lead time per order, and details of the shoe supplier. Probably, every couple who are to get married […] Read more

Wedding day an important day not only for the couple who will walk down the aisle but also for the people who will bear witness to this memorable event. Everyone tries to make the wedding day the most memorable one for both bride and the groom.  Selecting gifts to mark this day is an important […] Read more

Looking for an affordable wedding gowns or bridal gowns can be difficult if you don’t know where to look for. It’s also a big problem if you are experiencing tight budget but still want quality design of gown so you will become the most stunning woman on your big day. If you’re within Metro Manila […] Read more

Today we visited one of Gardini Branch near our place to rent a coat and pants for my 5 year old son on his school activity this December. Instead of buying a ready made coat and pants worth P2300 plus in SM we decided to go first to Gardini to know if they have available […] Read more

On Sunday we visited 168 Mall in Divisoria just to look around and have some food tripping. At the new entrance, there are wide displays of wedding bridal gowns and groom suit. We got interested so we check the stalls at the fourth level just to know the price range for gowns with / without […] Read more

If there is an upcoming wedding or special event that you have to attend which requires you to wear a specific dress code such as Barong, Suit, or coat but you’re short of budget, I would suggest you visit Gardini Branches near you. Instead of buying a coat that probably worth 3 – 5 thousand […] Read more

This may be best and convincing explanation yet, why wedding ring was worn at the fourth (4th) or ring finger. I have tried what was being told in the video and it was true that the fourth finger was inseparable at least this would minimize my doubt. The explanation was said to be from the […] Read more