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If there is an upcoming wedding or special event that you have to attend which requires you to wear a specific dress code such as Barong, Suit, or coat but you’re short of budget, I would suggest you visit Gardini Branches near you. Instead of buying a coat that probably worth 3 – 5 thousand […] Read more

Do you know why married couples wear their wedding ring on their fourth finger? I also wonder why they do so. Simply because you can wear your ring on any of your fingers as long as it fits. Then I was able to watch a youtube video, which is by far the best and most […] Read more

If your looking for a wedding song in the Philippines you might want to include this in your list. I accidentally saw this youtube video when we were browsing at my wife’s profile on Facebook. I just want to share this with everyone who will pass by my blog. Take a moment to watch, it […] Read more

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