How to Change PLDT Home Fiber Wifi password and SSID Name

You will find out here the steps to change the default username SSID and wifi password of your PLDT home fiber.

Pldt has its own home fiber wifi offering. It is an unlimited fiber internet plan that comes with a phone line. Probably it is the closest rival of Globe At Home wifi offering.

Just like globe’s offering, pldt home fiber is widely known in the Philippines. This is why it is advisable to change the default wifi name and password immediately after the installation of your pldt home fiber plan.

The simple reason is that nearby users of smart devices, such as laptops or smartphones, can detect your home fibr signal. If this is the case, they can easily search for pldt’s default wifi name and password online. Afterward, they can connect to your network for free while you are clueless about it.

Eventually, your internet starts to slow down because aside from the devices within your house. A lot of nearby users outside of your home are also connected to your wifi simultaneously. It is sad because you are roughly paying a minimum of Php 1699 per month for a 25 MBPS plan. Yet you are not enjoying the full potential of your home fiber internet.   

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So after this brief example. Do you think it’s worth the effort to change your pldt home fiber wifi SSID and password? Absolutely!

PLDT home fiber default ssid and wifi password location

5 easy steps to change your pldt home fiber wifi name and password

Before we start. Make sure you know the default login details to access your wifi router’s IP address. Usually, the default username is “admin” and the default password is “1234” for you to be able to access your wifi’s admin panel.

  1. Step 1. Access your PLDT’s default Wifi IP address

    On your preferred web browser, on the search bar, you need to type the ip address of your router which is Afterward, press the enter button on your keyboard. You will now be able to see the login window of your router

  2. Step 2. Login to your Wifi Network

    Type the default username and password in the given space then press the “enter” button on your keyboard.

  3. Step 3. Change your WIFI Username SSID

    Go to the “Setup” button located on the upper right-hand side of the web page.
    Afterward, choose the “Basic” tab located on the left-hand side of the same web page. From there, change your wifi network’s SSID or username.
    The requirement for your new SSIS name is it should be within 1 to 32 characters.

    Tip: As you notice, your router has two available radiofrequency. The first is the 2.4G connection and the second is the 5G connection. My suggestion to you is you can name the 2.4G connection with your preferred name and add the suffix of 2.4G.

    Do the same with your 5G connection, add also the suffix of 5G.
    For example, PLDTHOMEFIBR_2.4G and PLDTHOMEFIBR_5G, respectively. In this way, you know which radio frequency you are currently connected to.

    I will explain later the advantage why you have to do it.

  4. Step 4. Go to Security Settings Tab to Change your Default Wifi Password

    The “Security Settings” tab is also located on the left hand side of the web page. When you change your default password. The popup window from PLDT will remind you that you password should be within the 12 to 64 characters. It have to contain numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and symbols/special characters.

    One you hot the apply button, the new settings will take effect immediately. As a result, all the connected devices (including those outsiders) will be disconnected.

    Tip: You can come up with the same password for the two connections. This will minimize confusion on your part because you only need to memorize or write down one password. It is also easy to shift from one frequency to the other if you have only one password.

  5. Step 5. Connect to your PLDT Home Fiber Wifi with your new login details

    Based on the new SSID that you set in step 3, and the new wifi password that you set in step 4. Connect now to your PLDT Home Fibr wifi router.

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That’s it. Enjoy your new and secured wifi network. You can change your login details every once in a while, or as frequently as you want.

So, in step 3 I’ve mentioned that you put a suffix of 2.4G or 5G to your PLDT home Fiber wifi because a 5G connection is much faster than 2.4G. The difference is that 5G frequency has a shorter range and 2.4G has a longer range.

This means that if your room is located further away from your Wifi router, you might not be able to connect to 5G, so you can shift to 2.4G instead. And when you are located near the router, you can connect back to 5G frequency connection. Adding the suffix to the two connections can avoid confusion to you and your family members. Hey! Not every member of the family is as techy as you hahaha.

Just to give you an idea how fast is 5G as compared to 2.4G. Here is a speed test when connected to PLDT home fiber in 2.4G and when connected to 5G.

speedtest of pldt home fibr wifi router

I don’t know if this an isolated case. Based on the speed test for plan 1699, there is almost a 70 percent increase in speed if you will connect to the 5G frequency. The download speed is 20MBPS and the upload speed of 8.67 MBPS. For the 2.4G connection, the download speed is only 11.3 Mbps and the upload speed is 3.66 Mbps. However, as I’ve mentioned earlier, 5G’s signal reach is much shorter than 2.4G. I suggest that you try the speed test for yourself to experience it first hand.

Anyway, I hope this tutorial will be able to help you change your PLDT home Fiber wifi username SSID and wifi password.

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