How to Change the Tp-Link Router Wifi Password and SSID?

You can change your TP-Link WiFi Router’s Username SSID and WiFi Password. This post, will show you the 4 steps on how to do it.

We all know that the models of Tp-Link wifi routers come with a default user SSID and password. These login details allow you to connect to the internet without the hassle and limitations of cables. You can simply check for the login details at the bottom/back of your router. After that, using your laptop or smartphone, search the appropriate Tp Link WiFi network and when prompted to, enter the password designated to it.

Easy right? However, this benefit also comes with disadvantages. That is because anyone can connect to your network once they were able to guess your default username and wifi password.

Fortunately or unfortunately, if you have a Tp-Link WiFi router, anyone can get the details of your default SSID and password online. Because the brand is well known as it is the number 1 wifi product provider for 8 consecutive years. This is why it is advisable that you change it immediately after setting it up for the first time.

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Another reason to change your default username SSID and password to a unique one is to minimize your worries. In the sense that someday somehow nearby strangers might guess your default password and be able to connect to your wifi network for free. Therefore enjoying a portion of your isp’s bandwidth. Without you knowing about it.

For example, in the Philippines, if your globe at home monthly subscription is 100mbps there is a chance that you won’t be able to maximize it. Probably only half of it. The stranger will utilize the other half for free. Again without you knowing about it.

So, based on the given examples. It is worth the sweat to change your tp link’s default wifi ssid and password? Of course, it’s also for your own protection from bad people who want to take advantage of your wifi network.

Here is the 4 Steps Guide to change your Tp-Link SSID and WiFi Password

In order for you to do this, you have to know the default IP address of your router. Aside from that you also need to know the administrator username and password of the latter. If you have it then proceed.

Step 1: Login to your Tp-Link router admin panel

You can log in via your router’s default IP address which is or by typing “” on your web browser.

On the given space type in the Tp links default username which is “admin,” and the default password is also “admin.” All small letters.

tp link admin panel

Step 2: Change the Network Name and WiFi password for the 2.4ghz band

On the left-hand side of your admin panel, go to the “Wireless 2.4GHz tab. From there you have the option to change the network name or SSID.

Afterward, underneath it go to “wireless security” to see the wireless security settings. In the “WPA/WPA2-Personal (recommended) change the wireless password.

Your password should at least have 8 minimum characters. Hit the save button.


Step 3: Change the SSID and WiFi password for the 5GHz band

Since Tp-Link is a dual-band router. You also need to change the wireless network name of the 5GHz.

On the left-hand side of the admin panel, go to “Wireless 5GHz.” From there change the SSID name.

Underneath go to “wireless security” to change the wireless password for the band. Then hit the “save” button.


Step 4: Log out to your Tp-link admin panel

On the bottom left-hand side, you will see the “Logout” button. That’s it.

By this time all the previously connected devices are now disconnected from your wifi router. What you need to do is re-login using the new “SSID” name and use your new wifi password.

Take note that in other TP-link wifi models the user interface in the admin panel may be different as compared to the photos included above. Nevertheless, the steps are almost the same.

Congratulations you are now done!

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