Chatroulette, Omegle Not Safe for Kids

Chatroulette and omegle is not safe for kids in the Philippines. The reason is it can allow kids to chat with random strangers online.

We watched Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) New York season 8 at home yesterday. There was an episode where the girl got in trouble while chatting on Chatroulette utilizing a stolen ipad gifted by her boyfriend. One of the detective Adam Ross is the one chatting with the victim when the crime happen, which made him the star witness for the incident.



At home, everyone who watch the episode wondered, if there’s really same chatting medium existing online. Since I’m fully aware about it, I turn my laptop on and go to omegle website and chatroulette to show it with them. Unfortunately, omegle chat and chatroulette is not available in the Philippines but it could be accessed online.

The CSI episode brought me back to my previous experience with omegle. Honestly omegle and chatroulette is really cool chatting medium, since it will give you a chance to talk to anyone in the world with ease.

chatroullete philippines

Though it can bring amusement and may work as a pastime for users above 18 years old. I should say it is not safe for children.

Omegle and chatroulette both connect chatters randomly so there is also a chance that if kids chat with it, they may meet chatters having clothes off and doing things that only 18-year-old could understand since parental control is hard to impose on them.

* image screengrab from omegle and chatroulette website

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