Easy: How to Check Pag IBIG Contribution Online in 5 Steps

This is how to check your pag ibig contribution online via the virtual HDMF website. You only need to follow 5 easy steps which only take 2 minutes or less.

You have been paying your pag ibig contribution for years now and you want to check if the accumulated amount is enough to apply for a home loan, multi-purpose loan, or even a calamity loan.

However, visiting a pagibig branch to check your contribution is time-consuming. In the sense that you need to travel from your home to the nearest branch and then back. Aside from that, you also need to buy food when you get hungry because of traffic and long waiting hours or minutes.

The good news is, you can now verify your contributions online at the virtual pag ibig website. This way you can determine if your employer is doing their part of paying for your contribution when the payday comes.

Also, if you are a voluntary member, you can immediately know if the government agency was able to reflect the correct amount that you whole-heartedly pay every month.

There are two ways to check your pag ibig contribution. First is by manual checking which is visiting the branch where you will request for the hard copy of your records. The second is doing it on your own through virtual pagibig online. It is your discretion if you will print a hard copy of your details.

If I will be given a chance, I will choose the second way. It is a lot easier and hassle-free. You just need a PC and a decent internet connection. I’ve tried using a smartphone and it also seems ok. You can check the virtual pag ibig account while on the go, and anytime you want to.

You just need to register your existing pagibig number online to create a virtual account. This is a one-time process on your part. Afterward, everything will be easy as you will also learn to browse the government agency’s website. Since I already registered with the Virtual Pagibig fund online. I will share here the easy steps.

How to Check Pag-Ibig Contribution Online in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Visit the Pag ibig Website to check your contribution online

Browse the webpage until you see the e-services blue box. At the lower part of the box, you will see the “Virtual Pag-Ibig” link. pag ibig password reset if you forgot it The same link is also located at the navigation part of the webpage between the “Programs & Benefits” and “E-Services.”

Step 2: Login in Virtual Pag Ibig with your username and password

At the middle left part of the page you will the “LOGIN” link. Visit the link and type in your Pag-Ibig username and password on the given fields. virtual pagibig login page Just a reminder, the password is case sensitive. So type in the accurate characters in the appropriate field to avoid errors such as invalid login.

Step 3: Go to Regular Savings and input the year you want to view your contribution

On the left side of the page, you can see the different Pag-Ibig fund products. This includes the “Regular Savings,” “MP2 Savings,” “Housing Loan,” “Multi-Purpose Loan,” “Calamity Loan,” and “Loyalty Card Plus.”

To view your mandatory contributions, go to the “Regular Savings” (Mandatory Contributions) link. On the new page, you will see your initial remittance date, last remittance date, total employee/employer share, the total number of pag ibig contributions in months, total savings, and dividends. The page also shows the link to view your contributions.

 Step 4: Check your Pag-Ibig Contribution Online

Type the year in which you want to view your contribution. The year should be within the range of your Initial Remittance Date and Last Remittance Date.

For example, you want to Check your Pag ibig Contributions for the year 2020. Then you need to type 2020 in the given field, then hit the “View Contribution” link. pag ibig contribution sampleThe one in the photo is the sample for 2019 which is pointed out by the green arrow.

Step 5: Save and Print a Copy of your Contribution Details

This is just optional. But I suggest that you save a copy of your contribution details. You can take a picture/screenshot of your computer screen and save the photo on your documents. Print it as you wish so you have a hard copy of your Pag-ibig contribution.

You should check your contributions at least once a month especially 5 days after you pay your dues to determine if the agency has reflected your payments.

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