5 Quick Steps to Check Your Philhealth Contribution Online

Here are the steps to check your Philhealth Contribution Online and also your guide to register your Philhealth number online. If you have an existing identification number but you have not register it online then I will also show you how to do it in this post.

Registering your existing philhealth number is a pre-requisite to be able to view your contribution online. The reason is you need to supply the User ID and Password that philhealth sent in your email after completing the registration process.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), self-employed, voluntary members, and employed members will benefit from this online service of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation. They can monitor their contributions wherever they are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as long as they have a mobile phone and a personal computer connected to the internet.

Checking your contribution online is quite simple as you only need 5 steps. The philhealth number registration is straight forward and also need 5 steps. Based on my experience, you can do both processes in less than 10 minutes.

How to Check your Philhealth Contribution Online in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Go to the Philhealth website to check your contribution online

Go to philhealth.gov.ph. At the home page of the website, you will see the four navigation tabs: about us, members, our partners, online services, and downloads.

Since you want to check your philhealth contribution online, you need to go to ‘online services’ tab.

philhealth online registration step one

Step 2: Go to the Member Inquiry and log in to your registered Philhealth online account

At the online services page, you can log in as a member, check benefits availability, contribution remittance for employers, submit RF2 for philhealth accredited collection agents, and check the complete list of accredited health care institutions.

Since you are an existing member who wants to know the updates about your philhealth contributions then proceed to ‘Member Inquiry’ under the Membership Row.

philhealth member inquiry step 2 one

Step 3: Supply your PIN and Password and Answer the Security Question

Philhealth implements two-factor authentication probably for improved security. Type in your PIN and Password then login.

my philhealth portal step three

You will then redirected to a new page to answer a random security question which you have chosen when you register your Philhealth number online.

philhealth security question answer

Type in your answer then submit. You will be redirected to Main Page of your account.

Step 4: View your Philhealth Premium Contributions

At the main page of your account, you will be able to view your personal details such as your philhealth number, complete name, birth date, and gender.

There are also links that will lead you to your profile, user settings, member data record (MDR) printing, and Premium contributions.

philhealth contribution main log in page online

Among the links choose ‘Premium Contributions.’ You will then be directed to your ‘Member Contribution Page.’

Step 5: Take note of the details of your contributions

At the member contribution page, you will see your member profile, sss number, tax identification number (TIN), summary of contributions, the member share and employer share, total amount of contribution, and total months you have paid your dues.

You can also see here your payment history. Check the monthly details and compare it with your records to determine if it is properly updated.

sample philhealth contribution details

Take note that you have to keep records of your contributions for safekeeping purposes just in case something wrong happened to the official website of philhealth hehehe.

Steps to Register your Philhealth number online

If you have not registered your existing permanent philhealth number online, unfortunately, you will also not be able to check your contribution online.

But do not worry, here are the steps on how you can register your identification number online. You can do the registration process in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Philhealth www.philhealth.gov.ph to start your registration

Go to the online services tab. Under the Membership column, there are choices such as Member Inquiry, Electronic Group Enrollment System, and Electronic Registration.

Since you have an existing membership number that you want to register online, you need to go to ‘Member Inquiry’ link.

philhealth member inquiry step 2 one

Step 2: Choose Register

Under the member inquiry link you will be asked to type in your PIN and password but you do not have that yet so choose Register.

register online your philhealth number

Step 3: Type in your Philhealth Identification Number and Personal Details

Type in your personal details. This includes the following:

  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Answer Security Questions
  • Key in the security code
  • And submit your registration
filled up online philhealth registration form

Step 4: Receive an Email from Philhealth for your PIN and Password

After you submit your registration, the new page will inform you about your successful registration.

philhealth online registration successful

philhealth will send you an autogenerated email notifying you that your account was successfully created. It also contains your user name (PIN) and password.

Here is the actual email with subject “Philhealth Member Information System”:

sample email send by philhealth

It also comes with a link to activate your account and complete your registration.

Step 5: Your account is now activated

You may now log-in with your philhealth account using the PIN and password.

philhealth online account activated

Afterward, you can now check your philhealth contribution online by following the steps I have provided above.

Requirements to Register your Philhealth Identification Number Online

These are the three requirements to enroll your account online. You need to have an existing philhealth number.  Use your existing email account or create a new one through yahoo mail, or Gmail for free. You can use your existing mobile phone number.

  • existing philhealth number
  • your own mobile phone number
  • valid email address

Be a responsible member and remit your monthly contributions before the deadline set by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation to enjoy the benefits whenever you or your dependents will be hospitalized.

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    Please can you verify my philhealth if my employer pay this.this is my pin.

    • Matt September 4, 2019, 3:52 pm

      Hi Marie,

      You can verify it on your own. Please follow the instruction.

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