Cherry Mobile Android Phones Price Philippines (Updated)

Here are the lists of Cherry mobile android phones and their prices in the Philippines which you might be interested in.

Currently cherry mobile offers the cheapest or should I say competitively priced android phones and tablet pc line up that can compete for side by side to some android phones offered by other big names in the android mobile industry. See below the specs and price of each android phone offered by cherry mobile.

Cherry Mobile Android Phones Price in the Philippines

Cherry Mobile Cosmo running on android froyo 2.2 with a 3.2” HVGA capacitive touchscreen. Wifi-enabled has a 2MP camera with 512MB internal memory at a very affordable price of P5499. Aside from the pre-installed memory, it also comes with a micro SD card slot so you can upgrade the memory up to 16GB.

Cherry mobile eclipse 2.2 runs on Android Froyo 2.2. It offers a 3.2″ full touch screen display. The processor is 416MHz with a 512 MB internal memory expandable up to 8GB. Wireless connection is also available such as WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth. It has a rear 2MP camera. price – P4899

Cherry Mobile Nova is on sale at a whopping 40% discount. Its original price is Php 11,490 but you can get it a Php 6899. Nova runs on Android Froyo 2.2 offering a 3.2 inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen display. It is powered by a 600Mhz processor with 512 MB internal memory expandable up to 32GB via Micro SD card. This device can connect with other devices via Wifi, 3G, and GPS. The rear camera is 5MP with flash.

Cherry Mobile Orbit is on sale at a 50% discount. From the original price of Php 12,999, you can get the device at Php 6499 only.

Cherry Mobile Stellar is currently available at a Php 2000 discount. The device original price is Php 9899 but is now available at Php 7899 only.

Cherry Mobile Magnum HD is on sale at a Php 7000 discount. Previously, this device is around Php 18,999 but now, you can get it at Php 11999. Magnum HD has a huge 4.1″ WVGA capacitive touchscreen display and a 1GHz Qualcomm processor. This smartphone has the biggest display among the list of the device on sale.

Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X has a Php 4000 discount. You can get the device for only Php 15,899 from its original price of Php 19899. This particular smartphone has an 8GB internal memory and a 1GHz processor.

Cherry Pad Turbo is the only tablet that is on sale. Its original price is Php 9899 but now you can get at it Php 6899 for a Php 3000 discount.

This tablet offers a huge 7-inch capacity touch screen display. This also has a 1.2GHz processor with a 4GB internal memory expandable up to 32GB via micro SD card. cherry mobile candy and candy chat price – P3699

*Cherry mobile Android phones price and pictures are from facebook page

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    I’m planning to buy android phones. Choosing between SAMSUNG and CHERRY MOBILE COSMO for my children and STELLAR.
    hope you can provide more information about the units

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    how many mhz does magnum HD have?

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