Chicser Members will Guide You to Setup MyBro Wimax Pocket Modem

Do you consider subscribing to MyBro Plan 499 from PLDT Home, but somehow afraid to do so because you are not knowledgeable enough to set up the device on your own? Worry not, Chicser Members will help set up MyBro Wimax pocket modem to your computer in few easy steps.

To be honest the device is just plug and play, in fact, you do not need to exert that much effort to make it work. If you previously have experience installing Sun Broadband, Globe Broadband, and SmartBRO, for sure, this will be like a walk in the park. If, for some reason, this will be the first time to install such device, then let chicser members help you ease up the process. All you need is to follow their given instructions.

chicser members

WiMax Pocket Modem Installation Guide courtesy of Chicser members while doing their dance routine:

1. Plug the device then wait while it self-install.

2. If it did not automatically install, do it manually by searching for RNDIS CD and running it.

3. Verify installation

4. The device launcher window will appear – choose Connect

5. Start surfing the Internet.

If the instruction listed above is not clear enough. I suggest you watch the installation guide directly on PLDT Home Youtube Channel.

*Image from youtube

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