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These past few months I am receiving a lot of request from my friends on Facebook. Do you know what their requesting? They want me to be their neighbor in Cityville. For those who don’t know CityVille it is a browser game developed by Zinga which works as an application for Facebook. A player will role as a Mayor of a virtual city and will be responsible in overseeing its development until it grew into Metropolis. Compared to Millionaire’s City this has improved user interaction and its animation was also much better.

I played Millionaire City before but as my city goes huge I tend to become bored with it, now I begun to have interest on CityVille because of tremendous amount of requests. I already started playing the game though I’m already left behind by my friends who relentlessly playing it.


If you’re looking for ways to get ahead in this game just like me. I know an ebook where you would learn to get energy faster, gain more bonus gold coins and produce more goods than the usual.

If you want you may download the Cityville Strategy Guide Ebook on the link.

Cheats for this game is not yet available or maybe it still has to be found. :-(

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