Civil Service Exam Coverage 2023 for Professional and SubProfessional

The Civil Service Exam application is the first step that you need to take to land a job in the Philippine government. The second step is you need to pass it. In this post, you will know the Civil Service Exam Coverage for the Paper and Pencil Test and for the Computerized Exam (COMEX).

Moreover, you will know the application process for the examination as it may take you some time to accomplish it. It includes downloading and filling up the CSC form 100, preparing the requirements, and submitting it to the regional office where you will take the test.

What is a Civil Service Exam in the Philippines

The Civil Service Exam is a type of examination in the Philippines that will determine if a Filipino citizen has the capacity to hold a government position. The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is the government institution conducting the Civil Service Exam. The CSC examination has two levels which are Professional and Subprofessional.

The CSC exam covers basic general information about the Philippine constitution, human rights concepts, environmental management, and a code of conduct for public officials. In addition, it will also test an individual for their verbal, numerical, clerical (for subprofessionals), and analytical abilities.

The exam comes in two versions: the paper and pencil, and the computerized (COMEX). The paper and pencil test versions are held twice a year normally during the months of March and August for its Professional and Subprofessional levels. Meanwhile, the schedule for the COMEX version varies as it depends on the available slots in the testing center.

Who are Eligible to Take the Civil Service Exam for Paper and Pencil Test and Computerized Examination

Interested applicants who want to take the CSC examination whether paper and pencil test or computerized examination must meet the following admission requirements:

  • A Filipino citizen who is at least 18 years old during the filing of his/her CSC exam application
  • Should have a good moral character and no criminal record involving moral turpitude
  • Has not been dismissed from a government position or dishonorably discharged from military service
  • Must not take the same Civil Service Exam level in the last 3 months prior to the scheduled exam date

Now, that you have an idea about the test and admission requirements, let’s proceed to the exam coverage and process of applying for the civil service exam.

What is the Civil Service Exam Coverage for Professional and SubProfessional

Here is the civil service exam coverage if you are planning to take the career service examination, pen and paper test (cse-ppt) in the Philippines in 2023. These are the topics that you need to study to prepare yourself for the examination.

You need to know the exam coverage so you will have an idea of the topics and academic subjects that you have to study. Preparation is a must to increase your chance of passing the 3 hours 10 minutes long cse-ppt professional level exam, or the 2 hours 40 minutes long subprofessional examination.

The exam questionnaires are in English and Filipino. Most of the topics tested are English and Mathematics. The scope of the exam for the professional level is wider. If compared to the subprofessional level. This means that the preparation for the former is also longer.

Civil Service Exam Coverage for Professional Level

Numerical Ability

  • Basic operations
  • Word problems

Analytical Ability

  • Word Association
  • Identifying assumptions and conclusions
  • Logic
  • Data interpretation

Verbal Ability

  • Grammar and correct usage
  • Vocabulary
  • Paragraph organization
  • Reading comprehension

General Information Items on the following:

  • Philippine constitution
  • Code of Conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees (RA 6713)
  • Environment management and protection

Civil Service Exam Coverage for Subprofessional Level

Numerical Ability

  • Word problems
  • Basic operations

Clerical Ability

  • Filing
  • Spelling

Verbal Ability

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar and correct usage
  • Reading comprehension
  • Paragraph organization

General Information Items on the following:

  • Philippine constitution
  • Code of Conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees (RA 6713)
  • Environment management and protection
civil service exam coverage


How to Apply for the Civil Service Exam Paper and Pencil Test (PPT)

Step 1: Download and Fill Up the Civil Service Exam Form No. 100

The CS form no. 100 is available at the “Downloads” link located on the navigation bar of the CSC website.

Step 2: Prepare all the requirements

The requirements that you need to prepare are 4 pcs recent and identical ID pictures, valid IDs, birth certificate (if the IDs do not show your date of birth), certificate of retention (for dual citizenship), and funds for payment of your exam.

Step 3: Submit the CS 100 form and the requirements to the CSC regional office

You can find the list of regional offices and field offices at the “Regional Offices” link located at the navigation bar of the CSC website. civil service commission regional and field offices philippines

Step 4: Pay the examination fee of 500 pesos

Pay the 500 pesos testing fee at the regional office or field office where you apply for your civil service exam.

Step 5: Receive the Notice of School Assignment (NOSA) thru text or email

You can access the CSC website to verify your Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA). If you still haven’t gotten your ONSA one week before your exam, visit the CSC regional office or field offices and inquire about it.

Step 6: Arrive at the testing center on your scheduled examination date

Visit the location of the testing center (school assignment) 1 day before the exam to become familiar with its location. If you failed to show up on your school assignment on your scheduled exam day, your fee and slot will be forfeited.

Note: you are not allowed to reschedule your exam date.

How to Apply for the Civil Service Exam for Computerized Examination Online

Step 1: Register for an Account on the CSC COMEX Website

Visit then go to “Sign Up Now” to register for a CSC account. In the given spaces, provide a valid username, password, and email address. Select your date of birth in terms of month, day, and year. Afterward, tick yes or no if you are Filipino.

Provide also in the given space your personal information, educational attainment, employment status, eligibility, and other information being asked. step 1 register for csc comex account

Step 2: Reserve an Examination Slot Online

Log in to your COMEX account. The drop-down menu will show up, go to “My Exam Schedule.” Visit the “Examination Schedules” tab located in the upper left portion of the website to view the exam types and schedules.

View the details such as the examination date, testing centers, and personal appearance date. Verify if the schedule is good for you. Afterward, hit the “Reserve a Slot” button.

Step 3: Confirm your Slot at the CSC Testing Center

Go to the testing center based on the indicated “Personal Appearance Date.” The staff in the testing center will verify your identity in accordance with the information that you provide on your comex account. Moreover, the staff will also take your photo, biometrics, and your digital signature. In this part, you also have to pay your examination fee of 680 pesos.

Bring at least 2 valid identification cards containing your complete name, date of birth, and contact numbers.

Step 4: Take the Actual Computerized CSC Exam

This is the part where you need to go to the testing center on the scheduled date of your examination to take the actual CSC computerized test.

Note: rescheduling your exam is not allowed

Step 5: Access the Exam Results Online

After a week, the results for the COMEX will be released. You can view your score online at the

What is the difference between the Civil Service Exam for Professional and SubProfessional Levels?

Professional and Sub-Professional levels have differences in terms of Examination Coverage, Exam time limits, and Work eligibility.

Difference in Examination Coverage

The Professional Level has to take the Analytical Ability which covers topics such as work association, logic, data interpretation, and assumptions and conclusions identifications. Meanwhile, the Sub-Professional level has to take the Clerical Ability which only covers spelling and filing. Both levels have to take the Numerical Ability, Verbal Ability, and General Information Items.

The examination for Professional Level has a longer time limit and has more items than the Subprofessional level.

Difference in Level of Eligibility

The passers of the Civil Service Examination for the Professional Level are eligible to work in both First and Second Level government positions. On the other hand, Sub-Professional level exam passers can only work in First Level government positions.

What are the Requirements for Civil Service Exam Application

1. One of the requirements in applying for a civil service test is a properly filled out CS form number 100. Aside from that you also need to prepare the following:

  • 4 pcs identical ID pictures that meet the indicated specifications:
  • Passport size 4.5cm x 3.5 cm (1.78 inches x 1.38 inches)
  • Colored with white background
  • recent and taken within the last 3 months prior to filing of your exam application
  • Standard close-up shot in bare face, your face should occupy 80 percent of the picture, you should not wear any eyeglasses, accessories, and makeup. The photo should show your left and right ears.
  • Your ID photo should have a handwritten nametag showing your signature above your complete name (First name, middle initial, surname, and extension name). The nametag should be located 1 inch below your chin.

2. Original and Photocopy of any of the following valid IDs: Passport, PRC ID, GSIS UMID ID/GSIS ID, Driver’ License, Philhealth ID, Office or Company ID, Postal ID, Barangay ID, Voter’s ID, Police Clearance / Police Clearance Certificate, NBI Clearance, current valid school ID, BIR ID (ATM type/ TIN card type with picture), and SSS ID. These IDs should contain the applicant’s name, signature, date of birth, and clear photo.

3. For applicants whose ID cards do not show their date of birth. They should bring the original and photocopy of their birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly NSO) or local civil registry printed on security paper (secpa).

4. For applicants with dual citizenship in accordance with R.A. 9225. They should bring the original and photocopy of the certificate of retention/re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship from the Bureau of Immigration.

5. Bring funds for payment of exam fee which is 680.00 pesos for those taking the CSC COMEX, and 500.00 pesos for those taking the CSE paper and pencil test (PPT).

FAQs about Civil Service Exam Coverage and Application

What is the Dress Code?

Wear decent attire during the filing of your CSC exam application and during testing day. Do not wear a sleeveless blouse or shirt, do not wear shorts, and do not come wearing slippers.

What to bring on the day of the examination?

The three things that you must bring during the testing day are the following:

  • copy your Notice of School Assignment and or your application receipt
  • the same valid ID that you presented to the regional center during the filing of your exam application. (No ID no exam policy)
  • Black ballpens

How many times can I take the Civil Service Exam?

There is no limit on the number of times you can take the Civil Service Exam. You are allowed to take the exam once every 6 months for CSC professional level, and once every 3 months for CSC Subprofessional level.

How Many Items are there in the Civil Service Exam?

The total number of exam items for the professional level is 170. It is composed of 150 items for the test proper and 20 items for the Examinee’s Descriptive Questionnaire or EDQ.

On the other hand, the total number of exam items for the Subprofessional level is 165. 145 of which are allotted for the test proper and the remaining 20 items are for the Examinee’s Descriptive Questionnaire known as EDQ.

How Many Hours is the Civil Service Examination?

The test duration is between 2 hours and 40 minutes to 3 hours and 10 minutes.

The professional-level exam is 3 hours and 10 minutes long. The test proper is usually from 8:00 AM to 11:10 AM. Meanwhile, the subprofessional level exam is 2 hours and 40 minutes long. The latter usually starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 10:40 AM.

What is the Passing Rate for the Civil Service Exam?

The passing score for the Civil Service Exam is 80% for the Professional and Sub-Professional levels. For example, the professional level has 170 questionnaires. This means that you need to get 136 correct items to pass the said exam.

On the other hand, the subprofessional level has a total of 165 questionnaires. To pass this exam, you need to get a score of 132.

How much is the Civil Service Exam Fee?

The testing fee for the Civil Service examination is 500 pesos per examinee. Regardless of whether you will take the Professional or Subprofessional level test

Can a College Dropout take the Civil Service Exam?

Anyone who is 18 years old and above can take the civil service exam in the Philippines. The civil service exam has no educational requirement. Even High School graduates/undergraduates can take tests as long as they are 18 years of age.

Who is exempted to take the Civil Service Exam?

Board exam passers, Bar exam passers, and those with Honor Graduate Eligibility (HGE) are exempted from taking the Civil Service Exam.

Conclusion about the Civil Service Exam for PPT and Computerized

Now that you know the topics covered in the Civil Service Exam and the exam application process. You can start preparing for it.

My suggestion to you is to make a schedule. Determine the date when you will apply for the civil service exam. Check the topics on the list to know which of them is your weakness and devote longer study time to it. For example, if you think you are weak with topics like “word problems.” You have to practice answering Math questions related to it.

If you are weak in “vocabulary.” You can read books or newspapers. Use a dictionary to know the meaning of the unfamiliar words that you encounter. Use a Thesaurus to find their synonyms. Make sure to study for months before filing your exam application.

The Civil Service Exam application process is time-consuming so plan ahead. Determine the month that you will take the exam. Start your application 2 months prior to it. In this way, you will avoid cramming.

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