Coco Martin – Matteo Guidicelli FistFight The Buzz Video

Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli confirmed to have a FistFight at the Salon De Ning. The brawl incident happen on the night of September 3 after Star Magic Ball held at the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

In an interview done by Mr Boy Abunda Maja confirmed that she was having a relationship with Matteo but since the fistfight incident happen she cannot assure where their relationship were heading. Maja also confirmed that it was she the reason behind the fistfight “suntukan of Coco and Matteo.” Coco kissed Maja at the lobby of Salon de Ning that made Matteo madly jealous hence causing the fight though it was not stated clearly who started it.

Watch the details of Maja Salvador interview on the Buzz and Coco Martin – Matteo Guidicelli fistfight video courtesy of PhilExpose of youtube.

* credits to PhilExpose for the youtube video

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  • Zen

    Wow, you’re indeed updated.. I was able to watch the interview and I felt that Maja can’t think clearly yet since it just happened.

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