How to Set the Timer on Condura Aircon Fast!

The latest models of Condura aircon units whether the split type or window type comes with a handy wireless remote control. This device enables you to control the aircon unit from afar and free from cables and wires.

You can use the remote control to maximize your aircon’s feature. You can turn on or off your aircon unit whenever you need to. Select the different Modes such as Auto, Eco, Dry, and Heat (for cold countries). Set the fan speed, and the temperature.

Basically, you can control every function of your aircon unit using a remote control. It offers convenience to techy users. But, the not so techy ones may not be able to maximize its feature.

Let’s be honest, some features are not as easy as pressing those buttons. Some require pressing them in an orderly manner to function. I am referring to setting Condura aircon timer using the remote control.

It’s a feature that offers the most convenience on the side of the user. Because it will make the Condura aircon unit automatically turn on or off at a specified time. But the issue is it’s sometimes difficult to set. This post will help you set the timer of your Condura aircon using the remote control.

How to set the Condura Aircon ON/OFF Timer using the Remote Control

In other aircon brands, you can set the time per 10 minutes interval. But for this particular model of Condura aircon, you can set it on per 30 minutes or .5 hour interval.

To set the timer to turn on the aircon at a specified hour. Press the clock button located on the right side of the RC’s front panel. Make sure that the “Timer ON” is showing on the LCD screen. Afterward, press the temp UP or Down arrow key to set the time.
set condura aircon timer ON

For example, if you want to turn on your aircon after 6 hours. Then set the hours to 6.0 on the LCD screen.

As I’ve mentioned earlier the hours’ change at .5 intervals. So press the designated arrow key until the LCD panel shows 6.0. Wait for a few seconds or do nothing to activate the new settings.

To Turn OFF the aircon at a specific hour. Press the shaded clock icon. Make sure that the “Timer Off” is showing on the screen.

Press the Up or Down arrow to set the time the aircon will turn off.

set condura aircon timer off

For example, you plan to turn off your aircon after 3 hours. Then set the hours to 3.0 on the LCD panel by pressing the designated arrow key. Wait for a few seconds to activate the new settings.


Among the other features of the Condura aircon, automatically turning it ON or OFF using the remote-control unit is my favorite. Because it will help me to reduce my electricity bill.

With the said feature. I can set my aircon to turn off automatically 2 hours earlier before I wake up in the morning. For example, if I set my alarm clock for 8 a.m in preparation for work. I can set my aircon to turn off at 6 am. If can do it 5 days a per week, it means that I can also save 10 hours per week on the electricity bill. That’s a huge savings in my opinion.

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